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 on: Today at 03:02:50 pm 
Started by rinkworks - Last post by LibraryAdventurer
Endful Chalice

Endless Ruin
$4 - Action - Duration
At the start of each of your turns for the rest of the game: Rol a die. If it's
1 - +1 Action;
2 - +1 Card;
3 - +$1;
4 - +1 Buy;
5 - (Do what Survivors says);
6 - Discard a card.

 on: Today at 02:25:30 pm 
Started by Augie279 - Last post by Augie279
24 Hour Warning

Current Submissions:
czzzz - Chef
Majiponi - Almsgiving
grep - Elixir
NoMoreFun - Courses
xyz123 - Renovate
JW - Covetous Witch
AJL828 - Craftsman
kru5h - Builder
4est - Swamp Village
BryGuy - Wise Jester
faust - Water Wheel
SignError - Tithe Collector
X-tra - Lake Creature
sumrex - Gate Guardian
silverspawn - Foundry

Get those last few cards in!

 on: Today at 08:24:38 am 
Started by Axxle - Last post by silverspawn
Berlin Retrospective

One thing we've established is that I don't need chronological storytelling. Another is that there is a strict proportional relationship between online presence and offline presence. So when someone is very charismatic, or assertive, or talkative, or high-status, or aggressive online, you should definitely assume they're exactly the same way offline. Examples of people where they diverge are, well, none because I said they don't diverge. Pay attention.

Anyway we met at faust's place and played two games. The second one was much longer and super fun, even if it was a bit simple. Never played it before. I won.*

I also caught flea bites for the first time. (don't worry I'm pretty sure it was from going to the park again one day later.) From two fleas to be exact. I recorded their transcript for your convenience.

Flea #1: Look at this moron (he/she/them/thon) lying in the grass without protection. let's have a feast.

Flea #2: let's

Flea #1: onnomnomnomnomhmm yummy.

Flea #2: Omnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom (etc)

I was planning to stay at the place I was staying for a while and meditate a lot, so no need to shower in the morning!

Flea #1: Omnomnomnomnomhey what's are we being recorded? by what?

Flea #2: judging by the soft noise signature of -90 decibel, it's probably a Leica Q3 Monochromnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom

hours later it was found that the growing number of red spots were probably-

Flea #2: omnomnomnomnomwait we'll both be killed now? Maybe we didn't think this through

Flea #1: yeah now that you mention it hmm

Flea #2: but I don't want to be drowned nooo  :(

Flea #1: omnomnom no it's okay omnomnom actually this moment of eating omnomnom  right now is stuck in spacetime for all of meta-eternity omnomnom so actually we're not closer to the moment of death than any previous moment in our lives omnomnom in any fundamental omnomnom sense and because of open individualism we're not even closer to it omnomnomnom than anyone else so actually there's genuinely nothing to worry ab-woooshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

* faust and LaLight also won because it was a co-op game but let's not get lost in details

Another thing we talked about was how boring Slay the Spire is. This makes it a much worse game than something like chess which is great because you have a number assigned to your skill that can go up and down. And it's very important that it goes up. That makes it exciting. I will therefore continue to play online chess even after some time of reflection and did not cancel by membership immediately before the trip.

I also asked faust about the thing earlier in the thread. My theory was that you don't retroactively sweet-talk your memories, rather there is a causal connection. So when you intend to say something to a person who is about to leave, their intent to leave is actually picked up by you and triggers your intention to say something right then. faust agreed to this and there was definitely no social pressure whatsoever to be nice or something quickly, nor was it only conceding a possibility. So I think we've conclusively established that this is faust's academic opinion and you should all make fun of them if it turns out that it's wrong

Overall the trip was great but for different reasons than I had in mind initially. Which incidentally is a theme in this Charlie Kaufman interview I've linked before. "Incidentally". You can see the irony because I just included quotation marks.

So in conclusion I think I've confirmed the Kaufman theory. It's very Kaufman-esque for the main character to figure it out at some point. Let's hope he doesn't get tired of me too quckly. Maybe I should do something entertaining. Wait am I the one deciding what to

 on: Today at 06:48:48 am 
Started by Augie279 - Last post by silverspawn

Some words on why this may not be as weak as it looks on first glance -- mostly, you only discard one copy, so initially this is kinda "discard a copper, +4 cards" rather than Smithy's "+3 cards" which is arguably slightly better, though with a lot of added potential downside. But unlike Menagerie, you don't have to get rid of your starting cards, so it's a little easier. You'd probably rather have Smithy in most cases, but well Smithy is quite strong. Also note that you draw after the check, so if you have two Platinum or sth in your deck and this is the only draw, you can still draw them.

 on: Today at 05:19:13 am 
Started by Augie279 - Last post by sumrex
Gate Guardian/ Action /3, 2d
Exile 2 non- victory cards from your hand, then do the following, depending on the total cost:
0: Gain a copper
1-4: +1$, +1 Buy
More: +3$, +2 Buys
Per Potion: Gain a Card costing up to 5

A beggar comes into town? Here you go poor man, get a copper. The bigger your trades are, the easier you come through the gates of the town.
Of course this would come in a expansion that also has potion cards so it can be reliable triggered. Its a very bad copper thinner, but if you find combos for that it can be great! You can always open with it, but then not buy anything else this turn, so is it worth it?
Feedback would be appreciated, its a bit hard to balance these kinds of stuff.

 on: Today at 02:26:35 am 
Started by rinkworks - Last post by Will(ow|iam)
Endful Chalice

$7 Treasure - Loot

+1 Buy

Trash this.

 on: Today at 02:15:52 am 
Started by czzzz - Last post by Will(ow|iam)
Ally - Trait

Furious cards are Fury cards and not Actions or Treasures. To play one, spend a Favor.

 on: Today at 02:02:00 am 
Started by Augie279 - Last post by segura

Tithe Collector
$4 - Action - Attack

Each player with 5 or more cards in hand trashes a Treasure from it (or reveals they canít).  If anyone trashed a Copper this turn, +$3.

Early on, itís Cutpurse that trashes instead of discarding.  Like Thief and Pirate Ship, it helps opponents get rid of their junk, but maybe you need to quickly afford something expensive.  Later when you have an engine going, you can get in on the trashing.  In multiples it can be a cheap terminal Gold, which is sometimes useful, but be sure to keep a Copper around to trash.
A pure terminal Gold might be a bit too good at $4, but not much (Fortune Hunter is a rough benchmark). So your card is a $4 effect for you plus a $3-4 effect for the opponents (+1 Card +1 Action Trash a Copper from your hand.) in the opening.

I am not convinced and would rather be on the receiving side of this "Attack" (we have some experience with Treasure trashers and even the newest incarnation, Corsair, is pretty weak) than on the giving side.

 on: Today at 12:04:43 am 
Started by GendoIkari - Last post by GendoIkari
Well just ran into yet another frustration as a result of a poor game design... spent well over an hour doing a quest in the depths, only to eventually give up out of frustration and look it up. Turns out it's a place we just weren't supposed to be yet, and have to come back later after doing another side quest. Related to the "Mystery in the Depths" sidequest that you get after completing the first dungeon:

While exploring the depths, we randomly came across a statue of a woman, and noticed she was looking directly at another identical statue. We remembered Josha's sidequest which says that there are a series of statues, each looking at the next until the last one is looking at a special building/temple. So we followed from statue to statue, on and on. Found a couple lightroots along the way. Eventually got to a statue and could NOT find the statue it was looking at. Walked in a straight line to where it was looking a really long way. Went back to the statue a couple times to make sure we had the trajectory correct. Made sure the statue wasn't looking at any interesting building nearby... it was in a mine where there were some helpful constructs, but not looking at anything in particular. So it turns out that these statues are for another quest which is only unlocked after doing A Mystery in the Depths. The last statue we found really was the last one, and had we already unlocked this other sidequest, something interesting would have happened at the final location.

We did know (or at least my wife did), that these statues looked different than the ones in Josha's mural, and the one we had found originally as part of the getting the Camera quest. But still, they were a series of statues that clearly were supposed to be leading somewhere.

 on: June 06, 2023, 10:44:22 pm 
Started by Augie279 - Last post by X-tra

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