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Mage Tower - A tower defense card game on Kickstarter from a dominion fan


Hey guys love the site, I've read many of the strategy articles and have watched a tooon of wanderingwinder's videos.  A few days ago I put my card game "Mage Tower" on Kickstarter and if you want you can check it out here:

My main game design influences are Mark Rosewater, David Sirlin, and of course Donald X. Vaccarino.  I've read pretty much everything I could find from them about game design.  Mage Tower isn't a deckbuilding game, you draft your deck before the game starts.  But like Dominion every game of Mage Tower is completely different because you draft your deck from a wide assortment of cards.  There's only one of each card though so you have to figure out how to combine cards to make the best deck.

Well figured some people here might be interested, thanks for reading!


Donald's ideas have come true!

"For example, when offline Dominion got Hinterland's when-gain cards, Isotropic got a tower defense game."

I follow Super Mega and also like Dominion! I'll have to check out Mage Tower!

Cool idea. Just try to make sure it stays balanced without overpowered card ideas.

Looks awesome, got my pledge in just in time! Good luck with this, I'm looking forward to playing it.


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