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Fall is the time for America to premiere their new shows. I haven't watched Gotham yet, but it's on my list. I'm a little wary about it. The reason that Smallville did so well (at first) was because it was a story of a youth coming to terms with his new powers. Bruce Wayne has no such powers to cope with. I had heard that the show is really focused on Gordon, which may make it more interesting, but I don't know if it'll stand out from other cop shows…unless they take a Dick Tracy bent, which could be kind of awesome.

The shows I did see so far are Forever and Scorpion. Forever just bugged me. The very first scene annoyed me as they clearly were going with a Sherlock vibe with him approaching a random stranger and astounding her with his cold-reading techniques where he reveals parts of her personal life. Naturally, he continues to do this even though it's been overdone already. Furthermore, the show assumes some really dumb police if it's standard procedure to allow the medical examiner to examine the body of the person that he's accused of killing. Sure, Mr. ME, feel free to handle the only evidence we have to suspect you; I'm sure nothing bad can come from this. Granted, that kind of stupidity permeates all manner of crime shows, but then again there's a reason I generally don't watch those crime shows. I have a limited number of times I can suspend disbelief, and I have to reserve those for the shows I do watch, like Agents of SHIELD. I was amused that he figured out what the poison was by injecting himself with it, but he came to the correct conclusion awfully quickly. I'm sure there are plenty of poisons that can kill nearly instantaneously.

Scorpion is a bit more interesting. It falls into the socially-awkward-geek trope, much like Big Bang Theory. In fact, it's about four nerds who team up with a pretty girl who keeps them grounded in reality while not fully understanding any of the genius stuff they do. It's not as egregious as BBT, but naturally they had to make one of the geniuses cripplingly OCD. They also added an adorable child element, but at least it ties into the group fairly well. One interesting thing about the pilot is that it featured nary a single death or gunshot. I'm sure that'll change later on, but it was interesting to see a drama without a bad guy. They also played up the genius trope by having the psychologist figure out where the data center would store the server for a specific client based on a photograph of the manager but then taunt us by him identifying the correct server by reading the label (though he still relied on psychology to get to the right area).

I'll give Scorpion another try. I'm not sure about Forever. The pilot got a little bit more interesting at the end, but I don't know if I can endure another sociopathic genius, despite the Highlander similarities. I'm more lenient about Scorpion since they aren't quite so bad with the annoying genius angle, but that depends on the focus group. I can see the executives in season 2 saying, "You know what audiences love? An annoying genius who repeats a catch phrase!" This show has the potential of being interesting and an even greater potential of being monumentally stupid. I hope it reaches the first potential and not the second.

Nothing else recording right now. I forgot about the new shows until this week, so I already missed some. Not a whole lot sounds that interesting to me except for Gotham. I recorded the other two on a whim. Also, I have Google Fiber and can record a shitload of shows, so why not?

I watched the pilot of Gotham. It wasn't the greatest, but I'm hoping it'll get better once they don't have to force all the characters into one short episode. It definitely seems to focus on Gordon, but he was a likable character so that's fine by me.

Yeah, Gotham wasn't great, but pilots are often rough, we'll know what kind of show it is after 3 episodes. I like the look of it a lot though.

I watched the pilot of Black-ish, it's pretty good. The voiceover got a little annoying, ut I hope it'll be less present in subsequent episodes.

I might be a bit biased, but Gotham is horrible.

Constantine had some major flaws but was overall OK, and they are getting rid of the worst part of the pilot (the female support character) so it might get better.

I wish they didn't go for shock value and cliffhangers as much, but the second episode of Gotham was certainly better, I'm starting to like this. Holy hell the actress playing Cat is amazing! Catwoman has been my least favorite character in all the franchises, but I'm absolutely loving her now.


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