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This is a compilation and a rewriting of all rules from all the rulebooks as well as all online rulings by the game designer. Up to date as of May 2022 (Allies). (Not including Seaside 2E and Prosperity 2E yet.)

The aim is a document where you can learn and easily understand how to play Dominion at the same time as everything is included, stated unambiguously, clearly and accurately. All official online rulings are presented together with the printed rules seamlessly and in a logical grouping and ordering.

A large part of the document is the Card Reference, where every card is listed alphabetically with explanations of how to use it if there is some part that might be unclear - and of course also including any online rulings made.

Complete Rules for Dominion and All Its Expansions

Original post from 2016:

I'm finally done with my massive rules document, which is partially based on the rules FAQ I made on BGG.

I appreciate all feedback, especially about any mistakes, inconsistencies or things that are written in an unclear or confusing way. I wanted to make a document that is understandable to the average gamer and at the same time has all the rules written completely unambiguously. (It was not easy.) This is not a compilation of official rulebooks, as I mostly rewrote stuff. I tried to generalize rules, so that for instance the card descriptions don't have to repeat every mechanic. They still do restate confusing stuff though.

I managed to release it before Empires. When that comes out, I have to do a major overhaul of course.

Chris is me:
This is fantastic and thorough; you're the best.

It feels a bit awkward to use non-basic cards like Bridge Troll and Quarry is the basic introduction to the phases section. Then again, perhaps you did that on purpose so that people don't see Quarry later and wonder if it works the same as a Silver in terms of playing treasure.

60 pages, wow.


--- Quote from: Kirian on May 07, 2016, 03:41:13 pm ---60 pages, wow.

--- End quote ---

There are only 10 Pages.


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