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Author Topic: Dominion: Enlightenment  (Read 378 times)

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Dominion: Enlightenment
« on: September 26, 2023, 06:34:13 pm »

a village/church/ vagrant hybrid. also the top card of the grounds (mixed)pile

2nd card of the grounds pile. it's last effect stems from the 3rd card of the pile's ability: money villaging

I don't know if this mechanic is viable, since it may be hard to keep track of, but this card introduces money-villaging, where you play or gain a treasure into play or under another card in exchange for more actions. this card on its own is pretty weak for its cost, but it's meant to sync with Track/Wreath to work as a village and buy-payload engine.

This card would be OP if there were 8-12 of them, but if there's only 4-5, and in a mixed/rotateable pile, its floor isn't as good.

A caravan-market hybrid treasure. i went with $5 over $4 since a card and $ with the caravan duration is stronger than caravan. The discard for gain is to allow the card to be recycled through the deck on every turn potentially. This is why the initial payload is weak for a $5 card.

a cheap payload engine card with a small risk

Cheap utility card that can sync with itself pretty well. I gave it $3, since it's basically shaman with a buy or a weaker caravan.

Seems a little strong at first glance, but the haven effect could be sometimes detrimental/ dull for a +1 buy card. I went with $3 to ensure it'd get run.

This is just a cheaper Lab with a binding

Lost city variant. i think it's pretty fair.

Cheap low-utility card with some deck cycling potential. if this was $3 it would be too risky. maybe a sneaky good card for some RNG payload for $2.

I think this is a pretty cool card. it doesn't block an attack, but does penalize the attacking player. this can stack on itself so it wants to get attacked, since it will draw cards when revealed. but it has no payload and must trash a card when actually played. so it's not just a sneaky cheap caravan. its cost is based on moat and caravan. it's worst than caravan for payload, and worst than moat in attack reaction. 1+3/2=$2. when there are no attack cards, it's just a worst Student.

the point of this card is to hopefully secure playing a haybale each time. haybale is a non-supply card like horses/spirits/loots

when combined with Wagon, it has some good deck-cycling and payload potential. but i think the coolest use of wagon/haybale is to use wagon to gain haybale in order to have a trash-gain engine. haybale can become a duchy or gold with most remodel cards, and wagon keeps the haybale supply going.

a spammable harbinger/ scavenger night card that isnt gained into your hand and doesn't really work well if you draw multiple copies into a starting hand. this could be super strong with deck cycling kingdoms and slightly weak without one. i gave it $4 since it has a double scavenger without an inherent payload, and is spammable like harbinger since its a night card

The point of this card is to sync with Mana and to counter attacks. The more Manas you have, the better Magi gets, since it's weak single-use payload is slightly weak for its cost.

This is not that great without a +buy or attack kingdom, but it offers flexibility in that you can gain a $5 card for free from Magi and trash/gain from it. otherwise, it's weak. i think it's strongest use is as a deterrent for others to play attacks.

I have more coming, i just want to post this before i accidentally delete or close something



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Re: Dominion: Enlightenment
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2023, 08:32:46 pm »

i think this is a cool speculative investment card that offers some in game value. it would definitely control how the game is played, kinda like wall.

a card obviously meant for slogs or better late VP value than duchy. once you commit, you're plunged into its engine. i'm a slog fan.

this is supposed to be a herald derivitive that also gains the action it wants to play.

Pretty strong combo with Quiver. maybe an arrow should be cheaper due to trash-gain potential into duchies. idk.

This is another money villaging card. I figured if any cards can be put under duration cards like haven to be kept track of, they can also be kept in play for any purpose the card they are under says. The revealed treasure doesn't give $, as it is under the Ascetic. i think this works within dominion rules, right? when you keep a treasure under haven, it's not played on the turn it's set aside. i dont know if the face up mechanic has play-effect implications, though.

another $4 VP card that offers a little utility. just a mid game purchase for big money strats.

a council room alternative

Mainly meant as a good trash-gain card with some moderate engine play

A less OP version of ambassador that everyone would by early on.

surprised this card doesnt already exist. maybe its too strong to have in the game. idk.

A pure reaction card with a lot of power.

Pretty powerful card

Barrow was a cheaper, worst lab. this is a cheaper, worst market

a villaging haven

an enchantress with 2 turn value


another cheap lab variant

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Re: Dominion: Enlightenment
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2023, 12:08:19 am »

This is a night mixed pile starter

Cheap, spammable utility attack card. 2nd card of angel pile

this might be too diabolical. idk. seems like a fun concept, though. 3rd card of angel pile

 4th card of angel pile

cheap, shitty village mixed with moneylender

cheap money-villaging market

next are some landscapes and the cards they share a kingdom with

These first ones are called "Caste Fates", or "Fates". They are 3 different piles that have basic dominion effects that you recieve through certain cards or from cards that allow you to purchase from a caste fate. They are placed face down and get rotated into a used pile like boons/hexes. They are basically boons 2.0 (with the cheapest caste fate having some downsides). They are meant to give players a taste of basic dominion in any kingdom.

This is a pile marker for the cheapest caste fate pile, "Junk Pile"


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Re: Dominion: Enlightenment
« Reply #3 on: September 27, 2023, 04:24:35 am »

Wow, that's a lot of cards! I've only skimmed through them, but here's a few thoughts

A lot of these cards cause you to draw cards in your buy phase. That is often a lot weaker than drawing in the action phase, since you might draw some unplayable action cards. I suppose that's intended? But the cards don't really offer solutions in themselves.

The four-way split pile makes sense, since you're guaranteed to have the ability to play treasures in your action phase in the kingdom, but I see some power level issues. Track is really underwhelming compared to Mill, since it always reduces your hand-size. Maybe just slapping on +1 Card would make it more viable? This card could be done with only one dividing line, and should be done with the VP under the line, like this:
+1 Card
+1 Action
You may discard a victory or action card for +$1.
This turn, when you play a Treasure card, +1 Action
Also, for some reason it is missing the Grounds typing

I think you meant that Plow should reveal cards from the top of your deck, instead of from your hand? In that case it is pretty strong in the opening, it's better than Doctor at getting rid of your starting estates, as well as giving two actions. The fact that there are only four in the pile makes it tough for the last people in a 5 or 6 player game, as well as the ability to get bricked out if your opponent rotates the pile before you get any.

About Executive, I think it is really overpriced. Allies has a really similar card, Town, which costs $4, and might even be a bit stronger. Your card would be fine at $3, i think.

You have a few reactions here, all of which have some problems. When a reaction is triggered, nothing is really stopping you from revealing it any number of times, sometimes getting multiple effects. This makes it so that you can gain any number of coppers from Marsh, and drawing any number of cards from Mana or Ballista. At least Mana here should be rephrased like Horse Traders, which draws a card and makes sure to only do it once per Horse Traders you have.

The same thing applies to Scoundrel, letting you turn all non-victory cards your opponent buys into coppers. (There have been a lot of problems with the "when you would gain" phrasing, so I would recommend you to use the Exchange mechanic instead, like on the post-errata Trader) Also, it is unclear if you or the victim chooses which card they gain. There is another problem here: this is an attack that doesn't count as an Attack, which makes it impossible to block. The only other cards like that in the game i know of are Masquerade and Maelstrom, which usually don't hurt that much.

Then there's Ballista, a reaction that harms the attacker. This makes your opponents think extra about when they play their attacks, but there are some problems with having a reaction harm the attacker. I'd recommend reading the Fan Card Creation Guide:


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Re: Dominion: Enlightenment
« Reply #4 on: September 27, 2023, 10:47:28 am »

You can use this site <>, to generate better card images. What may not be obvious is to use "-" on a line by itself to generate a whole line across the card.

I reviewed all the cards and for those not mentioned, i have no comment or a comment was already made that is relevant. I tried to be helpful and hope you find this as such. :)

There seams to be some confusion concerning Heirlooms. You may want to review these two pages <> and <>.

Sprint: You should capitalize card's names, in this case Copper.

Relevant to Bottle, Holly Water; Leaven. What purpose does discarding a duration on the next turn achieve? I could not find another card in the set that cared about this.

Barrow: The very bottom text should go after "+1 Action" and does not need "At the start of your turns". This is interesting.

Siege Tower: I like this. The Action should be before the Coin. You should note what to do with the other cards. This could instead state:
"Each player reveals their Deck's top card. The card(s) with the highest cost are put into their player's Hand. Discard the rest."

Haybale: Typically Heirlooms are in your starting deck and there are no others so there is one per player. How many Haybales are there? I'm not convinced this needs to be an Heirloom.

Magi: "This stays in play until you play a treasure" could be written "The next time a Treasure is played, discard this." Typically you start with the Heirloom in your starting deck and there are no others, so no way to gain one.

Mana: Typically the Reaction is under a line. Why does this cost $5? How about $2, if it is a true Heirloom.

Bonds: Appears you have the above and below line text switched.

Arrow: This does not look like an Heirloom.

Ascetic: I like this.

Organ: Interesting idea.

Agrarian: There is no need to reveal. The card could state "Review your Deck's top two cards. You may return one of them to its pile. Discard the rest." Typically cards just trash since that it shorter and drives game endings, but maybe there is a reason unknown to me.

Executive: Usually the Actions are before the Coins and there is a space after the comma. I think this could cost less.

Bond's Market: The line is not needed. If this is intended for all players including you this may be worth $6. Did you mean for this to be "other players", which would match the cost?

Leviathan: I think this could cost less.

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Re: Dominion: Enlightenment
« Reply #5 on: September 27, 2023, 01:29:41 pm »

Wreath is anything but overpowered. It is slightly weaker than Nobles and would likely we totally OK at $5.

Holy Water is far too smilar to Rope and obviously a $4. Leaven, another similar card, is also a $4.

Barrow and Equestrian are quite cool. At the risk of sounding harsh, they are the only interesting cards amongst the bunch.

I don't get Bonds. The notion that this provides game control is pretty weird. You want a thin deck no matter what.

I don't get Marsh either. Gardens already exists, no reason to create a variant.

Ascetic is super weak. Compare with Villa. Spending Coins for Actions could be a thing but not in this very implementation.

Tacking a VP onto Pouch is too vanilla for my taste.

Except for the reaction, Choir is strictly weaker than Market (and far too smilar).

Man of the Cloth does not work. There exist two official $7 trashers that do something significant at this price point. Why do you put 2VPs on a $4.5 card that you want as early as possible?

Bonds Market, again weird. Lab is stronger than Market so you never ever want this and with Militias it is too automatic. Council Room is at least terminal so that you have to work for the Council Room / Militia combo.

Scoffer, just no. Even with decent trashing the self-junking normally more than over-compensates (you literally need out of hand cantrip trashing, i.e. Sentry, for it not to) for the Lab.

Why Wineskin? I just by one copy. No strategy involved at all.
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