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Want to find out how fast your nifty Envoy/Village gets 4 Provinces and sick of trying out your strategy on solitaire isotropic?

Just simulate it!

More info can be found here:

This is very much a work in progress, so your input is greatly appreciated (both in finding bugs and suggesting features)

Very nice.

Of course it would be nice if you could (at least for some cards) specify "play rules" like you specify "buy rules", but I'm afraid this would more or less double the work for programming...

Play rules for 90+% of the cards would be pretty useless.

I noticed, however, that Native Village has three "PlayStrategy" options.  Any way to edit/view/create such PlayStrategies?

My feedback:

* I would have Colony be a tick-box.  This screws up a ton of buy rules, but it seems more intuitive.  Perhaps if every strategy had Buy Colony at the top, and Buy Province as "if numColoniesInSupply < 4"
* Maybe make PPR be a tick-box.

I am super excited about this program.  We've been playing with it for a little while and I think it reveals some very interesting factoids.  Namely, that Minion is a lot worse than we all thought ...

Yepp, most of the time you don't need them. But I would guess for
Remodel, Upgrade, Workshop, Ironworks etc

so everywhere where you gain some cards it would be nice to specify which you want to gain under which conditions. Or am I missing something and this is possible. I also don't really see what you mean by the "PlayStrategy Options". So clearly I'm missing something..


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