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Author Topic: Dominion World Cup 2018 Teams  (Read 1730 times)

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Dominion World Cup 2018 Teams
« on: January 05, 2018, 09:09:13 pm »

Here are the teams for the World Cup.  The players names are followed by their rating for the tournament.  Team Captain's will be updated as we have them confirmed by the teams.  It's going to be a 12 team tournament:

Dominion World Cup 2018 - Teams

Team Canada                         Team Finland                           
markusin [58.61] (Team Captain)      Awaclus [59.40] (Team Captain)
amoffett11 [56.62]                            Eevee [57.52]   
xyrix   [55.58]                                 Jean-Michel [57.09]
shaila [40.98]                                 Tarecky [51.09]
vsiewnar [59.32] (alternate)

Team France                      Team Germany

Marin [61.68] (Team Captain)         RTT [64.51] (Team Captain)
gamesou [58.43]                           Sicomatic [64.37]
bouchon [56.53]                           Markus [63.24]
Emeric [55.61]                              E.Honda [60.88]
                                                   drsteelhammer [59.91] (alternate)
                                                   assemble_me [55.68] (alternate)
                                                   Dangerous Dave [54.9] (alternate)

Team India                            Team Netherlands

Saaket [60.98] (Team Captain)         Stef [63.76] (Team Captain)
jsh357 [60.79]                                 Philip [60.85]
crymeariver [54.55]                           Jan [57.83]
yahas [47.70]                                    Hugovj [46.87]

Team Norway                         Team Russia

jeebus [61.45] (Team Captain)            Burning Skull [62.66] (Team Captain)
Anders [58.55]                                 LaLight [56.59]
Turambar [49.49]                              ROGAVKA [56.03]
Oyvind [43.69]                                 MuensterCheese [36.87]

Team UK                                  Team USA

Rabid [64.01] (Team Captain)            PerryGreen [62.39] (Team Captain)
Gazbag [62.41]                                 LimeTime [62.09]
DG [57.11]                                       Mic Qsenoch [61.81]
LuciferousPeridot [55.77]                  Bryan [61.27]
AlexJRStone [52.04] (alternate)         Dan Brooks [66.94] (alternate)
                                                         TitanDrake [61.59] (alternate)
Refugee Team A                   Refugee Team B

Seprix [60.22] (Team Captain)         Gloures [59.78] (Team Captain)            
La-Ya [57.52]                                    tufftaeh [57.81]
Lekkit [56.89]                                 Micha1980 [55.79]
Chris is Me [53.97]                           globetheater [55.47]
fiercelord [52.17] (alternate)            Joseph2302 [49.74] (alternate)         

Additional refugee alternate if necessary:  Emil [59.23]

Because we only have 10 fully formed teams with 4 players, and not enough overall sign-ups to have a 16 team tournament, we are going to go with 12. 

However, there will be two other teams to bring the total to 12.  After some discussion and looking at the players we have left over, we decided the fairest way to give everyone an opportunity to play was to create two "Refugee" teams; two teams made up of the players who either were not selected for their country's team, or are in a country that did not find enough players. 

To create these two teams, we're going to take the 12 players with the highest ratings, and divide them 1,4,5,8,9,12 and 2,3,6,7,10,11; each team will have a Team Captain and two alternates.  Our original plan to find teams by some combination of locality and the highest ratings does not make sense given the players that we have, so this seemed like the best way to proceed. 

Refugee Players so far:  fiercelord (USA), Lekkit (Sweden), Joseph2302 (Albania), Seprix (USA), gloures (Brazil), Chris is Me (USA), Micha1980 (Germany), globetheater (Australia), tufftaeh (Germany), La-ya (USA), Emil (Denmark - alternate)


aku chi (USA)
therem.harth (Turkey)
ceviri (Singapore)
tracer (USA)

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