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2P Tournament, 4/9/2022, 1PM, Cincinnati OH


Maverick's in Mason, OH
For those of you who have attended my previous tournaments, this is the same location -- the name of the store has changed from Game Swap to Maverick's and they have new management.

1065 Reading Rd, Ste E, Mason, Ohio 45040

Facebook event

PROOF OF IMMUNITY TO COVID-19 BY VACCINE IS REQUIRED TO ENTER THE TOURNAMENT. I'll almost certainly be requiring face masks as well but the final decision on that will be made closer to the event. If you have a medical exemption feel free to talk to me privately about it.

Join us for my 12th Dominion tournament at 1PM on Saturday, April 9, 2022 in Mason, OH (near Cincinnati). RSVP is not required -- you can just show up, but it helps me plan if I know who is coming in advance, and if you're traveling in from far away I can make sure you don't get left out if you get stuck in traffic or something; you can respond here or to the Facebook event I linked above.

This tournament will consist of two-player games, and have a $5 entry fee. I will attempt to bring cookies or something similar for those who enter. Portions of the prize pool (80% of the entry fees) will be given to the top finishers.

Portions of the prize pool (80% of the entry fees) will be given to the top finishers. Prizes will be given out in cash (as opposed to some past tournaments where prizes were given in store credit).

All expansions and promo cards may be used EXCEPT for the newest expansion (Allies); I'll be using the first edition of Seaside so no new 2E Seaside cards either. I won't be using any of the removed cards from Base or Intrigue, though. All kingdoms used in the finals will be designed and playtested by me and a couple of helpers who are not playing in the tournament.

The winner of the tournament will have the opportunity to play a "trophy match" against me, the Dominion world champion for 2017. You may pick any kingdom you like and you may go first; if you win, you get to hold on to the Scout trophy (pictured on the Facebook event) until the next tournament. If you lose, you still get the standard first-place prize for winning this tournament.

I anticipate we'll be done by 8PM, and if you are eliminated early on in the tournament you could be done earlier -- everyone who enters is guaranteed at least four games in the tournament. After the tournament, there will be the regular board gaming event at Maverick's.

Any questions or RSVPs can either be posted here or the Facebook event, PMed to me, or you can send me E-mail at . Hope to see you there!

The tournament is just one week away! I wanted to give a final update here:

In addition to the vaccine requirement, FACE MASKS WILL ALSO BE REQUIRED TO PLAY IN THE TOURNAMENT. Please remember to bring a mask and proof of vaccination if you plan to attend.

Right now I'm estimating a turnout of 21 people based on RSVPs I currently have, but RSVP is NOT REQUIRED to show up and play, only the vaccine/mask thing. Hope to see you all in a week!

Here's a post on my blog with a summary of the tournament:

My next IRL tournament will be one of two things (not quite sure yet).

Possibility 1 (more likely, I hope?) is that I'll host a tournament at GenCon. 128 players, all 2P games, $700+ prize pool (I'm projecting over $300 for first place). I don't have final approval from GenCon yet but things are going well so far with no real problems. GenCon is the first weekend in August.

Possibility 2 would be another IRL tournament in Cincinnati around September, and that's if the GenCon thing doesn't work out for whatever reason. There's a small chance I'll do a smaller tournament in addition to the GenCon one at a different Cincinnati venue (a new board game bar that opened during covid) but all of that is pretty fuzzy for now.


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