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--- Quote from: silverspawn on February 10, 2020, 03:37:53 am ---Assuming you wrote them, did you have a particular person in mind? It seems like the narrator is meant to be female.

--- End quote ---

I didn't write them (beyond suggesting a few minor changes, which I don't remember if I did for Hollow), it was mostly Johannes's doing and I don't know if he had anyone in particular in mind. I can see how the narrator could be male or female, the fact that it has both male and female-sounding vocals kind of supports this.

My band's first music video just came out!

How talented you are, guys!


just found this and i never expected the beach boys to work so well in a mashup

I would appreciate it a ton if you could do me a favor and vote for Birds of Necama (TL note: the blue hyväksy kaikki button accepts all cookies, then you have to scroll down a bit until you come across the poll, and voting just takes one click at that point).



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