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Puzzle: The Four Mysterious Ruins

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We saw the +Buy Ruined Market in yesterday's preview.  But what will the other four Ruins (+1 Card, +1 Action, +1 Coin, and unknown) be called?  Also, what will the unknown Ruin be?  Guess away!

Try to think of your own guesses before reading everyone else's.

Ruined Village seems like a given, probably the +Action one.

I'll make the obvious guess:

+1 action - ruined village
+1 card - ruined smithy
+1 coin - ruined ... umm... Festival

and the last one
trash one card from your hand - ruined chapel

We dont know the bonuses will be +1 whatever for sure, bit I think these are the names:

Card Drawer: Ruined Smithy
Actions: Ruined Village (duh)
Money: Ruined Mine
I think the mysterious last Ruins wil be a mini Workshop.

I already made my guesses, so I'll just repeat them here:

+1 action: ruined village
+1 card: ruined laboratory
+$1: ruined house


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