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Author Topic: breaking a stalemate  (Read 4033 times)

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breaking a stalemate
« on: March 09, 2015, 04:11:38 pm »

Is there some sort of rule covering stalemates?

I just had a game where the only rational action was to repeat the same moves each turn:

I had Statistics (I demand you transfer the highest card from your scorepile to your hand)
My opponent had Refrigeration (You may score a card from your hand)

I had more leafs, but no cards in hand, so I could not share his refrigeration.

My opponent was missing one achievement for victory, and just got enough points to get the last one. Unless I executed Statistics twice, he would win on the next turn. On his turn, he could put the two cards back into his scorepile with Refrigeration.

So that alone would be enough to get an endless cycle of Statistics & Statistics; Refrigeration & Refrigeration going. To make things more interesting, I had almost as many points as he had, and was two Industrialisations away from ending the game on piles. So unless he refilled his scorepile each turn, forcing me to waste both of my actions on Statistics, I could have won by score in two turns by executing Statistics & Industrialisation.

So the first one to deviate from the endless pattern would definitely loose the game.

Common sense would indicate that this results in a draw. I don't think this rule is implemented on isotropic. Is there an official ruling for this?



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Re: breaking a stalemate
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2015, 04:47:06 pm »

Probably not, I would suggest that games are automatically tied after 50 turns or so (because repetition is quite hard to check, as the state of the decks could matter).
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