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Proposal to stop using "lynch"

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Hi everyone.  In the light of current events, I am getting less and less comfortable with our using lynch in our games. I have always noticed feeling uncomfortable when I tell someone else about how mafia works. I didn't feel moved to say anything about it here  until now, though. The dark flavor, evoking an angry mob, is part of the game, but referencing past tragedies in a playful way feels wrong. Can we find something else? It can still be dark and anarchic. Maybe something closer to mafia flavor, like "off" or "eliminate"? Or evoke the French Revolution, which is hopefully no longer a sensitive issue for people, and say "behead"?

"head them off to the guillatine"

I would definitely be on board with a change.

I'm on board for the change.

If we want something less bloody there's always just "convict", since we are trying to bring the mafia to justice.

I live in the Deep South and whenever I host IRL I almost never say “Lynch” for similar reasons. It definitely feels worse than when typing it out. I usually substitute with a generic “vote to kill someone” but even something unique to the flavor of the setup you’re playing could be fun.


--- Quote from: Archetype on June 16, 2020, 04:38:16 pm ---even something unique to the flavor of the setup you’re playing could be fun.

--- End quote ---

I like the idea that flavor of a game can change what the daily "kill by vote" could be called.

However, a commonly accepted generic term is also important


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