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Author Topic: Empires Bonus Preview #2: Crown  (Read 85921 times)

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Re: Empires Bonus Preview #2: Crown
« Reply #250 on: May 29, 2016, 03:43:09 pm »

Hey, I didn't reply again to this stuff because it's fine for people to have different opinions. I don't feel much like arguing about it, but you're replying a second time, so maybe you want me to defend my anti-fun opinion.

I don't think my friends are trying to cheat at games. My opinion is based entirely on the honest mistakes that are inherent to the nature of games with complex rules. Everyone makes mistakes. Playing in a way that allows the rest of the players to easily sanity check you moves is just common sense. I won't try to argue that someone is going to mess up counting 3 Coppers, but I have definitely seen people think they have $7 when they actually have $8 and vice-versa. Turn 1 and 2 are trivial, but I don't think bad habits should be practiced.

That's really all I have to say. I really shouldn't have commented because you said "as long as nobody else cared", which means I don't actually disagree with what you said.

Yes, i said that because i hoped it would keep that discussion from happening yet again, but i admit that in replying to it a second time i'm also guilty. So, back to topic.
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