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Nocturne/Locusts: Issue with "...gain a cheaper card that shares a type"


A friend of mine and I do not agree on how the card Locusts should be dealt with. The card says: "...gain a cheaper card that shares a type with it."

So when a card has 2 or more types on it does that mean you can gain any cards that has one of those types on it, costing less than the trashed card, or does the gained card have to have exactly the same types on it as the one you trashed? I interpret it as one of the types named on the card. Is that correct?

What about when you end up trashing the card Will-o'-Wisp? Do you gain any card at all in that situation?

Only played Nocturne a few times but so far love this expansion!


Chris is me:
It says “shares a type”, not “shares all types”. If you trash an Action - Attack you can gain an Action, an Action-Duration, a Treasure-Attack, etc.

When you trash Will-o-wisp, you can’t gain anything, as nothing is cheaper than 0.

Also remember that the card you gain has to come from the Supply, so if you trash a Ghost, you can't gain an Imp.


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