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The bad trashers


Hey there,

we're a group of 3 german people, playing dominion real life all time. Its fun. Only 2 exp at a time. This time we are on Cornucopia vs. Hinterlands (2nd edit old cards, but no 2nd ed new cards.

What to do here:

* duchess
* fools gold - bane
* hamlet
* develop
* young witch
* horse traders
* silk road
* haggler
* cache
* hunting party
* farmlands
Everyone starts farming fools.
So with this, witch is useless.
Only one trasher and very slow cant guarantee a solid engine i think. So you would go hp with htraders or even cache, that you can use as alternative gold, the 2 coppers were skipped anyway.

HT is very bad when collected fools golds.

I don't have too much experience with 3p games, but Fool's Gold without trashing seems very slow here, especially if you're going to split them between 3 people. And Fool's Gold antisynergizes with Hunting Party.

The most straightforward strategy here is Haggler + Hunting Party stack. That provides a decent baseline, and Hunting Party can deal with Curses decently. I would still get a Develop to thin out the Estates and potential incoming Curses. That's 2 terminals, so a Hamlet should also be in the deck, which has the added bonus of providing +buy.

I'd probably open Develop first and then wait and see if people go for Young Witch; if they do, I might add a Fool's Gold, otherwise just Silver.


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