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Wreath is anything but overpowered. It is slightly weaker than Nobles and would likely we totally OK at $5.

Holy Water is far too smilar to Rope and obviously a $4. Leaven, another similar card, is also a $4.

Barrow and Equestrian are quite cool. At the risk of sounding harsh, they are the only interesting cards amongst the bunch.

I don't get Bonds. The notion that this provides game control is pretty weird. You want a thin deck no matter what.

I don't get Marsh either. Gardens already exists, no reason to create a variant.

Ascetic is super weak. Compare with Villa. Spending Coins for Actions could be a thing but not in this very implementation.

Tacking a VP onto Pouch is too vanilla for my taste.

Except for the reaction, Choir is strictly weaker than Market (and far too smilar).

Man of the Cloth does not work. There exist two official $7 trashers that do something significant at this price point. Why do you put 2VPs on a $4.5 card that you want as early as possible?

Bonds Market, again weird. Lab is stronger than Market so you never ever want this and with Militias it is too automatic. Council Room is at least terminal so that you have to work for the Council Room / Militia combo.

Scoffer, just no. Even with decent trashing the self-junking normally more than over-compensates (you literally need out of hand cantrip trashing, i.e. Sentry, for it not to) for the Lab.

Why Wineskin? I just by one copy. No strategy involved at all.


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