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Fan Card Mechanics week 73: Overplay

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With overpay, you can pay more for a card to get an extra effect.
With overplay, you can supercharge a card as you play it!

The contest this week is: Design a card that uses the overplay mechanic

Overplay can happen through either spending extra actions to play the card, or by playing multiple copies of the same card at the same time, as defined by the card.

Action-overplay FAQ:

* Spend extra actions as you play the card, before following its instructions.
* You can only overplay actions if the card has an action-overplay effect ('per action overplayed')Card-overplay FAQ:

* As you play the card, slide any number of extra copies of the card under the played card to make a stack.
* This does not cost any extra actions and you only follow the instructions of the top card.
* You can only put extra copies of the card in play if the card has an overplay effect ('per card overplayed').
* For other cards that care: these extra cards are considered played from hand and in-play and are discarded with the top card (similar to throne room). Here are two examples:

--- Quote ---$4 Action - Scaling remodel
Trash a card from your hand.
You may gain a card costing up to $2 more per action overplayed.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---$2 Treasure - Fools gold (alternative)
+$4 per card overplayed
--- End quote ---
A remodel variant that is weaker if played normally, a remodel if played using two actions and much stronger beyond that. Can upgrade copper to province using 5 actions.Fools gold using the overplay mechanic (without reaction), though it requires playing all your copies at the same time.
Contest rules:

* Make sure the card states whether to use extra copies of the same card or actions for overplay (feel free to use a better wording for your card).
* While this mechanic is primarily for regular cards, feel free to use it on card-shaped objects if you can get it to work.
* Additional mechanics are fair game.
* Submit your card within a week from now (see post date). There will be a 24h warning.
Judging criteria include: fun, simplicity, balance, scalability and most importantly, use the mechanic in an interesting way.
This is my first contest run on this forums, I'll do it as good as I can but might miss some things (and this post might get some edits). If you have any questions, please let me know.


--- Quote ---Trait - Aligned
When you play an Aligned card, follow its instructions, then +2 Cards per card overplayed.
--- End quote ---
Turn your extra copies of Aligned card into Labs.


--- Quote ---Prospector/Panner Randomizer
For four or less players, this pile starts with one more copy than players; otherwise use five copies. All Prospectors are on top.

Prospector $4 Action
+2 Cards
+3 Actions
Discard a card.
Overplay: Per Action, +2 Cards and discard three cards.

Panner $6 Action
+4 Card
+1 Action
+1 Buy
Discard two cards.
Overplay: Per Action, +1 Card and +$1

--- End quote ---

So it took a while to come up with this. The idea is that these both can filter your deck to increase the odds of collision. While the first is loaded with actions, the overplay is not great, so you must really think about using it. The second has a much better overplay, but it needs action support.  :)

I'm a bit confused by the "additional copies" thing - taking the interpretation of "spending multiple actions to play a card".

Dog Breeder
Action - $5
+3 Cards
Overplay: +1 Card per Action

So it's a Smithy that you can spend extra actions on to draw more cards.


--- Quote from: NoMoreFun on September 25, 2023, 08:53:10 pm ---I'm a bit confused by the "additional copies" thing

--- End quote ---
I've updated the top post with a longer explanation (and split between action and card overplay), hope that helps to reduce the confusion.


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