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"New" Promo: Rethemed Harem

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Earlier this month, Donald X. said this on reddit:

--- Quote from: Donald X. ---This isn't a secret, but isn't widely known: Altenburger did a poll, which cards would players like to see with new art, and Harem won. They didn't ask us (me and Jay) first, and we said, okay, but we'll be renaming it too. So at some point a promo will come out that's Harem but with new art and a new name (still depicting Valerie). And then probably eventually it will find its way into Intrigue.

--- End quote ---

And earlier today, Donald X. revealed the promo's name on discord:

--- Quote from: Donald X. ---Altenburger is doing an alternate art version of Harem, renamed to Farm, only whatever that is in their German translation. We will have it in English too, at some point. And someday it may replace Harem in Intrigue, but man that won't be labelled 3E.

Besides that, at some random point there might be a promo; I don't have any information there currently, but I have a promo waiting for if it's needed.

--- End quote ---

So uh, fingers crossed that the art is better.

Will it still cost $6?

Donald X.:

--- Quote from: NoMoreFun on March 22, 2023, 11:55:34 pm ---Will it still cost $6?

--- End quote ---
Yes, it's not a new card, it just has new name/art.

Donald X.

So a kingdom with Harems and Farms would be right out?


--- Quote from: Nukatha on March 29, 2023, 11:43:43 pm ---So a kingdom with Harems and Farms would be right out?

--- End quote ---

I feel like that would be akin to a kingdom with Pathfinding from Adventures 1st edition with the art mistake, and Pathfinding sold as a stand-alone promo; which is pretty clearly right out.


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