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strategies to win more online dominion games?


Lately I have been losing alot of the dominion games I play online. I do not know what I am doing wrong..

Is there any basic strategry or a chart a player could follow so they could win games more often?


does drawing beat trashing  or card gain beats drawing etc? or anything to keep in mind while playing?

or is everything dominion game context sensitive? 

any ideas or thoughts regarding this?

Well, there are general principles like the importance of trashing, junking and drawing but these are just general principles. You can overtrash aka trash to quickly such that you donít have enough buy power in your deck. You can overdraw without having anything useful to do with your deck (not having that extra Buy, not having that gainer, not having enough Coins). You can also win while having more Curses than another player.
So at the end of the day it is just a matter of experience, of evaluating cards well and having a feel for how the game will roughly play out strategically while having tactical flexibility.


--- Quote from: Dgamer777 on June 17, 2023, 06:20:21 pm ---or is everything dominion game context sensitive?

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Generally most of the time you should be building an engine, so getting better at that would likely improve your winrate.

Everything is context sensitive but there are a few principles that tend to hold up.

Decks that draw themselves (engines) tend to be better because they draw newly bought cards faster, which lets them improve themselves faster. The limit on how big to build them depends on context for how fast you can improve your deck (how good the draw is). Expansions tend to push towards engines because playing engines is fun.

Trashing is a good way to make a deck that draws itself since you'll have fewer cards to draw. Trashing in Dominion usually makes your current turn worse and future turns better, and in practice, this is usually worth it, but it can depend. Sometimes the draw is really good and then trashing matters less. Sometimes the trashing is too slow and then you don't want to trash as much. "Trashing a junk card = gaining a draw card" is not really accurate, but is approximately close enough to keep in mind.

Dominion matches are very rarely about "my opponent did A, I will do B to counter it." Most of the time it's "A is the best thing to do, how can I do it best?". Questions like "is draw better than trashing" aren't really helpful because the answer usually turns into "does it let you do A better?"

The Dan Brooks "20 questions" chart still holds up pretty well IMO. Usually the important parts of a kingdom are "how many cards can I gain per turn" and "how much can I draw here"


--- Quote from: Titandrake on June 21, 2023, 06:24:02 pm ---Usually the important parts of a kingdom are "how many cards can I gain per turn" and "how much can I draw here"

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Also, "Can I play multiple terminals". You can sometimes find sneaky ways to do it, like with Throne variants or with Sculptor/Gondola like a recent game I had.
I find the main strategizing at the start of the game is "What card or combo will gain me the most VP" and then "How do I play as much of that card as possible as fast as possible." So trashing, draw, early buy power.


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