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Author Topic: Post your online only card Ideas  (Read 925 times)

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Post your online only card Ideas
« on: August 23, 2015, 03:33:26 am »

Examples of cards that would work better/only work online
- Cards that count cards (eg Philosophers Stone, Alt VPs)
- Cards that use excessive "digging" and other time consuming mechanics
- Cards that use expansion exclusive mechanics that would be impractical/not worth physically including again (eg Ruins, Spoils, Potions, VP Chips, Coin Tokens, Adventures Tokens), especially ones that use many of them
- Cards where the rules would be widely disputed or misunderstood were it not for the online client guiding the player through the process
- Cards that would be unreasonable to keep track of without the assistance of the computer
- Cards that depend on information that not all the players are privy to.

Coming up with some quick examples (some are old ideas of mine) - please post your own however

Silk Merchant
Action - $2
+$1 for every 3 Victory Cards in your Deck, Hand and Discard Pile (rounded down)

Action - $6
Each player (including you) reveals cards from his deck until he reveals one costing $3 or more. He either discards it or puts it back (you choose)
+3 Cards

Action - $2
+1 Card
Take a Coin Token
You may pay any number of coin tokens. +1 Action for each coin token you pay.

Fruit Market
Action - $2
+2 Actions
+1 Buy
Turn over your Journey token (it starts face up). If it's face up, +$1. If it's face down, +1 Card.
(I think a "low stakes" Journey token card would be very interesting, but it probably won't happen now)

Rubber Band
Treasure - $4
Worth $1, +$2 if you would not have won the game if it ended now.


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Re: Post your online only card Ideas
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2015, 11:24:38 am »

Small note for Dancer: "Any number" includes 0, so there's no need for a "You may".

Of these, Rubber Band is definitely the most "online only". Working out what it's worth if there are Alt-VP cards around would be a pain in the ass. Dancer and Fruit Market work perfectly well if you're putting out a fan-expansion using those mechanics. Archer is only slightly more time-consuming than Spy/Fortune Teller, if you wanted to make it.
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