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New feature: play against Geronimoo's simulator


Tired of playing against 'Lord Rattington'? Why not play against some smart'ish' simulator bots...? Yes, your favorite simulator has a brand new feature. Only base set is supported, but you can get additional sets for 50 Crystals, which you can buy here for $3.
The interface is a bit clunky but it will feel 'familiar' ;) So go play against MichaelJB's famous first game engine bot (search for "First game" in the bot list) or play against a simulated Burning Skull killing Base Dominion games (search for "Burning Skull" in the bot list).

I intend to write an article about Burning Skull's great How to Base Dominion youtube series. I'll write accompanying bots so people can feel what it's like to play against a top player.

I'd love to see feedback, bug reports and your own created bots...

Mic Qsenoch:
I get a lot of unintentional double clicks when I play.

Cool simulator, I just tried a game on a macbook. Has anyone else had an issue where the box for "hand" "in play" and "kindom" aren't adjustable? I could re-size the log but not the other boxes

bug : I could gain a Magic Lamp from Zombie Mason


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