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put it into your hand at end of turn


There are a couple of cards which use the wording: "put it into your hand at end of turn" My question is when are they put into my hand if I played them during another player's turn? At the end of the other player's turn (even if I am not active at that point in time) or at the end of my next turn? The first option seems better aligned with the wording but feels a bit odd so I wanted to clarify.

It would be at the end of the turn on which you used the card, even if it was another player's turn. From the official FAQ on Faithful Hound:

--- Quote ---The Reaction ability can happen on your turn and on other players' turns; if for example you discard Faithful Hound to another player's Raider, you can set it aside and return it to your hand at the end of that turn.
--- End quote ---

Many thanks. I was only looking at the Plunder cards and I have not seen a statement as clear as the one you quoted in that rule book.


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