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Author Topic: Weekly Design Contest #132: All Hallow's Eve  (Read 7538 times)

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Re: Weekly Design Contest #132: All Hallow's Eve
« Reply #50 on: October 27, 2021, 06:04:50 pm »

Ok, here are the 19 entries I found for this week.

Please make sure that I:
a) didn't miss your entry.
b) got the latest version of your entry.

For those who haven't seen any of my past judging posts, what I do is come back to this post and edit it with a a sentence (or two or three) with my thoughts on each entry, and then separately add another post with general contest comments and the winners.

WDC #132: All Hallow's Eve!

Haunted Village
cost $4 - Action - Attack - Night
If it is your night phase, each other player with 4 or more cards in hand puts a card from their hand onto their deck.
Otherwise, +1 Card and +2 Actions.
Haunted Village - JW
A Village+, where the + is the ability to use as a once stackable attack, useful, especially once you've drawn your deck (or enough coin) each turn. Decent card, and as pointed out above, an interesting "brother" to werewolf.

Spectre - AJL828
Another Attack, in the vein of Haunted Woods, Swamp Hag, etc, except it's a Night card. The attack is non stackable, unless your opponents gain Victory cards, in which case they would gain multiple Curses, though they can also avoid it by buying Night cards.
While technically not strictly better than Den of Sin (due to not gaining to hand), still feels like it migh tbe overpowered as is for $5.

Trick or Treat

Each other player receives the next Hex.

At the start of your next turn receive the next two Boons.
Trick or Treat - xyz123
A 5 typer! I like the idea of Fate Doom cards, as there are no official such cards. This one hexes now and rewards you later. It doesn't necessarily need to be a Night card, though, unless I'm missing something. (The action version could have +1 Action; that said, the only official Boon card that give +1 Action and gives Boons on play is Pixie, which must then be trashed.)

Night-Gathering, $3

For each card you gained this turn, choose one: trash a card from your hand and add a VP token to the Seance Supply pile, or take the VP tokens from the Seance Supply pile.
Seance - mandioca15
Cares about cards you gained and allows you to trash and/or gain some VP points from it. Simple and seems like a fun card to play with / compete for the tokens with.

Fairy Ring - grep
I like the idea of Night - Victory cards. I think would need some testing in order to figure out the right balance of VP per Night card (or as pointed out if it should just be fixed). The drawing is interesting, though, you'd only gain from drawing other Night cards (or bad cards).

Sarcophagus - 4est
Another Night-Victory! This one exiles from play, so early on maybe you'd exile some coppers, while later trying to get some better cards in exile, so you can up how much this one is worth. I like it, unique idea, and would also be fun to figure out how to optimize this.

Urban Legend / Jack-o-Lantern - spineflu
Back to the Attacks. I like that as a Night card this one cares about how many cards you've played. And the junk in hands out seems interesting too. Add to that that I've always liked Villagers, it combines a lot of good things. Would have to test it out to see how effectively. :)

Warding Mask
Night - Duration - Fate

Take a boon. Receive it now or at the start of your next turn.
At the start of your next turn, you may put a card from your discard pile into your hand, and either way, draw up to 6 cards in hand.
Warding Mask - LibraryAdventurer
Another Night card that hands out boons (so effectively +1 Action). That said with the timing of Night phase, a lot of these will just be a bonus for next turn. It is also effectively +1 Card (and a card you often choose), so feels pretty strong for the next turn. I'd have to play with it to see how much it slows things down.

Ouija Board - Xen3k
I like the idea of another card interacting with Spirits, I'm just not sure if some version if this would be better off as just a pure Night card.

Haunted Basement - anordinaryman
I love the idea of a dual phase not card not having "otherwise" in it, and playing differently depending on which phase you do play it in. I think this one would be fun to play with.

Chantry - X-tra
Another +2 Cards as an action. Or trash a card at night. Comparing to Moat, the problem is it only does one or the other, I think, making it a little weak. I would consider also allowing trashing from play, maybe?

Goblin - emtzalex
One of my favorite cards I've designed is a Night-Reserve, so I'm glad to see one of these. While by virtue of not being an Action, it can't be thrones, another of my cards did allow you to TR a Night card, so I'd want a final version of this to address that. I like that it "mines" a card from in play and then the reserve aspect allows you to build them up like Coffers.

Black Knight - Gubump
Huh - I had not even considered a non pile entry that would work for this contest. I think this is a good addition to the Knights pile (and I like the idea of a "Night-Knight" card). My one concern is that as an attack you only get that - I wonder if maybe dropping the action part and having the extra part be more a weak version of an existing Night card (e.g. "You may trash a card from play") or something new, but weakish (e.g. "For each card gained this turn, +1 Coffers.")

Asylum - Freddy10
I think I'd be concerned that the drawback of just using these as Action cards is not bug enough; especially in games where you can get rid of your starting estates.  (until you start to green, of course, but then maybe you do use one of these at Night.

Crime Lord - faust
This one is  has some different possibilities, I think. Exile a card that plays well at Night, and then you can use these to get rid of your coppers; or use it as a more powerful scheme, since you get to replay a card from this turn, next turn. I do wonder if that 2nd use is strong enough for $4 and if this should be $5.

Trick or Treat - Timinou
Another card named Trick or Treat! I originally wasn't sure of this one, but it's grown on me, while I've let it sit. Simple premise, but has some interesting combos with some other Night cards. and in this case I think drawing at Night is interesting, because you're only drawing action (on most boards) dead, so there's some reason to take that risk - and it fits the "trick" theme. (small tweak, I think it should probably be Treasure-Night, as that corresponds to the order of the phases; but we are also in uncharted territory with many of these!)

Stutter / Jinx - arowdok
I'm not sure Stutter, to me, feels like a fun enough card to buy, as the non attack part is often not useful. Of course, it is useful in the case of Jinx's reaction, so I do think these two cards do have synergy between them. Also, Jinx costing a potion is weird - I saw your comment about someone wanting to buy one to get one out of exile. But I think you would very, very rarely want to do that, and to buy a potion for that? I think that would only happen for other potion reasons.

Brownie - mxdata
Like adding a new Knight, adding another Spirit is a fun idea. But I'm not sure I'd really want a card that only Exiles and has you take debt for it. I think it needs something more.

Night - Reaction

This Cleanup phase, draw an extra card for every two differently named cards you’ve gained this turn (rounded up).
When another player gains a card, you may discard this for +1 Card for every two differently named cards they’ve gained this turn (rounded up).
Wolf - exfret
Lets you draw cards based on your play or others. I see some weirdness with the when another player gains a card, just because of timing - since you'd want to wait until they gained their last card. Online would be especially tricky, but the interface that tells them to wait for you to react, allows them some knowledge that you have it, and may change their decisions. As an aside, I think all official cards that round, round down, so I think any and all rounding should always be down. That, of course, would change this card substantially.
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Re: Weekly Design Contest #132: All Hallow's Eve
« Reply #51 on: October 30, 2021, 09:43:00 pm »

Happy All Hallow's Eve EVE, everyone!

Please see the earlier post for specific comments on each entry.

Since they came out, I've always been a big fan of Night cards, both for playing and for designing new ones. I was surprised when I checked the past contents and didn't see any one dedicated to them (even if mine puts a twist on them, by requiring a second type). The closest was #17, but even that was a split pile, and the Night card had to be a pure Night card.

(I also think they are a mechanic that hopefully Donald X. revisits some day, as they don't require any special boards or tokens. Maybe, at least, as a promo or two)

SO, that said, I was happy with all the entries this week and really want to try them out some day. There was a little bit of everything, from the more obvious Action-Night, Treasure-Night and Night-Victory, to Attack, Reserve, Reaction, Gathering, Command, Fate, Doom, and even a Knight and a Spirit!

I tried to pick runners up that had different types:

4est's Sarcophagus
anordinaryman's Haunted Basement
emtzalex's Goblin
Gubump's Black Knight

And the winner:

Timinou's Trick or Treat
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Feel free to join us at scolapasta's cards for discussion on any of my custom cards.


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Re: Weekly Design Contest #132: All Hallow's Eve
« Reply #52 on: October 30, 2021, 10:52:48 pm »

Congratulations, Timinou!

Bummer that I didn't win, but I made Black Knight mostly for the "Night - Knight" meme, so I didn't set my hopes too high. :)
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Re: Weekly Design Contest #132: All Hallow's Eve
« Reply #53 on: October 31, 2021, 01:58:55 am »

Good judging and comments! After reading the comments on my card, I definitely agree with them but I’ve always been a huge critic of the “official cards do it so all fancards have to”. Especially in this case, just because no official cards round up doesn’t mean rounding up should be disallowed…
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Re: Weekly Design Contest #132: All Hallow's Eve
« Reply #54 on: October 31, 2021, 09:18:38 am »

Thanks, scolapasta!  I wasn't expecting to win this one.  It was a cool theme and there were lots of creative submissions!

I'll try to have the next contest up soon.

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