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Author Topic: Indian Reservation  (Read 6092 times)

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Re: Indian Reservation
« Reply #25 on: March 27, 2019, 10:15:02 am »

I know there was a request for us not to talk about the name, but I think there's a possibility to learn here. Here's my thoughts on the matter.

For "credentials" I ran a long-running modding series for Civ V focused on indigenous peoples and only got called a racist once. ;)

In the U.S.:
The legal/agreed term for indigenous people (based on the majority of American treaties signed) is "Native American". I can't comment much on the nuances of the term in legal use, I'm Canadian.

In Canada:
The legal/agreed term for (most) indigenous people (based on the majority of British treaties signed) is "First Nation". Additionally, when you go to a reserve in Canada, you're actually entering a... sort of... other country. First Nations in Canada enjoy a certain degree of sovereignty. Technically it's like being a country of your own where everyone is a dual-citizen; you could be Blackfoot, but then (assuming you live on a Canadian reserve) Canadian at the same time. First Nations can have their own laws, legal government bodies, even have absolute rulers via birth heredity, as long as those laws don't get overturned by Canada directly (which is rare, but say, slavery is not allowed) and of course illegal actions involving Canadians (which is the First Nations members as well) are also going to get prosecuted by Canada if they get attention.

There's a bunch of extra comments in the above which may sound judgemental (hereditary rulers, slaves) but those are actual cases that I brought up to show the variances in how much sovereignty you have.

So how does this pertain to this card? I'd say this card is reminiscent of Native Village and that's the whole reason for the current name. So I'd suggest "Native Freehold" or something of the sort, using "Native-" with some sort of idea of independent self-rule, possibly shared by agreement with you, the player.



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Re: Indian Reservation
« Reply #26 on: March 27, 2019, 02:38:06 pm »

To make the card a little stronger, you could have it play the card twice this turn and once next turn. Like this:

You may play a nonDuration action card from your hand twice. If you do, set it aside. Play the set aside card at the start of your next turn.
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Re: Indian Reservation
« Reply #27 on: April 04, 2019, 04:20:24 am »

It's pretty close to Scheme as written in the OP. But it has +1 action over Scheme, but is more restricted in its target.
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