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It's that time again where I collect the first impressions of the community right after seeing the cards from the newest expansion: Renaissance! Please offer your opinions on how powerful each card/project in the new expansion is on a scale from 0 to 10.

I'll leave this poll up for about a week and at that time I'll collect the data and make a blog post presenting it similar to this one for Nocturne -- of course I will link that post here and anywhere else I solicit entries for the form.

Below is a copypasta of what's in the Google Form in case you want some more detail about this without clicking on the link:

--- Quote ---Let's have some fun by doing this right after seeing the Renaissance cards for the first time! Just your first impressions on these cards will be useful to know, so we can see how things compare to when we've had more time to play with the cards.

Rate each Renaissance card (or card-shaped-object) on a scale from 0-10, with 10 being the most powerful. The cost of the card, not just the effect, should be taken into account for your score.

0. In case you'd like a reference for what everything does:

A pdf of the Renaissance rulebook can be found here:
The DS Wiki page for Renaissance can be found here:

1. Your name is "required," you can put anything there though -- I'd prefer some username that I can recognize so that I can make sure submissions are unique. If you troll me, I reserve the right to not count your input :-P

If you use a name that you've used in a previous one of my surveys and you'd like your ratings to be linked to your previous entries, please use the same name you've used before (minor typos or variations are OK as long as I know it's you) -- here's the list of all current entries:

2. You can pick and choose which cards you rate -- feel free to leave some cards blank if you don't want to rate them for whatever reason.

3. You may use whatever criteria you like for your ratings, but I have a guideline that can be used as an example or a template if you would like something to get you started -- the examples in parentheses are just my opinions, feel free to disagree!

0 - Adding the card would make most decks worse than adding nothing (Scout, Secret Chamber)
1 - The card almost never sees play in good decks, and when it does, its effect is marginal at best
3 - The card is not necessarily bad, but usually doesn't play a key role in any deck; still not worth picking up some of the time
5 - The card plays a minor supporting role in many decks, or has some synergies that make it good in a few situations
7 - The card plays a support role in most decks, plays a critical role in many decks, or can be the backbone of good or mediocre decks with proper support
9 - The card is almost never ignorable, and usually plays a large role in the best decks that can be built
10 - The card warps the strategic and/or tactical landscape, causing most games to revolve around it. Ignoring or misusing the card will almost always result in a clear loss (Donate, King's Court)

--- End quote ---

A final note: I will answer questions here if needed, but I would prefer to communicate via PM if possible.

Simon Jester:
This was hard. Especially Projects. I feel that almost everyone are obviously strong in the way that you probaby always going to get one, but how impactful they will be is entirely depended on, well, the kingdom. They change the game, but more in a landmark kind of way than most Events.

Some more than others though. Can we call 10 capitalism-level already? 


How many people voted for Nocturne last time?


--- Quote from: Ethan on November 05, 2018, 09:50:32 am ---Done.
How many people voted for Nocturne last time?

--- End quote ---

41 people gave initial impressions, 22 submitted responses in the second round when I made another poll to see how things changed.



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