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Author Topic: Prince and Princess  (Read 1439 times)

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Prince and Princess
« on: September 03, 2014, 05:10:42 am »

Here is one of the crazier games I've played of dominion.

The first thing that stands out is tournament. I looked down and see 5/2 split and curse my luck. Figuring I'm behind, I decide to try something a little different; I open Mine/-. This is a pretty lousy opening, but Mine/Alchemist has some synergy. I figure I can get a nice stack of Alchemists. Though I'll probably get a later Province, I should have an easier time connecting it with my Tournament.

Things get off to the expected start with me getting my first Alchemist T6; this is just really slow with me not having a potion off the opening. My opponent spikes a gold T4. I'm not real optimistic about my chances at this point.

I start to build up a nice stack of Alchemists while my opponent grabs a Province T8. He grabs followers on T11, and I feel the game slipping away. I really want to get Princess and Trusty Steed at this point. I grab my first Province on T12, and am optimistic for the first time all game. I win a prize on T12 and grab Princess, I'm going to need some serious cost reduction to get back in this. My opponent grabs Trusty Steed and his 4th Province on T17, and I assume its over.

Time to reevaluate this disaster. I have nearly a whole stack of Alchemists at this point and he is playing Followers fairly often bringing the game to a crawl. Despite being in a terrible spot there are two things on the board that give me hope: Prince, and Vineyards. With that many potential alt victory points, I figure anythings possible. I decide to go for Prince/Bridge and see if I can throw down either a mega turn, or some serious Vineyards. I haven't really played with Prince yet, and didn't realize that it's a terminal, and doesn't do anything the first turn you play it, Ouch! I quickly collide the Prince and Princess, and everything gets easier (Not surprisingly a good synergy). I slowly build my deck over the next few turns, and able to win with 9 point Vineyards, 3 Prince/Bridges and a Prince/Princess for 5 cost reduction.

I really didn't think I would win this one. I think a little more focused play from my opponent may have given him the last Province. This was a pretty fun game all in all.

Added normal log, since I don't think the prettifier can handle Prince yet
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Re: Prince and Princess
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2014, 11:59:30 am »

Absolutely great to see a game with Prince. Was surprised your opponent didn't try and contest the Vineyards; after getting Followers and Trusty Steed, he had to have known your only way back in the game was Vineyards. Sure, you could compete for Provinces, but his Followers is going to give him the points edge. But, if he needs to get 7 Provinces, those Estates from his Followers are going to hurt just as much as your Curses in getting to $8. That gave you the time to set up the hail Mary play of getting Prince. Princess isn't amazing on its own, but a Princess on Prince (heh...) meaning that everything costs $2 less for the rest of the game? With Bridge, Ironworks, and Vineyards? It's quite hard to ignore. Great work.

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Re: Prince and Princess
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2014, 09:45:56 pm »

I played a Tournament/Prince game today. I gained a Trusty Steed, Followers, and Prince all on the same turn and Princed Followers which was followed up by my opponent resigning.
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