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Author Topic: Double Tac, Villa, Bridge, Storyteller, HoP  (Read 2947 times)

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Double Tac, Villa, Bridge, Storyteller, HoP
« on: January 09, 2018, 01:29:52 am »

Wild board here. What is best???

I ended up winning with a HoP megaturn of sorts on T17 (against a person; screenshot is from replaying the game). I however have no idea what would have been the best/fastest route to said megaturn, or if the megaturn even is the best strategy.

My thought process:
  • thin with Temple
  • get a double-Tac thing going
  • use the play-treasures-buy-Villa-play-Tactician trick to spend treasures with Tactician until the Villas run out
  • use Storytellers for draw
  • HoP's for gains, with Storyteller-HoP trick to gain mid-turn (usually more HoP's)
  • play Bridges whenever I can
  • pull trigger on HoP megaturn soon as I can
I'm not sure if buying Bard was great but other than that I feel I reached this deck state pretty efficiently.

That all basically won me the game (my opponent suffered from Villa-as-just-Necropolis syndrome and didn't realize Storyteller-HoP until near the end of game). BUT, there are so many other things to consider imo:
  • Can alt-VP (Dominate and Museum) out-pace a Megaturn (i.e. I pulled Megaturn trigger on T17; can one buy ~3 Dominates before then)? (I don't consider the alt-VP from Temple; I just think it's a drop in the bucket compared to Dominate and Museum.)
  • Can 1 player wipe-out Villas by cost-reducing them to $1 or $0 (effectively making them free) -- thereby denying other player of any sort of village? Not having Villas would make multiple Bridges impossible and big Storyteller draws less likely because ST likes the coin from Bridge (and Villa).
  • Is HoP megaturn faster than megaturn using just Double Tac, Bridges, Villas, Storyteller (for draw)?
  • Do Hexes come into play at all here? Near the end game probably not because you're gaining 42 cards per turn, but near the beginning of the game they could be very disruptive (e.g. Locusts or War trashing a key Tactician or Temple).
  • Would Dismantle be more effective than Storyteller-HoP to gain $5's mid-turn (e.g. Dismantle+Gold -> Dismantle+Gold+HoP)?
  • Is thinning even that high of a priority here? Cus Storyteller effectively makes Coppers cantrips (assuming you can reliably pair them with ST's). Perhaps Bridge is a better opener than Temple?
  • My opponent opened 5/2 -- what then??
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Re: Double Tac, Villa, Bridge, Storyteller, HoP
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2018, 02:13:32 am »

I have no idea what I'm doing on this board, but I'm not sure it's a megaturn board. It looks more like a 3-pile-from-nowhere board.
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Re: Double Tac, Villa, Bridge, Storyteller, HoP
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2018, 09:07:17 am »

My complete gut here, so itís very bad.

Temple / Silver opening. Go HARD on Villa and Bridge, then add Storyteller to get something resembling draw going. 1 or 2 HoP to use as an honest gainer, not a megaturn thing, and try to build to the big Bridge turn.

I donít think you have TIME for a proper double Tac - I think you basically get a Tac the second to last turn of the game, and then you do as much as you can. Thereís the Villa trick, but wow those cards will be going fast, so Iím uncertain.

In reality what ends up happening is itís a big pileout board, but you build it that way anyway. Idk. I would lose here.
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Re: Double Tac, Villa, Bridge, Storyteller, HoP
« Reply #3 on: January 09, 2018, 10:46:21 am »

5/2 here is sad. I would open Temple/nothing.

You would need to Dominate 3 times or Dominate twice and Province once in order to get as many VP as the megaturn, but even then, the megaturn player could gain Duchy with Horns. I think there's no way Dominate is viable here.
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Re: Double Tac, Villa, Bridge, Storyteller, HoP
« Reply #4 on: January 09, 2018, 10:55:01 am »

The villa-storyteller-bridge thing looks really strong so is probably going to be the core of the deck. I'm guessing that although the HOP can gain cards with the storyteller, just using bridges will give smoother draws and more control of the 3 pile ending. A well timed tactician might help.


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Re: Double Tac, Villa, Bridge, Storyteller, HoP
« Reply #5 on: January 09, 2018, 01:07:19 pm »

I think tac is weaker than storyteller, temple is too slow. It is better to open with bridge or dismantle.

The latter looks interesting - here is a plan i expect to be clearly faster than T17:

If everything works out, we can

open dismantle/silver
T3/4: Buy silver, silver; dismantle estate into copper, gold -> 17$, 15 cards
T5,6,7: Buy storyteller, storyteller, bridge; dismantle one more estate -> 22$, 17 cards (not counting Storyteller)
T8: draw your deck with two storytellers spending 12$ -> play bridge, buy villa, buy two more storytellers
T9 - T11: explode with bridges/villas/HOP/storyteller

T8 involves some luck, and we might also have bad luck in the beginning, or dud during T9-T11. But I don't see a reason to expect losing more than two turns on average, we might even get lucky with 5$ in T3/4.
Therefore, a megaturn in  T13 or similar seems realistic to me.



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Re: Double Tac, Villa, Bridge, Storyteller, HoP
« Reply #6 on: January 09, 2018, 01:29:04 pm »

I got $5 on turns 3 and 4, and good shuffle luck.
10 Bridge mega turn on turn 11.
Bridge / Silver opening, tactician on first $5.
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