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 on: Today at 05:33:30 pm 
Started by lowroar - Last post by Jonatan Djurachkovitch
After seeing these, I think you did a good job of making Potion worthwhile! I like the Elixir idea, it's really thematic. You use a potion to buy other cards, but what kind of potion is it exactly? Well, here's a card telling you what it does. And the spells are kind of like a trait you buy.

Some thoughts on the specific cards (Take this with a grain of salt, I'm not a pro.)
In a draw-your-deck kinda situation, Homunculus is a payload that is really easy to buy one or two every turn. Just looking at it, it looks a lot more busted than Stockpile in most situations, with the caveat that you can't buy it the first shuffle. The +buy on gain turns every potion to a borderline Loot gainer, and I think that it is too strong.

In general, "When you gain this, +1 buy" makes it pretty nicely on a potion cost card, since the amount of potion value you can have is strictly limited.

I think that Illusionist is a really slick card. It's not too fast, but it is what you need, when you need it. Using it to gain itself and then turn into a market makes for an interesting dynamic. The player interaction emerges out of a very simple card. I like it.

Adept is also nice. A DtX card that doesn't mind coming in multiples.

Alehouse feels a bit weird. It feels a lot stronger than Village, but when it's a dud, it either doesn't matter at all, or it's really a dud. It's also really easy to proc in a deck that needs it to. Should at least cost 4$ imo.

I don't think that Dark Path compares very favorably to Scheme. Sure, it gives you an additional card next turn, but it is terminal (Doesn't have to be, but it's nice on an attack card.)
I think that it could do with either costing a lot less, or giving +2$ for example.

Elixir of Vitality, Elixir of Clairvoyance and Elixir of Agility are all ways to try to bail out of a bad draw, and I like it.

Elixir of growth is like a mini Coppersmith, you're betting on that Potion turning into a Gold, and in the early rounds, it often will (A gold for 4$?). I thought about maybe removing the restriction to be more fun during later turns and possible to build your deck around, but that would absolutely wreck the early rounds with swingyness. Imagine getting a potion and four coppers, compared to drawing the potion later during the turn. This swingyness is there still, even if it remains as is. 4$ compared to 6$ on turn 3-4 is a big deal. I don't know what to do with this idea. It gains a lot from the fact that the potion can be used to buy something hopefully useful, even if you don't get to gild it.

Now onto Pupils. These feel like they could play out in three major different ways:
1. You just activate them directly, or next turn, if you've drawn your deck. Kinda like Barge.
2. You try to use them sparingly, carefully measuring up what you need. Harder than coffers
3. You save up for a megaturn. This one might lead to unfun game situations.
I reread the rules and it seems like you can only activate one Pupil per action card. Is that right?
Knowing how to play when #2 or #3 are relevant makes for interesting choices.

These are my 2, good job with these ones, playtest with your friends, and don't forget to keep us updated!

 on: Today at 03:04:08 pm 
Started by lowroar - Last post by lowroar

That's indeed a good question. Well at first it just felt right, even though the first Elixirs I made were too powerful, I toned them way down by now. The main thing is, I want Potion to be a currency for cards, Events and (some) Spells first and a vehicle for Elixirs second. That's why I don't want to push players to get the Potions for the Elixirs only. In turn, this is why Elixirs are more of a turn-by-turn tactical decision instead of a strategic one. Even though that makes them a bit swingier, it just seemed more interesting to me as opposed to discarding them whenever. It also helps with keeping the complexity down. The Elixirs are an additional landscape slot, like Allies. So they can't be too complex, that's why you have to make that decision of discarding the Potion once per turn only, if at all. And then the decision has to be made right at the start, with the limited information of your starting hand, which also makes the decision more interesting (can I play 3 Actions in order to activate Elixir of Cleansing?).

That also makes certain cards like Herbalist, Ritualist, Dark Path (whose attack also works against it though) and Glassblower as well as Excavation (from the Events) more relevant. Sometimes Adept benefits from a discarded Potion.

 on: Today at 01:34:40 pm 
Started by Augie279 - Last post by Augie279
slightly over 24 hour warning

Get those last couple of cards in!

 on: Today at 11:01:46 am 
Started by Axxle - Last post by silverspawn

all spam calls (very likely), still the fallout of participating in that internet lottery thing once that I talked about. These people are relentless

 on: Today at 08:57:43 am 
Started by Axxle - Last post by faust
Isn't it sad that the conspiratorial anit-globalist crowd converged on being anti-vaxxine of all things? You could have rolled dice to pick a common medical practice and most likely would have found something more worthy of criticism.
Most people who are anti-vax also oppose various other medical practices. Vaccines are just the most contentious because they are sometimes prescribed.

 on: Today at 08:46:38 am 
Started by Axxle - Last post by silverspawn
I've randomly encountered this former pastor on youtube at some point, but ended up watching a surprising amount of his videos. He's actually a very interesting guy; he retired from being a pastor because (according to him) it was emotionally draining as an introvert, got a job in software engineering instead, and then most recently got a job driving around a truck (delivering food to schools iirc).

Will definitely use this next time I debate a conservative about Trump, though that doesn't tend to happen a lot since I don't seek out political debates

 on: Today at 05:22:54 am 
Started by Augie279 - Last post by silverspawn
Yeah card advantage on a 3$ is not

 on: Today at 03:36:26 am 
Started by Augie279 - Last post by faust

Communal ride

I think this edit makes the card worse. It is much too powerful now, and makes winning the split way more important because the benefit for other players diminishes with the number of Communal Rides played.

 on: Today at 03:02:24 am 
Started by Augie279 - Last post by fika monster

Communal ride

edit to the edit: never mind, i agree

 on: May 20, 2024, 08:02:59 pm 
Started by Zoyarox - Last post by BryGuy
:)                                                      :)
:)                                                      :)
Ice Smithy $3 Action - Reaction
Discard a card for +4 Cards.
When you discard this other than in Clean-up, +1 Card.
Here is a Smithy variant that is better, but is put on ice for two turns.
I prefer the to use this mechanic where the token is removed with each shuffel, but i designed this with the rules as stated.

:)                                                      :)

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