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How does Capitalism work?


Bwana Kubwa:
Question: when playing the Capitalism project - let's say you have played Mountebank and Flag Bearer as actions on your turn. Both have +2. Does Capitalism mean that in addition to the 2+2 that you get for playing those cards as actions, you also in addition get 2+2 considering those cards as tresures as well?
Or, does Capitalism only refer to cards in your hand that you didn't manage to use as actions - that those can be still utilised as treasures even though they were not played as actions?

Neither. Capitalism only does one thing: change the type of cards. That means Mountabenk and Flag Bearer are now Treasure Cards.

If you play a card that has both the Action and the Treasure type as an Action card, you don't get the effect twice. This doesn't happen with Crown, either. You always get the effect of the card once. The type just controls when you are allowed to play them.

So, concretely, you still have only 4$ after you play Mountebank and Flag Bearer, regardless of whether you played them in your Action phase or your Buy phase.

Bwana Kubwa:
Thanks, clear now!


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