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ZM24 - Hangman Mafia, Round 2

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ZM24: Semi-Blitz Hangman Mafia - Round 2
This is a semi-blitz format, with 3-day Days and approximately 24-hour nights (depending on days and times). 

This could easily be full blitz and played in an evening, or full-time with 7-day Days and 2-day Nights. It has 2 mafia and 6 town. That could change to 1 mafia and 4 town if we can't get 8 players. I'd give the single mafia some kind of buff.

2 Mafia Goons: Factional kill conditional on Hangman success
6 Vanilla Town

Discord: Mafia will have a shared channel; Town will have a shared channel for seeing their progress in guessing the word and private channels for other communications with the mod.

Guessing Letters
The mod will choose the word to be guessed. It could be a single word, a proper noun or a phrase (spaces and punctuation will be indicated). Mafia play as a team. Town play as individuals. There will be up to three chances during the day to pick letters. Mafia guess 3 letters in their Discord channel and town send in 2 letter choices each via their private Discord channels before a pre-set deadline. At the end of each guessing period, each player will be notified of their personal or team progress in finding the right letters.

Guessing Words
During the night, anyone may guess a word by their private (or mafia) Discord channel.  You can guess more than one word, but you will not receive any feedback about correctness until the night is over. For each incorrect townie guess, town gets a strike. If mafia guess incorrectly, then mafia get a strike. Town word guesses will be resolved in the order they come in - so four strikes could accumulate and lead to hanging even if a townie later sent in the right word. If both mafia and town guess the word correctly without getting hanged in the same night, they both win and get their respective rewards. If the word is not solved, then at the start of the next day Mafia will receive the results of their guesses in their shared Discord channel. Town will see their progress in their shared Discord channel.

When you guess a word, include your choices as if you were going to receive the reward - which power and what target, if applicable.

Rewards and Penalties:

If mafia guess the word correctly, they get a choice between a nightkill (for the same night; add your target to your guess) or a one-shot exileproof (starting the next day) for the mafia of their choice.

If town guess correctly, the first correct guesser gets a choice between a 1-shot exileproof (starting the following day) or a 1-shot doctor (starting the same night; add your target to your word guess if you want to use it right away).

Any time either team gets 4 strikes (collectively by faction), they have been hanged and cannot guess anymore for that word. Play continues until the other team guesses the word or is hanged. Then strikes are reset and another word is chosen by the mod.

Other than the mafia partners, who share all information related to their guesses, no one will know what the outcomes were for the other players.


Player List
1.  gkrieg
2.  MiX
3.  jotheonah
4.  Dylan
5.  mathdude


Backup mod:

Day starts:


--- Quote ---Welcome to Hangman, [PlayerName]. You are a Vanilla Townie .

* Your weapon is your vote, use it well.
* During each of the designated daytime guessing periods, you may private message the mod the letter you want to guess for the Hangman word. At night you can make unlimited guesses of the word itself. If you are the first townie to guess the word correctly before town collectively gets 4 strikes, you get a choice between a 1-shot exileproof and a 1-shot doctor.You win when all threats to the Town have been eliminated and there is at least one Town player alive.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Welcome to Hangman, [PlayerName]. You are a Mafia Goon, along with your Goon partner, [PlayerName]. 

* You may talk with your partner here: [Discord link].
* During the designated daytime guessing periods, you may post in the mafia Discord the 2 letters you and your partner want to guess for the Hangman word. At night you may post unlimited guesses for the word. Each incorrect guess earns your team one strike.  If the mafia guess the word correctly before getting 4 strikes, you can choose between a nightkill or a one-shot exile proof for the mafia player you choose. Submit your nk target or choice for exileproof ahead of time if you might not be around at start of day, just in case you guessed correctly.You win when you control half the Town or nothing can prevent this from occurring.

--- End quote ---

Basic Mafia Ruleset
The Golden Rule:

Please remember that this is a game and your main objective is to have fun!  Be considerate of each other, don’t get personal, and enjoy the game.

Please read The Civility Pledge before signing up for any mafia game on this site.  If you have not /pledged there, you cannot play.

Excessive personal attacks or uncivil behavior may be dealt with by modifiers or modkills.

Game Summary:

Mafia is a social deduction game.  There is an "informed minority" (the mafia) and an "uninformed majority" (the town).  The mafia know who each other are, and are trying to be the only people left alive.  The town doesn't know who anybody else is, and are trying to find and exile all of the mafia.  The mafia, to make sure the town doesn't know who they are, must pretend to be town to win.  The mafia usually can kill at night, to help them in being the only ones left alive.

1. General Gameplay and Etiquette:

1. You may not quote private Moderator-supplied information (either real or fabricated) of any kind.  Paraphrasing (for role claims, etc.) is acceptable.
2. There is to be NO personal communication outside of the forum postings unless your role PM specifically allows it.  Mafia members may communicate at night and during the confirmation stage.
3. If you have a role with a Night action your choices are due to all mods by the posted deadline (generally 48 hours from Night start during the first few Nights; later Nights may have shorter deadlines).  If we do not receive your orders by the posted deadline you will forfeit your actions.  In case of multiple submissions, the last valid one before the deadline will be used.  If your Night action was mandatory, it will be decided randomly.
4. Roles with Night actions will not be able to submit an action on Night 0 (i.e. during the confirmation stage).
5. Any player with a Night action may instead submit a “No Action” PM to let the Mods know that you do not want to perform your expected action that Night phase.
6. As a general rule you should aim for one post every 24 hours, minimum, to keep the game moving.

2. Voting, Deadlines, and Player Death:

1. A simple majority (rounded up) of all living members must agree on one person for an exile to occur prior to deadline.
2. Once you have reached a simple majority no further unvoting will change someone’s fate.  Further votes will also be ignored.
3. Once a player is exiled the game enters twilight until the mods lock the thread; all players including the one who was exiled may continue to post during twilight.
4. The length of deadlines is up to the mod's discretion.  This game will have 3-day Days and 1-day nights.
5. If the deadline is hit and nobody has a majority of votes there will be a no-exile.
6. Please submit votes as: Vote: PlayerName.  Votes will NOT be counted if they are not bold or do not follow this syntax! Obvious abbreviations or nicknames will be counted so long as they are unambiguous.
7. Please submit vote revocations as either Unvote: PlayerName or Unvote. Unvotes are not necessary before changing votes.
8. You may Vote: No Exile - a simple majority of these vote types are required to send the game to Night phase without a exile.
9. Once you are killed (either via exile or night kill) you may no longer post in the game or in Discord. This means that you do not even get a “Bah” post. The dead in this game are silent.
10. If the thread is locked, you may not post.  Threads can be locked for various reasons, but no matter what the reason, you may not post.  The mod may forget to lock the thread, but if they say it is locked, it is still locked.
11. Do not edit or delete posts.  We don't want some players having more information than others.  If you want to clarify posts, feel free to double post. Mods will not edit posts for you.

3. Miscellaneous/Mechanics:

1. Bold, colored text is reserved for the Mods.  No invisible/small text is allowed, nor is cryptography.
2. If you have an issue/problem with the game, please PM the Mods privately.  Do not post issues/complaints in the game thread.
3. The Mods may make mistakes - please point out any mistakes gently.  Mistakes will be corrected where possible, but sometimes mistakes are made that cannot be reversed.  These will stand as final to be commiserated over after the game.
4. Please bold all requests to the Mods so that they don’t get missed.
5. Prods of missing players will be issued upon request after 24 hours of no activity. A prodded player has 48 hours to respond or risks replacement.  A player who has been prodded 2 times is subject to replacement under rule 3.10 without further notice.
6. Please do not discuss ongoing games, it can unintentionally affect the other game.
7. Rule violations will be dealt with according to their severity, which may include modkill(s) if needed.
8. If you anticipate being unavailable for more than a 48-hour period please post a notice to that effect in the thread.  Treat this game as a commitment.  Be considerate – don’t leave us hanging (haha!).
9. Players who discover they are too busy to play in a game or want to leave the game for civility issues are not allowed to officially /out in the thread.  A request to /out must only be done via a PM to the moderator.  Please do not use this as a manipulation technique.  (Note players may continue to threaten to /out or imply that they might as long as it does not include an official request).  Requests to /out are final once submitted. There will be no /outing and then /inning back into the game so make sure that when you /out you have thought it through and really want to do it. Players that can't be replaced will simply be mod-killed. This is a small game, and will be very adversely affected by the loss of even one player.  I expect everyone in it to play to the best of their ability and not quit out of "pique".  If real life makes it impossible for you to continue playing, please let me know right away so I can look for a replacement.
10. If a player wants to /out, they may be replaced by anyone on D1-N1.  On D2-N2, no one from the speccy may replace the player.  After this, a player who /outs may not be replaced.  It is up to the mod's discretion to replace players after N2 or resort to other solutions, including possible modkill.

Helpful Links:

Wiki Links:

--Main Wiki Page

--Newbie Guide

--Frequently Asked Questions

--Commonly Used Abbreviations

--Mafia Theory

Forum Links:

--Vacation/Limited Access announcements

--Mafia Lingo/Dictionary



--- Quote from: gkrieg13 on November 08, 2022, 07:33:02 am ---/in

--- End quote ---

I have no idea if this is a good setup or not.



--- Quote from: MiX on November 08, 2022, 10:41:20 am ---I have no idea if this is a good setup or not.


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Yeah, I'm open to feedback about balance.


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