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2P Tournament, 4/15/2023, 1PM, Cincinnati OH


Victory Pints in Maineville, OH
For those of you who have attended my previous tournaments, this is a NEW LOCATION. Please don't show up to Maverick's expecting the tournament to be there!

48 W Foster-Maineville Rd, Maineville, OH 45039

Facebook event

This tournament will consist of two-player games, and have a $5 entry fee. Portions of the prize pool (80% of the entry fees) will be given to the top finishers. Prizes will be given out in cash.

NEW VENUE: I'm using a new venue for this tournament so please don't show up to Maverick's expecting the tournament to be there. Due to table space limitations, this tournament will only be able to take 30 entrants. In the unlikely event that the event fills up, priority will be given to people travelling to the tournament from out of town, then people who RSVP to the event, at my discretion.

Any questions or RSVPs can either be posted here or the Facebook event, PMed to me, or you can send me E-mail at . Hope to see you there!

All expansions and promo cards may be used except for deprecated first edition cards. All kingdoms used in the finals will be designed and playtested by me and a couple of helpers who are not playing in the tournament.

The winner of the tournament will have the opportunity to play a "trophy match" against me, the Dominion world champion for 2017. You may pick any kingdom you like and you may go first; if you win, you get to hold on to the Scout trophy (pictured in the Facebook event) until the next tournament. If you lose, you still get the standard first-place prize for winning this tournament.

We'll be done by 8PM, and if you are eliminated early on in the tournament you could be done as early as 4:15PM-- everyone who enters is guaranteed at least four games in the tournament. When you're done with the tournament, feel free to stick around and play some other games (or more Dominion if that suits you) at Victory Pints!

This new venue has lots of food and drink options available, as well as coffee and local craft beer (Cincinnati has a huge craft beer scene). They also have a HUGE game library and are open late so plan to stick around after the tournament.

Here's a link to the Format/Rules document for this tournament.

Here's a link to information about all of the other IRL tournaments I've run.

Blog post about the tournament is up. It includes some pictures, standings, and a link to the spreadsheet with all of the kingdoms used in the tournament. It also has my thoughts on all of the designed kingdoms. Check it out 🙂


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