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Annoying and potentially harmful card anti-synergies

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Commodore Chuckles:
We already have Neat and Potentially Useful Card Interactions. This thread is for warnings about interactions that seem good at first but turn out not to be so good.

I'll start with:

Poor House + Coin of the Realm
Coin can be a great way to play multiple Houses in one turn... But it's a treasure :(

Bridge (Troll) + City Quarter
City Quarter can be a great way to play multiple Bridge (Troll)s in one turn... But they don't actually lower its cost. You'll need some other way to get $, or you'll find yourself running out of it fast. Especially a problem with Bridge Troll, since it doesn't provide any $.

Bridge Troll + Sage doesn't work when you want Sage to find $3 cards.

Banquet is not a good Duchy/Duke enabler; while Copper helps you hit $5, Copper+green cards doesn't hit $5.

Banquet is especially annoying for Duchy/Duke since it can't gain victory cards. 


--- Quote from: Awaclus on September 15, 2017, 10:02:16 am ---Bridge Troll + Sage doesn't work when you want Sage to find $3 cards.

--- End quote ---

I'm terrible at noticing these sorts of cost-reduction anti-synergies. My recent one:

Peddler + Ritual
Me (early in the game): Oh sweet, I can gain a bunch of Peddlers cheaply and then trash them for 8VP + Curse
Me (later in the game): Oh. Right.

Me (early in the game): Let me buy this Overlord for maximum flexibility
Me (later in the game): So many wonderful choices here, but right this second I could really use a Duplicate.
Me (seconds later): Oh. Right.


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