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Fika monster says hi!


fika monster:
Hello everyone! ive been a dominion player for a long time, but my life has had some huge changes recently and thus a new introduction is in order.

My name is Fika Monster, im a 27 year old swedish guy. Im Autistic, ADHD, very nerdy. Im a anabashed furry now, and im pretty gay :D

My fursona is a 'hipster otter' which is an unspecefied otter species with plant and nerdy elements to it, in my case some seaweed and a rose. When im upset the rose smeels like burnt popcorn, and when im happy it smells like... something good idk, flowers? XD

Art by haps, a Portugese furry artist

Art made by me

Art by Berneri, a finnish furry artist. They make a very funny webcomic called koira koira check it out!

Art by Jeanwoof!


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