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Author Topic: Big Capacity vs. Big Money: Overview & Strategies for 3-4 Player (draft)  (Read 2357 times)

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hello everyone! after grinding more BSW and figuring out some ideas i have not seen posted anywhere online, i figured i would try to explain them myself! adam has expressed interest in articles from others to post on the blog, and this is my response. =)

i have attached this as a word document. do note that it's kind of a doozy - over 5000 words! this may be better to split into a 2-parter, perhaps, in which case i would have to edit a tad bit.

among the topics highlighted: which plants make the most money, which of those plants make the best combinations for a money-focused strategy, why you don't need to worry about your capacity deficit, whether to overbuild before step 3 with this strategy, why money beats early capacity in high-level 3-4 player games but *not* average ones, and potential counter-strategies for this.

i would definitely appreciate any feedback. hope you enjoy! =)
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