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Even Shopkeepers - the Shopkeepers +buy may be the only +buy in the Kingdom (with Lady in Waiting's inaccessible).

I'm not sure when you would want to spend $5 and a buy on a one-shot that gives you +$1 and a buy, after first spending $5 and a buy on a terminal one-shot that does nothing besides enabling the +$1 +1 buy one-shot a few turns later.

If something that can easily gain Actions or $5s is in the kingdom but no +buy maybe? Very very edge casey but so are some official cards


Lady-in-Waiting - $5

Next time you spend a Favor, +2 Cards, +1 Buy, +$1.

Until then, when any player shuffles their deck, +1 Favor.

- In general, you do the effects of spending the Favor before triggering Lady-in-Waiting.
- With Island Folk, you spend the Favors after cleanup, so the cards drawn from Lady-in-Waiting are in your hand on the Island Folk turn, and you only discard Lady-in-Waiting from play during the Cleanup phase of the Island Folk turn (but it won't gain you any Favors during that turn).
- If you play Lady-in-Waiting with City-State, Lady-in-Waiting is not immediately triggered (as the Favors were spent before playing).
- If the Ally has a "Repeat as desired", Lady-in-Waiting triggers on the first Favor spent, and subsequent Favors may only be spent after resolving Lady-in-Waiting.

The vanilla bonuses are impossible to get if the Ally is Plateau Shepherds, League of Bankers, or League of Shopkeepers, right? (Ofc, that would mean that LiW would stay in play to keep giving you Favors every time any player shuffles, forever.)

Seems like the case, though they're all interesting in doing so. Even Shopkeepers - the Shopkeepers +buy may be the only +buy in the Kingdom (with Lady in Waiting's inaccessible).

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Fan Card Mechanics Week 68: Geyser mat
« on: July 15, 2023, 10:37:51 am »
Landfill by NoMoreFun
I don't get this.
To explain: Landfill uses the Geyser mat as pseudo trashing, or really a pseudo-exile because of the Estate gaining. Since often you want to trash your Estates and not get more Victory cards til near the end of the game, Blast won't often be taken till near the end of the game, and even then you have to happen to have a Victory card on top of your deck. So it seems to me that Blast will rarely get used, so using the Geyser mat as pseudo-exile makes perfect since.

Yes I thought it would be an interesting risk/reward dynamic to pair an unreliable version of Exile or Cage with an option to gain more VP mid game but worsening the blowback if it does pop.

But oh well, can't win them all, and there's always next week. Congratulations to Alki

Action/Attack/Liaison - $4
Each other player either spends a Favor, or gets +1 Favor and gains a Curse

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Fan Card Mechanics Week 68: Geyser mat
« on: June 25, 2023, 05:46:45 pm »
Action - $4
+2 Cards
You may put a card from your hand or an Estate from the supply onto your Geyser

Action - $6
+5 Actions
Afterwards, pay up to 6 Actions. Gain a card onto your deck costing up to $1 per Action paid.

(Synergises with Abundance which benefits from Action gains and may create a deck with more Actions than you need making a +5 Actions card less silly

Inspired by Artificer, Acting Troupe, Artisan, Armory and Altar. I misread the brief but I like the card as it sits and the Abundance interaction is strong).

The money that you get for trashing cards after playing a Priest won't yet apply if you use Sewers to trash a card after the first with Priest.

There's lots of ways Priest and Sewers can work well together regardless it's just irritating to think cards have a certain interaction that they don't.

Action/Gold - $6
+2 Cards
+1 Buy
This turn, you may spend Buys instead of Actions to play Action cards.

Rules clarification: When a card (e.g. Leprechaun) says Gain a Gold, you choose whether to gain a card named Gold, or a card with the type "Gold". Same with "reveal a gold" etc.

(Inspired by "Baba is you")

Action - $4
You may discard a card for +2 Cards
You may discard 3 cards for +4 Cards
You may discard your hand for +6 Cards

Rules clarification: You can do multiples (discard, draw, discard, draw, discard, draw)

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #188: Make a Wish
« on: May 24, 2023, 06:50:25 pm »
Birthday Party
Event - $0
Once per turn: If your deck has exactly 10 cards in it, gain a Wish

Rules clarification: Just the deck, not including the discard pile or your hand or cards in play etc.


FAQ: if blocked by Moat, you don't get to move/place the token.

I think what makes sense for Moat is that the token is still there but you don't take the debt if you blocked the attack (the debt is the attack, not an inherent feature of the token which is used for tracking).

This will be brutal Sanctioning Copper as written

Quiet Village
Action/Duration/Attack - $5
+1 Card, +2 Actions
At the start of your next turn, +1 Card and +1 Action. Until then, other players are capped at 2 Actions (Actions, not Action Cards)

Rules clarification: So for example, if you got hit with a Quiet Village, and play a Bustling Village, you have 2 Actions left afterwards (instead of 3). You spend an Action before playing an Action card so playing a single standard village still works normally, but your 2nd one will just be a cantrip (you have to alternate it with terminals).

Did you intend to allow for trashers (e.g. Knights) the other kind of basic attack?

Project - $5
At the start of your Clean up phases, you may set aside, from your hand, an Action or Treasure you don't have a copy of in play. At the start of your next turn, play it twice.

Noticing some design trends from new cards.

Modern Curser - Design a junking attack which is unlikely to put Curses into other players decks before the "mid game" - Idol, Black Cat, Sorcerer/ess, Coven, Cauldron, Witch's Hut, Siren, Trickster, Circle of Witches

Shuffle manager - Design a card that (explicitly or otherwise) is built around impacting your next shuffle (e.g. Avoid, Order of Masons, Prepare, Deliver, Coastal Haven, Grotto, Journey)

Innovation style - Design a card that can be played in reaction to a Gain (e.g. Sheepdog, Stowaway, Pirate, Trail) or allows other cards to be (e.g. Innovation, Sailor, Mining Road)

Power $4s/Timmy $4s - Design a card that is potentially very strong, but not a particularly good opener (e.g. Tools, Swamp Shacks, I guess Throne Room also counts) and so costs less than $5

Bend the Rulebook - Design a card that encourages players to better understand more obscure rules (e.g. Siren and the stop moving rule)

Action - $2
+1 Card
+2 Actions
When you gain this, trash it if you have an Outskirts in play

The WDC has a different judge every time and no set criteria. There's no formula to reliably win the contest.

Some judges will care deeply about balance, while others will reward an interesting concept even if the card needs tweaks. Some value simplicity, but plenty of intricate designs can win (especially if the prompt is a theme). Sometimes your card gets misread, misunderstood or even skipped in the judging. It's no big deal, there's always next week.

The creative process is what drives it - the fun of putting up an idea and seeing other ideas.  "Bad" ideas included. There are a lot of good ideas that can come from the concepts behind "bad" cards  - think about Contraband and War Chest.

If you win the fun of seeing the community collectively respond to your prompt makes up for the time consuming judging process. One week I judged someone else's contest
idea and that was a lot less fun (it was "design a curse" without clear gameplay rules for alternative curses).

As a back up, the contest ideas thread does actually get used if you have an interesting prompt and are frustrated by not being able to test it.

Action - $3
Gain an Action. For every $2 it costs (rounded up), delay it by 1.

Spell of the Equinox
Night - $3
If you have, in play...
More Action cards than Night cards, Gain a Will-o-Wisp;
More Night cards than Action cards, Gain an Imp;
The same number of each, Gain a Wish

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Fan Card Mechanics Week 63: Sweet Dreams
« on: April 13, 2023, 10:57:58 pm »
Village Idiot
Action - $2
+3 Actions
Dream: Glory

You may set aside a card from your hand per Action you have. Put the set aside cards in your hand at end of turn

Action - $3
+2 Cards
You may discard 2 cards to choose one: +1 Card; +$1; +1 Action

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Revised versions of published cards
« on: April 01, 2023, 10:53:50 am »

Idea 2
Silver Mine (Treasure, $5*)
Gain a Treasure costing less than this to your hand.
During your turns, this costs $1 more per card you gained this turn.

This is great, probably the best cost increaser I've seen on this forum. There'd need to be rules about how it interacts with cost reducers.

Other idea:

Silver Mine
Treasure - $4
Gain a Treasure costing less than this to your hand
When you gain this, each other player gains a Silver

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Revised versions of published cards
« on: March 26, 2023, 01:42:10 am »
Tide Pools
Action/Duration - $4
+1 Action
Choose one: +1 Card; or +3 Cards and discard 2 cards at the start of your next turn.

IMO it's not always clear whether the Tide Pools effect is better than a cantrip, and thats a more interesting decision to make with plays than simply not playing/gaining the card (which is clearly a dud without specific combos, much like many removed 1E cards).

Also it's a teacher card for "Durations only stay in play if they have something left to do"

I donít think so. If the card said, you may play a Smithy for +1 Card and + 1 Action you would not get the +3 Cards of Smith.
Play for implies a substitution.

I can see where you're coming from.

I'm interpreting "for" as a shorthand for "You may play an Estate. If you did, +1 Card, +1 Action". When a card instructs you to play it you get the effect for playing it.

You're interpreting it as "Cantrip instead of its usual effect", which I think would need more clarification, except there is no normal effect for Estate.

Anyway, X-tra could weigh in on the design intent and develop an unambiguous wording.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: "New" Promo: Rethemed Harem
« on: March 22, 2023, 11:55:34 pm »
Will it still cost $6?

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