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Author Topic: 2020 Dominion World Cup Group Stage Recap  (Read 1419 times)

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2020 Dominion World Cup Group Stage Recap
« on: February 11, 2020, 10:34:12 am »

Before moving on to the Knockout Stage (which begins in a few hours with a match between Lemonspawn and gamesou), we would like to take a moment to reflect on the Group Stage. We bid farewell to Teams Israel, Germany B, Greece, West Europe, Oceania, Scandinavia, Russia, and Canada B and congratulations to Teams USA A, France, USA B, Japan, Canada A, East Europe, Germany A, and United Kingdom. The 2020 World Cup marked the first appearance for Teams Greece and Israel. We hope to see them again in 2022, in addition to more first-time appearances. And now, summaries of each group.


Group A saw Team USA A take first place and Team France second. The US team was led by a strong 3-0 performance (and 13-3 overall record) from Bryan, who played on both Tables 3 and 4. Team France was a model of consistency. All four players (who also formed the 2018 World Cup Team) finished with a 2-1 match record, and outside of bouchon who went 11.5-6.5 overall, everyone went 11-7 over their 3 matches. We would also like to recognize a very strong performance from Israel's catoftheyear, who went 2-0-1 on Table 2 with an impressive 12-6 record against the likes of gamesou, Mic Qsenoch, and Micha1980.


Group B was the tightest race at the top, with Team USA B edging Team Japan for the top spot, 9.5 to 9. In fact, the two teams recorded the same number of game wins, 50. Lemonspawn led the way for USA B, scoring 2.5 points on a record of 13-5. The most match points in the group were scored by Japan's yudai214, who went 3-0 while tying for the second most game wins (14) of any player in the tournament. West Europe's della put forth a notable performance, winning both matches they played in while compiling a 9-3 game record.


Team Canada A took the Group C victory en route to their first ever advancement to the World Cup Knockout stage. Helping pace Canada A was amoffett11, who recorded a 3-0 match and 13.5-4.5 game record between Tables 3 and 4. The Canadians will be joined there by Team East Europe, who received strong contributions from all four Tables, including 2+ points from markus, Jean-Michel, and awaclus. hoget10 of Team Oceania deserves recognition for their bounce back performance. After dropping their first match 0-6, they went on to score 2 points for Team Oceania while going 9-3 the rest of the way.


Perhaps the most impressive performances and most exciting race came from Group D. Team Germany A led all teams with the most match points (10.5) and game wins (56, 5 more than the next best) on their way to claiming first place. Helping them to all those wins was Sicomatic, who scored the first ever perfect record of 3-0/18-0 in a World Cup Group Stage. The second place team was not decided until the final two matches of the Group Stage. Team United Kingdom scored victories in their final two simultaneous matches to edge Team Russia. pppppppppp proved to be the hero, scoring 3 match points (and the only player to take a full point from Germany) while amassing a 13-5 record. Burning Skull put together one of the strongest performances by a player on Table 1, scoring 2.5 points for Team Russia while compiling a 14-4 record.

We look forward to the Knockout Stage and hope you all tune in for what will be some competitive, high-quality matches. The Knockout Stage will feature the following matches:

USA A vs. Japan
Canada A vs. United Kingdom
USA B vs. France
Germany A vs. E Europe

The bracket and results can be found here:

If you haven't already, come join us in the World Cup Discord server:
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