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« on: November 03, 2022, 01:07:18 pm »

Does anyone else here play Generals? I was introduced to it a while ago, and it's a pretty fun fast-paced turn-based* strategy game with minimal RNG (the map is randomly generated and leads to asymmetrical starting positions, and it has fog of war, but there's no other RNG during the game itself; the difference the starting position makes is still completely negligible at the skill level I'm at in 1v1, makes a considerable minor difference in 2v2, and actually matters a lot in 8-player FFA, which are the three main game modes people queue for).

It has a bit of that problem where most people you run into are either pros you have no chance of beating or n00bs who have no chance of beating you, which is typical of low RNG games without huge player bases, but the player base is at least large enough that some of the time you get winnable but non-trivial matches too. I've also found it entertaining enough to play against the pros who beat me every time, because it helps me improve faster.

In fact, probably the best thing about the game is how quickly you can improve at it, since there's no need to memorize e.g. units, interactions, lines or anything like that.

*: TL note: turns are simultaneous and take 0.5 seconds each
Bomb, Cannon, and many of the Gunpowder cards can strongly effect gameplay, particularly in a destructive way

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