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Nameís Bruce!


Why trust a shark, right?????

Crazy to still see dominion stuff still happening.... havenít really played dominion in years and never really made the transition over to ShIT (is this the correct abbreviation?).  Iím sure Iíll get back into dominion someday when my 20 month son gets old enough. Iím eagerly anticipating his introduction to the world of board gaming.

I miss any excitement in the past years?  Seems crazy to not be playing dominion like I used to in the old days. Life just seems to have a way of taking away time and shifting priorities.

Anyways, hope all you f.ds peeps are doing well.

Welcome back! I also mostly stopped playing Dominion (basically when Isotropic went away), but it doesn't stop me from spending way too much time discussing it here!

it is fun to check back in here occasionally and see some familiar names!


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