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Author Topic: Three nailbiters with Vineyards  (Read 1313 times)

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Three nailbiters with Vineyards
« on: September 07, 2015, 10:12:41 pm »

Three interesting - and nailbiting - games with Vineyards, all in the same day. Feel free to criticize my play; I'm sure I could've played these better.

Game #1:

Code: [Select]
Vineyard, Urchin, Woodcutter, Caravan, Horse Traders, Mining Village, Scavenger, Smithy, Vault, Harem

My opponent got the unlucky 5-2 start; he opened Urchin-nothing, while I opened Urchin-Urchin. Somehow or other, he got to play two Mercenaries before I got to even play one. I guess the shuffle luck balanced itself out.

My opponent went for Golds, and later for Provinces. I went for an engine and Vineyards. We got into a cycle of him buying a Province every turn, and me buying a Vineyard every turn. My Vault plays helped him line up his Golds... but in the end, a Vault play helped me grab a bunch of points for the win. Final score: 47-42. A 5-point margin.

Game #2:

Code: [Select]
Vineyard, Cellar, Native Village, Stonemason, Swindler, Tunnel, Scavenger, Young Witch, Golem, Junk Dealer, Mint

Swindler was the Bane. On this one, my opponent was determined to get full use out of the Tunnels. And why not? With Young Witch, Cellar, and Golem on the board, those Tunnels were sure to bring in the cash. I didn't realize how good those Tunnels were going to be; I went for another Vineyard-based strategy.

In the end, Stonemason was the star of the show. For one thing, I got to grab extra Action cards by overpaying for Stonemason. For another thing, I got two opportunities at the end to turn a Gold into two Duchies. And I needed those points: I won 62-60. A 2-point margin.

Game #3:

Code: [Select]
Vineyard, Poor House, Cellar, Squire, Storeroom, Tunnel, Farming Village, Catacombs, Fairgrounds, Possession

Another Vineyards board! And this one had the extra temptation of Possession. As with Game #2, my opponent pushed for Tunnels, while I mostly ignored them and tried to build an engine. Thing is, I should've paid more attention to the Fairgrounds; I didn't realize how easy it would be to get them up to 6 points each. My opponent grabbed a ton of Fairgrounds, which gave him a big lead, and also weakened my Possessions immensely.

So how on earth did I win this game? The final score was 95-94; a 1-point margin! (And I went first, so I needed that point.)

No more games with Vineyards, please. My heart can't take it.  ;D

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Re: Three nailbiters with Vineyards
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2015, 04:54:18 am »

Somehow or other, he got to play two Mercenaries before I got to even play one.

Maybe your turn 4 Woodcutter should have been another Urchin.


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Re: Three nailbiters with Vineyards
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2015, 11:49:48 am »

Sweet games.

I just gonna suggest to analize the third one. Too many opportunities for improvement.
I think silver/storeroom is more appealing than silver/silver (silver is a stop card). Turn 5 silver is the third silver and not needed, a squire would have allowed for a good turn 7 (9 coins for a potion is painful  :-\)
Since your opponent is going for tunnels possessions are not that important (that early potion hurts).
And beeing reliable at drawing your deck should have been top priority, later the option of vineyards/fairgrounds will be waiting for you.
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