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Some fan cards that I've played with a lot


Jonatan Djurachkovitch:
In december 2020 I printed out a few fan cards, which I've been playing with a bit, and two of them stood out to me, and they are Refinery and Scum Village.

--- Quote ---Refinery
4 - Action
Trash a card from your hand. Draw a card per $ it cost, then discard that many.
--- End quote ---

Simple, but it just flows really nicely. It's a bit like Masquerade in the trashing and retaining tempo, but a bit more powerful in the opening, since it guarantees 5$ and a trash unless you bottomdeck it, and in most cases you get to trash an estate and get a perfect deck cycle. The possibility to tfb out of bad hands in the late game makes it useful throughout the whole game, but sometimes you don't want to trash and miss out on some buying power. It feels strong, but not overpowered.
Because this is almost a no-brainer in the opening, maybe it makes some games less interesting, but I may also be a bad judge when comparing it to other strong trashers.

--- Quote ---Scum Village
4 - Action
+2 Actions
Reveal a card from your hand. Reveal cards from the top of your deck until you reveal a card with the same cost as that card. Put it into your hand and discard the rest.

--- End quote ---

So it's a village that searches for a card with the same cost as a card you have in your hand. This can make for some really good consistency in some decks, if you have enough cards of a price class, as well as a drawer or another payload in that price class. If you draw this in a hand with no cards in that price class, though, it can be hard to recover.
I first printed this one at $3, but pretty quickly, with tips from people on this forum, bumped it up to 4$, which might have been a slight buff as well, since it can reveal itself to find some other cards, as well as avoiding silver.

I printed a few other cards as well, but I haven't played with them as much, so I don't have too much to say about them.

who are the card's authors? I like to include the card's authors on cards i print.

Jonatan Djurachkovitch:

--- Quote from: BryGuy on September 26, 2023, 02:54:27 pm ---who are the card's authors? I like to include the card's authors on cards i print.

--- End quote ---

Both of these are mine, forgot to mention.


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