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Dark Ages Preview #2: Feodum, Cultist, Ruined Market

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This is the second preview by Donald X. Vaccarino, introducing the next Dominion expansion: Dark Ages.

Feodum is the victory card that counts treasures that you always knew Iíd make. What you didnít know is that it would only count Silvers. If Coppers count, man, thatís like a Gardens deck, we built that one already. I mean itís different but whatever. If Golds count, man, I already wanted a deck with a lot of Gold. So it only counts Silvers. And to help that out, itís a Silver piŮata. You might even buy one just to crack it open, with no plan of really going for Feodums.

Feodum does something when you trash it. There are a bunch of cards like that in this set. Thereís really only so much you can do with the trash directly, like Graverobber, but you can do tons of things based on cards getting trashed. And if you are the kind of person who likes card combos, these cards are for you. For example you can just Remodel a Feodum into a Feodum, for the 3 Silvers. Look at that.

Cultist also does something when you trash it. Those of you who were waiting for a Dominion expansion that let you sacrifice Cultists, finally, here it is. And hey you get three cards when you do it. When you play Cultist, you give people a Ruins, that sounds bad, and you draw two cards, and hey you can play another Cultist. These guys stick together. In fact if your deckís only actions are Cultists, you can just string them together, like a line of hurtful Laboratories.

Ruinses, it turns out, are a pile of cards like Curses, with three ways to get them, besides just buying them or something. They only show up in games with a Looter, which is a word you may have been wondering about on Cultist. There are five different ones (ten copies each) and theyíre shuffled together, Iím not making this up. As with Curses you only use ten total per opponent. Not two of each per opponent, just whatever random mix you got. So when you play Cultist, your opponent will get one of these five cards. You will know which one is on top of the Ruins pile, but not whatís under it. You wonít really care; even though some are worse than others, theyíre all bad.

Ruined Market for example just gives +1 Buy. Itís as simple as Smithy! I am betting you can guess what three of the other Ruinses do. The last one will remain a small mystery until next week. Looking at the art, it appears that that Ruined Market was once Grand. Itís hard times for all of us.

Once you get given a Ruined Market, well, itís pretty bad, but it does do something. You donít usually want it Ė though it has a certain charm in a Fairgrounds deck Ė but who knows, maybe that +1 Buy will come in handy. So itís like a Curse but more interesting. And really thatís the whole point to them.

I guess an obvious combo is Trader/Feodum.

I'm not thrilled about the idea of a deck filled with Ruins.  There must be a lot of trashing to counteract that.  Here's hoping!

I'm thrilled that we have something that is the equivalent of varied curses. I know that I was pleased when Thunderstone had varied diseases.

Sounds like Ruins are not quite as bad as Curses, but you still want to be rid of them in general.

But, Fairgrounds just got really serious (apart from Black Market decks).

How many of us saw Feodum coming when Trader was released?

Not quite as bad as Curses, but still pretty bad! Boards with Cursing Attacks and Ruining Attacks are going to be interesting.


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