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Avalanche ⑤ Action - Duration
Now and at the start of each of
your turns while this is in play,
+2 Cards and set aside a Snow
from its pile (under this).
At the start of Clean-Up, if you
gained a Victory card this turn, or
the Snow pile is empty, discard
this and the set-aside Snow.
It's a Wharf! It's a Hireling! No, it's an Avalanche!
Seeing as Snow is like a -Card token akin to Debt being a -Coin token, this is sort of like Capital in that you get very very good draw until some time when you have to pay it all back (Okay you're getting 2 draw every turn and you only have to pay 1 draw eventually, whatever).
If you've got it all planned out with a single turn of greening, or maybe you have some clever way of winning the game without gaining green cards, you can go wild. The world is your snowball, as long as the Snow pile still exists! There is so much Snow that this shouldn't be a problem too often. But you do not want to get buried by this card.
Also, just to clarify, the Snow under the Avalanche is yours. That Vineyard can be worth a lot of points. Tread carefully.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #102: Unspent
« on: January 25, 2021, 05:50:52 pm »
The "you would discard from play this turn" is directly borrowed from Improve's card text:
At the start of Clean-up, you
may trash an Action card you
would discard from play this
turn, to gain a card costing
exactly $1 more than it.

I am glad Trader's "would gain" has been phased out. We can have better and cooler blue dogs.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #102: Unspent
« on: January 25, 2021, 04:18:07 pm »
I feel like there is no reason here to delay the effect until cleanup. This would work better as an overpay Event:

Promote - $3+

You may overpay for this. Trash a card you have in play. If you overpaid, gain a card costing the amount you spent more than the trashed card.
Delaying the effect until clean-up is a lot less necessary for this card, true. Allowing for immediate trash can open up some fancy gain-and-play stuff with Villa or something, which I mean isn't going to be too convoluted, probably, considering that you already have to be pretty precise with tracking money using this Event. I'll allow it.

i think you still want to include "that you would discard this turn" so theres fewer issues with duration-tracking

Use faust's wording and make it 'non-Duration' card.
i mean, thats more restrictive - do it my way and you can still promote caravans or havens or whatever

I still prefer "would discard from play this turn" because of tracking. Sometimes non-Duration cards stay out, like Throne Rooms and King's Courts and stuff. I mean of course they would like to leave play, but for tracking, it's still better to make it "would discard from play".

All that being said, the overpay wording actually seems kind of clunky compared to the original wording, imo. It might be fine to say something like,
You may overpay for this, to trash a card you
would discard from play this turn. Then, gain a
card costing the amount you overpaid more than it.
This would be functionally different in that half-Bonfire isn't possible, but that's fine. Overpaying would also let you overpay Potion, so woohoo. There are fewer words in this one, too, so fine, I'll go with this one. (Actually there aren't fewer words, after accounting for getting rid of the Clean-up phase clause, lol, but I might as well use overpay as a mechanic because it exists.)

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #102: Unspent
« on: January 25, 2021, 02:50:01 am »

Promote ③ Event
You may overpay for this, to trash a card you
would discard from play this turn. Then, gain a
card costing the amount you overpaid more than it.
It's like Enhance, except well a lot of things -- since this cares about things you put in play, you'll have to play those Ruins in order to trash them; but you'll also be able to play your Golds before you trash them! If you can buy this Event many times (and have enough money left over), you're looking at a megaturn. The wording is mostly borrowed from Improve, and this really is like Improve turned into an Event. Oh right, you can also just not spend any money, and then not gain a card. In this way, it's also like a half-Bonfire (without the nightmares of Bonfiring Champions or other Duration cards). (This is no longer true after the change in wording. But now we can overpay Potion! And uh I guess you can still pay ④ to trash a Copper if there's no card costing ① in the Supply. Go nuts, woo.)

EDIT: Updated wording to make it an overpay card.

While this is indeed not strictly better than Forum, it is nonetheless better than it. A half Villager-Village is far stronger than the on-Buy effect of Forum.

Point taken. I'm considering making it "+1 Card and discard a card," or maybe some other bonus altogether. Forum is a pretty good card, not just because of it being buy-neutral. Fugitive as a card was too good to be a Kingdom card costing ④ according to Donald X., and this is, well, better than Fugitive on play.

I'm kind of worried that this is kind of a boring card. I gave it "+1 Villager" as a bonus just so it's easier on tracking, not really thinking too much about its power level.

Well, I should think some more about where I want to go with this card.

Just to make sure I'm interpreting this correctly, having your Journey token face up gets you +1 Villager regardless of whether you turned it over, right?


Astrolabe - $4

+1 Action
Reveal your hand and discard the Treasures for +$2 each.
You may flip your Journey token over (it starts face up). If you did, and it's face down, return to your Action phase.

Astrolabe sounds very interesting, and it works excellently with DtX. It seems like it can give a lot of money early on, if you use terminal draw and draw it with several Coppers. That effect alone on a Treasure card feels good enough to make it worth ④ (though it would probably be a rather situational card).
I'm worried that remembering how many coins it gave will be difficult once the Action phase shenaniganery kicks in, but it's not too big of a deal, I guess. It seems uncommon to be able to activate an Astrolabe more than once a turn (only one player will be able to do that even in 2p). In 3-4p, the limited amount of Astrolabes means that some will not be able to activate an Astrolabe even once a turn. That's a little sad.

Surveyor - $5

Draw until you have 6 cards in hand.
If your Journey token is face up, +1 Card, +1 Action.
Surveyor looks like a good card on its own, but from what I'm reading, it actually sounds kind of underwhelming when used with Astrolabe. 'Cause if you return to the Action phase with Astrolabe, it's now only a Watchtower instead of an awesome non-terminal Dt7. I'm sure that's what you intended, but it just feels a little sad that this card is buried under a bunch of Astrolabes. Though since Astrolabe is a Village, it'll probably be alright still. I can play one before I play an Astrolabe, have another one in my hand, Astrolabe back to my Action phase, and draw to 6 with an Action left, I guess. That's not too bad.

I think Astrolabe would still be a fine card if it were a pile of 10 cards. (Yeah, it would love to work with DtX, but it's still a Village, or a half-Village, sort of.) Though maybe that isn't so appealing, specifically because people will be able to activate Astrolabe more than once a turn.

$4 Action
You may turn your Journey token over (it starts face up). Then, if it's face up, +1 Card, +1 Action, and +$2.
While this is in play, if your Journey token is face up, when you buy a card, gain a Copper, and you may not buy Victory cards.

A conspirator variant. You don't want to play just one in a turn. The more, the better.

As the first playing is terminal and doesn't draw, the average result of two Cabals is $1 per playing, half than a non-activated Conspirator.

The first play can already be the activated Conspirator, because your token starts face-up. Your last Cabal will have to "shut the doors" and be a terminal nothing-card, though, if you don't want to get hurt.

I think it really hurts that for every Cabal in play, you gain a Copper. It makes the prospect of leaving your behind open a lot less appealing as you continue, which is kind of a shame, because I think that's when I'd rather think about maybe leaving my token up. Like with Treasury (but wayy better than Treasury), it works great with Events, especially Events that give you VP. Uh, and especially especially Triumph. I think this card is quite strong.

Ambition - Event, $4 cost.
Move your Journey token onto an Action Supply pile. When you play a card from that pile, if the token is face up, first get +1 Card. When a card is gained from that pile, turn your token over.

The player interaction is cute. I sounds like it could be similar to some Flag war. Imagine when your token is out of sync with your opponent's!
Ah, I just realized this -- the thing is, if you buy the Event when your desired Action Supply pile has an even amount of cards (or is just empty -- would you know it, zero is an even number), it turns out to just be a cheap Pathfinding in the end, once the pile depletes (which it sure will if the cards are all Pathfound), as long as there isn't any returning-to-pile or gaining-from-trash or exiling/trashing-from-Supply shenaniganery that will sabotage your plot. This leads me to think that the fundamental mechanic on this Event is kind of broken on most boards.


Migrant Tribe ⑤ Action
+1 Card
+1 Action

You may turn over your
Journey token to get
+2 Cards and discard 2 cards.
Then, if your Journey token
is face up, +1 Villager.

It's a Villager Village that can also be Forum if you want it to (This isn't strictly better than Forum because Forum is buy-neutral).
You have all the stuff you want in hand? Then you can stay put and rack up some villagers. If you need the sifting, it'll be a little bit before you can settle down again.

(14 Jan Edit: removed "(it starts face up)".)

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest Thread
« on: January 01, 2021, 07:38:54 am »

And then there's Page (Pig) and Peasant (Monkey) as well, as you all know.
This Way gives huge power to cards with high cost (a Disciple for ⑥, that's really freaking good). Without Hero/Disciple as options, though, the Way feels a little bit underwhelming. We've got Pig or Monkey, but only for cards costing ③ or more (even more with enough cost reduction in place), Sheep+ and Mule+ for cards costing ④ or more, which is hey, not bad, considering you also have the option of Pig or Monkey. And ⑤-cost cards now can choose from four on-play options! You know what, it might be okay even without Hero and Disciple. The Way just is quite underwhelming for cheaper cards, and absolutely useless for low-cost cards. Though, this is not the only Way that behaves this way.

BTW, if you're playing with Travellers on the same board as a Way of the Hermit Crab, the Crab can pull cards from the Supply and non-Supply piles, potentially making the Page pile start with 9 cards or the Fugitive pile start with only 4.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest Thread
« on: December 22, 2020, 12:35:55 am »
I think all of these are WAAAAYYYYY too weak.

  Thanks for the feedback!

  I don't think that these cards are so strong, definitely weaker than the official Travellers. They are not something you go for every game. Teacher and Champion make engines from almost nothing (of course, there are the rare Page-skip and Peasant-skip boards too). Homecoming is more like Disciple in that it's really good when there's already mostly something going on, since they're both Throne Room-pluses (Disciple is probably stronger than Homecoming, you got me there).

  A Kingdom with only Rally will never see Rally ever exchanged, yes. It takes quite a lot of work to get that deck going, but the idea is that there will be times where you can spare that effort to make a bigger engine.
  If there is either some draw or some other sort of gains on the board, Campaigns become easier to activate. Then Homecomings help activate more Campaigns, with their draw. If there is no trashing, no draw, or no other gains, we skip Campaign.

  That being said, 3 cards is a lot to discard. The only card that really has that as a payment is Secret Cave, and that's a cantrip.
Rally should probably be discard 2 cards (as LibraryAdventurer pointed out. I deliberated between 2 and 3 cards at the last moment, but I settled on 3). I could see Campaign being +2 Actions. I might even be able to see the starting cost reduced. But I want these cards to be hard to get. Extra gains are not hard to come by on a modern Dominion board, so I think that 3 gains makes it more likely to be an interesting minigame (Labyrinth is one of the most trivial Landmarks).

  I am currently considering changing Rally to "you may discard 2 cards to gain a Rally" and Campaign to giving +2 Actions. More feedback is appreciated!

Treadwheel Crane $5
Trash a card from your hand. Gain a card costing $1 to $2 more than it. If the card you gain is an...
Action Card, +1 Villager.
Treasure card, +1 Coffer.
Victory card, +1VP.

  I like the simplicity. "Renovate" is still an unused synonym, sounds vaguely like Renaissance, too, which is cute.
  What's the problem with the standard wording of "Gain a card costing up to ② more than it"? If you don't want someone to mill Provinces or something, you can say "a differently named card" like Displace does. And I think it's fine to permit people to get cheaper cards, if they so wish. Remodel variants quite appreciate that flexibility.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest Thread
« on: December 21, 2020, 05:57:33 am »

Rally ⑤ Action - Traveller
+1 Buy
You may discard 2 cards
to gain a Rally.
When you discard this from
play, you may exchange it for
a Campaign.
Campaign ⑥* Action - Traveller
+2 Actions
When you discard this from
play, if you've gained at least
3 cards this turn, choose one:
+2 VP, or exchange this for a
(This is not in the Supply.)
Homecoming ⑦* Action
You may play an Action
card from your hand twice.
If you do, +2 Cards.
(This is not in the Supply.)

This is a Traveller line that I've been fiddling with for quite a while. I have a lot to say about it, but I'll try to make my explanation short! (ε`;)

Rally is not powerful, but hey it's +Buy, and it gains itself, which makes the Traveller entry cost of ⑤ less expensive if you have dreams to build big.

Campaign was originally +2 VP on play, which was the impetus behind making the line in the first place (try to make an unconditional +2 VP Action card!). I ended up giving up on that, and now the line plays a little minigame instead.

Homecoming can only be gotten by forgoing some +VP, but we can get back to doing that after building some more! The +2 Cards only comes after you finish Throning an Action card. This is significantly weaker than +2 Cards outright, but it should still make for a pretty powerful card.

I'd like there to be 6 copies of Campaign and Homecoming instead of the usual 5 (maybe even 8? Nah, probably too many). Homecoming will likely not be able to sustain an engine by itself, but I think the line as a whole will be able to give powerful enough support and payload to an otherwise-decent engine board to be worth getting, with simple +buy/gains from Rally, and alt-VP from Campaign.

CHANGES (23 Dec):
Rally: Changed from "may discard 3 cards" to "2 cards"
Campaign: Changed from "+1 Action" to "+2 Actions"

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