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WDC #124: YesÖ ha ha haÖ YES!
Design a non-terminal Attack card.
For this week, ready your pitchforks and load your weapons, itís Attack time!

Most Attacks in Dominion are terminal. Thatís because many Attack effects may either take a long time to resolve or be extremely painful when stacked. Some just have other vanilla effects instead (think most Attacks that draw cards).
There are 10 non-terminal Attack piles if Iím counting correctly (Minion, Scrying Pool, Familiar, Urchin, Relic, Idol, Werewolf, Raider, Vampire, Coven), and a few asterisks in Cultist, Dame Molly, Sir Bailey, and Black Cat. Iíll just say that not all of these are cards you should look for for inspiration. I think Minion sucks (It even has a clause that prevents it from discarding too much, but I still think itís too much). Scrying Pool doesnít need the attack imo, Urchin is Urchin, and FamiliarÖ well, I dunno. The later cards are a lot more of what I would like to see in a Dominion card. Donald X. is really good at making cards these days! Who woulda thunk it!

The nature of non-terminal cards is that you can play more of them much easier. Therefore, many non-terminal Attacks have a weaker effect or have an effect that doesnít stack. Please take these considerations into account when making your card. Of course, you are free to do as you wish! Surprise me!

・On non-terminality, if when itís Attacking, itís non-terminal, thatís a non-terminal Attack. So Werewolf for example counts, but if its options were switched (putting aside how horribly weak that would be), it would not.
・For what's non-terminal or not, we can argue on the specifics of what makes something non-terminal, but I don't feel like taking the time to describe the specifics. If it looks non-terminal to me, it's non-terminal. I'll tell you if your card doesn't fit, and if enough people disagree, I'll relent on it.

The deadline will be in a week, midnight UTC of 12 August (end of Thursday), or 24 hours after I give the 24 hour warning, whichever comes later. Happy designing!

Iíll say this right now: I donít particularly like many of the non-terminal Attacks in Dominion. Oppressive Attacks aren't really my cup of tea. Maybe I just don't like fun. In my opinion, this is a hard prompt. I do want to see more Attacks (that I like), though! So Iím excited to see what you all have to offer.


Call to Arms
⑤ Action - Duration

You may play a non-Duration
Action from your hand twice.

Trash a card from your hand.
If it's an Action, set the card
you played aside (on this).
If you did, at the start of your
next turn, play it twice.

It's a Throne Room that trashes cards. If you activate it, it stays to do another song and dance at the start of your next turn.


⑤ Action - Attack

+1 Card
+1 Action

Discard a card.
If it's an Action, each other
player gains a Curse.
Otherwise, +②.

It's a super Oasis, that can sometimes Curse players if you want to. I've got nothing else to say about it.


Quote from: MochaMoko
Pot of Gold
④ Action
+1 Buy

At the end of your Buy
phase, if you have any
Buys left, gain a Curse.
If you did, gain a Gold.

Fancy coins from your neighborhood Leprechaun! If you want to take some Gold for yourself, he'll have something to say about it. Is it worth it? Well, that's up to you to decide -- Try not to have too many extra Buys laying around if you want to opt out!

I'm glad you have a lot to say about my card!

I don't think a Command card playing this is obviously way too powerful. You keep the Command card in play forever. If you wanted a Compost, well, Compost was right there for you to buy. It's true that now you get a Project-like ability where a bunch of cards gained can turn into a Wish. Is it worth sacrificing your Band of Misfits or Overlord for that? I wouldn't call that obvious. If we are really worried about this interaction, it can be an "if you did," as you suggested.

I'm pretty sure the Duration effect works. Compost can check if it's been trashed, so at the start of Clean-up, it asks, "Have I been trashed? If I haven't, I've still got work to do." And so it stays out. The effect's duration is from when Compost is played until it gets trashed.

You are 100% right that if it gets trashed by other means, the cards it's set aside have nowhere to go. I hate Bonfire for being like that, but I'm pretty sure no other card makes that issue arise. My approach has been if Bonfire is the one causing the problem, Bonfire should be the one that gets errata. It causes tracking problems with existing cards as well.
I don't want to put the when-gain-card-set-aside ability on the bottom, because then it can get weird with Ways. Imagine you play this with Way of the Pig or something, and buy a Province. Well, it's not staying in play, but the Province is set aside regardless.

I understand the concern that this completely nullifies junkers. It does! Compost is not that difficult to put in play. I could get rid of the +Action. That way it will be a lot harder to put into play. How about it?
Edit: By the way, I'm not too convinced that being a flat out counter to junkers makes this card unable to exist. But I will concede if people think it really is too easy and not fun. I mean, on a Compost board, you'll just not get the junker, most likely, and go do something else. And then the other players may or may not want to get a Compost. Then it becomes a question of okay, do I get the junker and hope to play it before people put up their portcullis? There is still some interplay there. I don't want to get Compost early if I can help it.


Won't this keep working forever if played with BoM, Captain, or Necromancer? In all these cases, you fail to ever trash it.

Correct, besides for Captain and Necromancer not being able to play this.
But yes, Band of Misfits, Overlord, and Inherited Estate will stay out for the rest of the game, because there is still something to do (the when you gain a card effect). If you trash it due to some other effect.... well darnit that's not something that it should care about. Maybe? I mean I guess it's better for tracking when you Bonfire it, but it might be weird if you're Overlording and Lurkering.


Feel free to suggest wording changes (and, well, other changes besides, I suppose).
Compost can turn your junk into whatever you Wish! It's a solution to all junkers. Be it from outside or in, Compost takes care of it all. If you need more of its services, you can always gain a Compost back to your hand and put it into play again.

A "hidden" usage is to set aside green cards like Provinces while being sure not to make the Compost overflow, to ensure that your green never enters your deck. Nifty, ain't it?

This card has been buffed several times over the course of its conception. Now it's a lot stronger.

EDIT: removed +1 Action, made the Wish conditional on trashing. We're back boys.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest 119: Triple Threat
« on: June 27, 2021, 07:02:01 pm »
So, if you've played two Barrows, you'd have to set aside a card on each?

And, what happens if you put a Barrows on top of another Barrows?
Yes, if you've played two Barrows, you'd have to set aside one card on each Barrows at the start of your Buy phase, if you can. Similarly, if you play a Barrows multiple times, you will have to put a card on that Barrows as many times as you played it.

Barrows only counts Action cards set aside by itself, not by other Barrows. So if a Barrows sets aside a Barrows, the set-aside Barrows is worth 0 VP, because no Actions have been set aside by it. The Barrows in play that you set aside the other Barrows on top of is worth 2 more VP. I've edited in an explanation in the original post as well.

If your Barrows leaves play (via Bonfire, basically), it is no longer worth VP. The set-aside cards stay set aside. That's a special rule that I'll have to make, because identifying Barrows from the trash would be impossible. I don't think there's any other way to remove Barrows from play. Sorry, but blame Bonfire. I could reword Barrows to be like, "Worth 2 VP per Action set aside by your Barrows if it's in play at end of game (Otherwise worth 0 VP)", but that's way too much text, unfortunately.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest 119: Triple Threat
« on: June 27, 2021, 05:30:06 pm »
Great idea, but looks OP to me, even without the VP bonus. Stashing cards at the buy phase (rather than at start of the turn) makes this much stronger than Cathedral, especially if you can build a cashless engine. With Ironworks it goes bonkers
I was considering that this would probably be something like a must-buy for thinning, and if I made it too expensive, it would be hard to access. Forge is rather weak because it's so hard for it to trash by the time you've got it, but this one can line up with trash a lot easier than Forge can, though significantly slower at the fast end. Do you think Barrows would be better costing ⑤ or ⑥? I initially had it at ⑥, then put it down to ⑤, then down to ④ because I didn't want only ⑤/② openings to be able to open it.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest 119: Triple Threat
« on: June 27, 2021, 02:19:51 pm »

Quote from: MochaMoko
⑤ Action - Duration - Victory
At the start of each of your
Buy phases for the rest of the
game, set aside a card from
your hand face up (on this).
(This stays in play.)
Worth 2 VP per Action card set
aside by this at end of game.

Hey there, fella! Do you want to build a pyramid? Stack a bunch of junk in a heap, put some Action cards in, bake for 15 minutes, serve chilled!
Oh, it doesn't look the way I imagined it to. Well I hope it's tasty enough.

FAQ: You must put a card on Barrows if you can. A copy of Barrows also only counts the Actions that it itself has set aside; you can't buy Colonies for ⑤ all of a sudden, sorry mate. And anyone may look through your set-aside-by-Barrows piles. It's kind of disrespectful to dig through other people's graves though.
If you set aside a Barrows on a Barrows, the Barrows you have in play is worth 2 VP more. The Barrows you have set aside on it is worth 0 VP, because it has not set aside any Action cards.

You might be reminded of Cathedral. Barrows keeps the cards yours, so feel free to put in your Provinces and other cards that you want for scoring purposes. It also triggers at the start of your Buy phase, so you aren't hampered by the limited options your starting hand offers you. I expect it will be much more pleasant to play with than Cathedral later on, but less pleasant than Cathedral early on, because you actually have to draw a card and play it to get cooking. And, well, it costs ⑤.

EDIT: Cost changed from ④ to ⑤.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest 119: Triple Threat
« on: June 25, 2021, 10:00:20 pm »
Torch says "your choice", indicating that the person who plays it decides whether the discard happens.  However, the biggest issue is "6 or more cards".  In most games, other players are only going to have 5 cards in their hand when you play this, meaning that most of the time they'll be immune to the attack

Ah, sorry, I didn't catch those words. I suggest getting rid of "may" then; it sounded like it was the other players' choice. Or maybe something like, "You may have any players (including you) with 6 or more cards in hand discard their hand and draw 4 cards. Just throwing something out there.


Just some more wording nitpicks:
You don't need to say the "but not less than ⓪" parenthetical anymore. New printings got rid of that, and it's just an established rule.
I'd also just say "You may play a Stronghold from your hand." Yes this means that some Castles, Mill, and Nobles, and Distant Lands, and Inheritance Estates and maybe some others I'm missing can't be played, but I prefer the simpler wording. If you really want those to work together with Strongholds, then that's your judgment, and that's fine.
Also since I've typed this much already, you've got "an Estate" spelled wrong in Stately Stronghold.
I like the Castley feel! I have no idea how strong this pile is, but my instinct tells me it's decently sweet. They actually do sorta useful things, and they chain with each other.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest 119: Triple Threat
« on: June 25, 2021, 12:31:52 pm »
Action/Duration/Reaction - $4
+2 Cards
At the start of your next turn, +1 Action
At the start of another player's turn, you may play this from your hand
Heirloom: Torch

Treasure/Attack/Heirloom - $2
Worth $1
Each player (inlcuding you) with 6 or more cards in hand may discard their hand and draw 4 cards, your choice. If you discarded your hand, +$3.

Torch is not really an attack, because it doesn't do anything bad that the other players can't control. If a player doesn't want to discard their hand, they just decline, simple. Also I understand that Sneak is trying to make it so that people can have 6 cards in hand on your turn, but I don't really like that it depends on being in your starting hand to get the benefit. Well, more importantly, the trigger time seems confusing (it is well defined, but it's still a head scratcher). Maybe it's not as big of a deal as I'm making it.

Alright! With that all said and done.

Winner: Sentinel by AJL828

Runners up:
Renovate by JW
Grand Workshop by kru5h
Way of the Eagle by segura
Bounty by Gubump
Damaged Smithy by exfret
Reforge by The Alchemist

Compiling list of cards. I'll be done with this soon, and then I'll put in the comments afterwards.
Quote from: kru5h
Grand Workshop
⑥ Action

Gain a card costing up to
⑤. If it costs ④ or less,
gain a copy of it.

Double gainer! You don't see that very often. Stonemason does it, Develop does it; but they need to trash something first. I think this is a strong card. I mean, if you want Workshops, this be good. Though -- yeah, it costs ⑥! So you gotta work for it. Of course it can also gain ⑤s. It looks much better than Altar at gaining Victory cards near the end. It's a fine card all around.

Quote from: mandioca15
⑥ Treasure
+1 Card per Violin you have
in play (including this).
You may play an Action
card from your hand.

I must admit I was confused by this for a long time until I noticed it was a Treasure. Whoops! Well, Treasures drawing cards is usually sad because you don't have Actions to play the Actions with. So Violin lets you play an Action. The draw portion of this card is awkward. Of course you don't want to be using it as main draw, because it's so hard to get going (and if you don't have an Action you want to play in hand, you've wasted an Action). So you're going to be wanting to be playing with drawing Actions, the standard fare of draw stuff. I bet there's some strange stuff you can do with Violin. It is technically a Village (gives ability to play terminal Action). It is a lot more interesting than I let on at first. I think it's kind of weak because of the awkwardness. Doesn't mean it's a bad card. I'm still iffy on the draw part. The complexity of how it draws sounds like it could be removed, and the card wouldn't be too different in power level. Not sure if drawing 2 cards from the start is a bit too much, though.
Quote from: LastFootnote
⑤ Action
Reveal your hand.
Discard a card per
Treasure you revealed.
Gain a Gold to your hand.

Simple Gold gainer! Most Gold gainers are card-draw negative because they don't gain the Gold to hand. This one can gain the Gold to hand, but if you have any other Treasures in hand, it's still card-draw negative. It looks tough to get Knave to not discard, considering you probably have lots of Golds in deck. I think it's weaker than most ⑤-cost Gold gainers. It's an okay card design though. Maybe there can be something more interesting added to it.

Quote from: emtzalex
Greedy Heir
③ Action
+1 Card
+1 Action
+1 Buy
When you gain this,
take the Will.

Will - Artifact
4 VP

Artifact submission! Will... gets on my nerves. I don't really like Flag Bearer. This is different than Flag Bearer, though, in that the war only really matters when the game is ending. In 2-player, the swing of one taking the Will from the other is 8 VP! I'm trying to run through situations in my head; unfortunately I'm having trouble figuring out how this amount of VP works, along with remaining Provinces and all that. I'm currently convinced that 4 VP is a Probably Fine amount. It's kinda more than Duchy, so there's incentive to take it. After that, taking a Will from someone is even more VP. But it also lowers a pile and gives everyone +Buy, so that's something to be scared of. The endgame scenarios sound kind of complicated. I'm starting to like it, though.

Quote from: segura
Way of the Eagle - Way
Cards cost ① less this turn.

Very simple! I think it could have been an official thing. Props!

Quote from: spineflu
② Action
+1 Card
+1 Action
Reveal the top card of your
deck. If it's a Sycophant,
put it into your hand.

It's a Will-o-Wisp that only draws Will-o-Wisps. Or a Wishing Well that only draws Wishing Wells. This might have done well starting with a W as well. Just joking.
Anyways, since this can only draw when it reveals a copy of itself, it gives a couple of draw if you can shove a bunch of them into your deck. I think I remember a card similar to this, where the pile was slightly bigger than usual, and you gained an extra one when you bought it or something. It was named something like Wolves. Anyways, it's fine. It's kind of weak, but hey, it can give a bit of draw once you get a bunch. Maybe it's fine. I love Will-o-Wisp as draw, so why not this? Well if I can gain a bunch of these, it's probably nice.

Quote from: anordinaryman
Charge - Event ⑧
Once per game: Play the top card of each Action
Supply pile in any order, leaving them there.

Woohoo! It's okay we have Populate already, so what's stopping this, right? There are those games where it's just spike a pricepoint and win (sorta). I don't think it's the case with this card too much, because spiking ⑧ is a little hard when building, unless you already have a bit of control. Maybe there are some boards where this is super powerful. I don't think it's actually the case most of the time? I could be wrong about that. Lemme roll some boards real quick. Okay I did (6 or so). Just from a quick glance, none of them were really good boards for Charge. I could have been wrong about that too. There was one where it was net money because there was so much payload on the board. So this event can probably exist, but I wonder if it'll be fun/impactful much of the time.

Quote from: Chappy7
Coin Collector
④ Action
+2 Cards
Choose one: gain a Gold,
and gain a Copper to your
hand; or play a Treasure
from your hand twice.

Gold gainer for ④! Well it gains Copper too. Compare it with Treasure Trove. Treasure Trove is stronger probably? Maybe? Mainly because this is terminal and Trove isn't. But Coin Collector looks pretty nice. Copper to hand is a lot better than Copper to discard. You've got some fancy Treasure tricks you can do with this sometimes, too. I think this is a solid (strong) card. I'm not sure if I'd put it at ⑤, but it probably isn't weak at ⑤? The Copper does hurt the strength of the Coin Collector, but that doesn't stop Trove from being a decently strong card. Coin Collector's Copper is a lot easier to trash too.

Quote from: Gubump
Bounty - Event ⑤
Once per turn: Gain a copy of each differently
named non-Victory card you've gained this turn.

Very similar in flavor/function to Commerce. Or it seems like it to me. This one gives you cards that you actually want though :jesterparody: I like it. It's simple and strong. I'm pretty sure I've seen the card before from you. It's a bit harder to activate than Pilgrimage because you need to gain a bunch of cards you want (and if you gained cards you don't want another copy of, well, too bad).

Quote from: NoMoreFun
⑤ Action
+3 Cards
Gain a Factory.

To put it bluntly, I don't like this. I feel like Factory snowballs too much. Factory gains Factory, you buy a Village, you gain 2 Factories next turn, next turn you have 7 Factories and the pile's empty because you're p1. Okay maybe I should play a game or two with this to really tell. I would have asked you to defend your case for this concern, but I don't think that was within my feedback capabilities before judging. Maybe if gaining the Factory had a cost to it, it would be nice? (You may ____ to gain a Factory.) Not sure exactly what to put there as a cost, but that's my first thought to make this idea more appealing.

Quote from: spheremonk
Charnel House
⑤ Action
+1 Action
Trash a card from your
hand. Draw until you
have 5 cards in hand.

I was going to say "this is a trashing lab, OP!" But we have Recruiter, and this is DtX, so it's a little different from a real Lab. I think it's interesting as DtX. It's a real strong card, but it probably has a right to exist. The function that it has as non-DtX and just being a pleasant Action-neutral card-neutral trasher kind of overshadows its awkward role as the core of a DtX deck. It's a fine card.

Quote from: X-tra
Mining Camp
④ Action
+1 Card
+2 Actions
When you gain this,
gain a Silver.

I think I've seen this card before! Anyways, it's a fine card, it's just kind of plain. I don't think Donald X. would make a card like this, but it can exist. I'm not sure what else to say. It's a Village+(*okay maybe you don't want the Silver sometimes) and a Silver+(*okay maaaaaybe you don't want the Village sometimes). It's cute.

Quote from: majiponi
Golden Goose
⑤ Treasure

Gain a Golden Goose.
You may trash this to gain
a card costing up to ⑤.

Like the other self-gainer up there (Factory), I'm kind of worried this will just do a snowball thing. I mean it's a bit harder to spam this because it's a stop card. I'm sure I don't know how to play with this card much. I'd use it as a gainer like Feast; I might also save them for gaining a bunch of Duchies. Not sure. I think I'd like it better if it had some kind of payment to get another Golden Goose? Like choose one: +②, or gain a Golden Goose.

Quote from: faust
⑤ Action
Gain a card costing less
than this.
This costs ① more per
Laborer you have in play.

There was a lot of ink spilled over this card. I prefer just getting rid of the confusing thing with cost increasing and saying "Gain a card costing up to ④ plus ① per Laborer you have in play (counting this)." Anyways, it's a fine gainer. It can get big, but not as big as Inventor can (mainly because other cards can't take advantage of it.) It also can never gain itself. So that's kind of sad. In fact it makes itself harder to get if you play more. Maybe this was in your design intentions, so all this ink spilled was necessary. I think I'd try to add complexity to the card in some other way.

Quote from: aquila
⑤ Action
You may discard the top
2 cards of your deck.
Look through your discard
pile; you may play an
Action card from it twice.

Throne Room that cares about discard pile. Well, it's certainly awkward because it might whiff. I wonder if the whiff is bad enough that it's good to allow you to cantrip instead of playing a card from discard twice. I think I'd prefer Throne Room in my deck than this card. Maybe this is even fine at ④, I dunno. If you do end up playing a card you like, it's like Throne Room +1 Card. Which is pretty nice, but again, only if you end up playing a card you like. The search space is smaller (assuming you start with an empty discard pile at start of turn).

Quote from: Shael
Shared Border - Landmark
When another player buys a Victory card,
you may discard a Victory card costing
exactly ③ less than it, for +2 VP.

I don't think this is a very fun card. Like most Landmarks, I don't expect that it'll be impactful often. And when it does, it's mostly just luck. I mean yeah, you can seed your turns with a Victory card if you also want a higher chance to dud. Mostly, I don't really like Reactions from starting hand. They're hard to make fun imo.

Quote from: AJL828
④ Action - Duration
Now and at the start of
your next turn: Exile a
card from your hand.
+1 Card per ② it costs
(round down).

First thought is Amulet. I think it's pretty strong. It really makes sure you don't dud in the endgame: if you've drawn a Province in your starting hand, you're super happy. And if you have good cards in hand, you're sitting pretty. I think it's one of my favorite cards in this bunch. I don't think it's too OP at ④?

Quote from: venusambassador
④ Action
You may play a Silver
from your hand, for
+2 Cards and +1 Action.
This feels very Stablesy, except even harder to collide. I believe another person already mentioned this. If you don't find this with a Silver, you're really sad. I think if this gained a Silver, it would still be kind of weak, but it would be decent (hey it gains Silvers if you want them). I prefer the wording "If you did" just to clarify that yes the +2 Cards and +1 Action is separate from the Silver.

Quote from: fika monster
Morning Walk
③ Action
+2 Cards
If you have no other Action
cards in play, +1 Action.
It's a simple card. If you want it to be a Lab, you need it in your starting hand. So either find a way to topdeck it, or have a couple more Moats in your deck. It's fine. The question between ③ and ② is tough. The card is fine.

Quote from: Timinou
Tutelage - Project ⑥
After you play an Action card, you may play
a cheaper Action card from your hand.
Wheee! I remember a Project from psly that was similar, but it let you play a card costing exactly ① more. This is a lot more flexible, though, so I think it's probably a lot stronger. I know you mentioned this, but I don't like that you can go to Hell and back on another player's turn, potentially. I'd prefer a "During your turns" clause.

Quote from: exfret
Damaged Smithy
② Action
+3 Cards
Choose one: Take <1>;
or discard a card.
It's fine! +3 Cards, discard a card, is already a decent improvement over +2 Cards, I think. The flexibility is nice. I like it.

Quote from: mathdude
Peddler's Market
⑤ Action
+1 Card
+1 Action
+① per Peddler's Market
you have in play
(counting this).

I think the way this accelerates makes the split too sad to lose. 6-4 split is 11 coins of difference? I mean you might think that hey maybe there's just a pileout when the pile runs, it just gives so much money. By itself, it's still real strong I think. You might see a trend in these cards I'm pointing out; with Factory, Golden Goose, and Peddler's Market, they get bigger and bigger when you have more of them. Hey, would I like Bridge if it were submitted? Uh.... maybe not to be honest. I mean Bridge is a terminal stop card, so it's considerably harder to spam than these other ones.

I'm counting a total of 22 submissions! I'll double check to see if this is the case.
Edit: missed The Alchemist's Reforge and JW's Renovate.

Quote from: The Alchemist
② Action
Play then trash a
Treasure from your hand.
For each ① produced,
get +1 Coffers instead.

It's a fine card. It trashes and help hit price points because of the Coffers. Well, it doesn't help hit price points much the turn it's in your hand. But it costs ②, I'm not expecting it to be Moneylender or Priest. I would word it something like: "You may play a Treasure from your hand, getting +1 Coffers instead for each ① it produces. Trash it."

Quote from: JW
⑤ Action
Trash a card from your
hand. Gain a card costing
up to ② more than it, or
a card costing up to ④.

I don't think this is weak. Copper/Curse into a nice card sounds great. Yeah, it can't gain ⑤s from Coppers. We've all got limitations. It's a very simple twist on Remodel! I wish I'd thought of this. It's different enough from Altar, I think.

Alright, submissions are closed! I see 2 new submissions! Thanks for participating, everyone!
I'll hopefully get a post out within the day, with all of my hot takes and judgments and etc.

As for fika monster's concern, I'd be concerned about it personally (as in if I were in your position, I'd think of a new card), but I'll take your submission as your own. Sorry, I didn't end up catching your post here until now, it got caught at the end of the last page. Oops.

24 hour warning!

I see 4 new submissions! Great work! I love the variety of ideas that everyone has brought.

Hi! It's me again. I've been looking at the cards! Everyone's doing well! I'm going to be away for about a day, gonna put down the list of submitted cards so I can keep track of them (in order of submission).

Total submissions: 16 (not counting The Alchemist yet)

kru5h: Grand Workshop ⑥ (Gainer)
mandioca15: Violin ⑥ (Non-terminal draw/Peddler variant)
LastFootnote: Knave ⑤ (Gold gainer)
emtzalex: Greedy Heir ③ (Artifact: Will/Cantrip +Buy/Alt-VP)
segura: Way of the Eagle (Way/Cost reduction)

spineflu: Sycophant ② (Non-terminal draw)
anordinaryman: Charge ⑧ (Event/Once-per-game/Command-like)
Chappy7: Coin Collector ④ (Terminal draw/Treasure gainer/Treasure Throner)
Gubump: Bounty ⑤ (Event/One-per-turn/Gainer)
NoMoreFun: Factory ⑤ (Smithy+/Self-gainer)

spheremonk: Charnel House ⑤ (non-terminal DtX/Trasher)
X-tra: Mining Camp ④ (Village+/Silver+)
majiponi: Adventurer ⑤ (Virtual coin/Gainer/One-shot)
faust: Laborer ⑤ (Gainer)
Aquila: Thane ⑤ (Throne Room variant)

Shael: Shared Border (Landmark)

The Alchemist: Pending (General Store ①, Reforge ②, Timepiece ③)

If I've missed anyone, misspelled anyone's name, or incorrectly described anyone's card, please let me know.
Every submission is valid! Hooray! To take care of some loose ends:
@faust's Laborer: I'm skimming through the discussion. I hope my comments on this are not unwelcome. What if we say that cost-increasing happens before cost-reduction, as a general rule? I'm not too versed with strange costs (Wayfarer mostly), but this seems like it should solve problems.

@Aquila's Thane: If I'm not mistaken, you need to be told to look through your discard pile, even though the card tells you to do something with a card in your discard pile. Maybe I'm wrong about that. Watchtower and Sleigh allow you to look through discard pile if your card is covered up, I believe, but say, something like March, which is more direct about the discard pile (and is from the most recent expansion, though yeah Sleigh is too, but like I said), tells you to look through your discard pile. If you need to add more words, don't worry about it. Some mechanics in Dominion just need more words dedicated to them, as annoying as it is. Since your concept is simple, I'm fine if you have to add a few more words to it for clarity/consistency with already existing cards.

I can't think of anything else to say. Enjoy the weekend!
As I said in the original post, the deadline is midnight UTC of 23 June (end of Tuesday), or 24 hours after I give the 24 hour warning, whichever comes later.

Edit: look at these beautiful cards! All on one line! :brightandhappy:

I think this qualifies. Your OP seems to include the possibility of using an Artifact, which would inherently require some card for that Artifact to interact with, so I hope this doesn't violate the only-one-card-to-read rule. I tried to find Renaissance to keep it thematically coherent with that expansion.

You're good! All of these submissions are coming out to be nice and simple. Yes!

Knave: Action, $5
Reveal your hand and discard a card per Treasure you revealed. Gain a Gold to your hand.

No problems with your submission eligibility-wise. I think it would read nicer and be more consistent with, say, City Quarter and Crossroads, if it were "Reveal your hand. Discard a card per Treasure card revealed."

For future reference, I feel like the judge giving feedback before the judging gives certain people an unfair advantage. I'd prefer if judges refrain from giving feedback to contestants before judging time. The exception is if the wording is unclear; you can't judge a card properly if you don't know what it does, so wording feedback is necessary. Balance and interesting-ness feedback not so much.

Very well. I'll keep myself from commenting on these kinds of issues then.
I'll say additionally, though, that spineflu's card might want to have a "You may" for accountability issues (See Advance's text for reference). There's plenty of space; and even if it would bump the word count above, I'd allow it.

Hi, reporting in! I haven't seen many other contest judgers talk about their opinions on the submitted cards during the submission period; if this isn't looked well upon, I won't continue doing this, but I would like to give feedback on the cards beforehand (not just about eligibility). Just like with feedback from other fellow creators, this is meant as material for the card creators to consider when thinking about improving their submission. I like seeing cool and balanced cards! Future me can worry about having too many good cards to choose from when judging.

Quote from: kru5h
Grand Workshop
⑥ Action
Gain a card costing up to
⑤. If it costs ④ or less,
gain a copy of it.

This looks like a strong gainer. It may not pile things immediately, but oh boy when we're building I can see that pile pressure being real. It sure lives up to its name.
I've made a ⑤-cost gainer for ⑥ that cares about cost of gained card. This is another interesting take.

Quote from: spineflu
Oblige ē $2 ē Event
Trash a Treasure from your hand. If you did,
gain a Will-O'-Wisp.

Well. I'd love to double-open this. Trash 2 cards, gain two cards that draw? Gimme gimme gimme. It's like Bonfire, except instead of losing the second Copper, you just draw it with the Wisp* (not always, but you know). The thing about Will-o-Wisps is that having a ton of them means that they draw each other. Who needs Coppers to help them draw, they're just a stack of Labs. I like the idea, but it's too strong.

Weekly Design Contest / Weekly Design Contest 118: Short and Sweet!
« on: June 15, 2021, 05:05:57 pm »
WDC #118: Short and Sweet!
Design a simple card that uses up to 1 official expansion-specific mechanic.
For this week, I'd like to see some short and simple cards! Here are the guidelines:

・No more than ~20 words, or 5 lines.
   For this, Iíll count + amounts (+①, +2 Actions, +1 Coffers) as one word.
・Up to 1 official expansion-specific mechanic (you can also include 0)
   Iím not going to list all the expansion-specific mechanics (there are a lot), but for example, weíve got Debt, Coffers/Villagers, Looters, Night cards, Spirits, Boons, VP tokensÖ some of these (VP tokens, Coffers) are in multiple expansions, but they are specific to both expansions. Duration cards are not expansion-specific anymore. And as fun as making your own mechanics is, Iíd rather not see those for this week.
・Cut the extra stuff!
   For simplicity, I just want to see one Supply pile from you. No cards out of Supply, no mixed piles with tons of cards. I only want to have to read one card worth of information in order to figure out whatís going on. If it's part of an already-existing mechanic, then I'll allow it as your mechanic. I think Travellers are a bit too much, though. No Travellers this week, sorry.

Thatís it! The world is yours! Thereís a lot of design space out there!
In regards to the guidelines, you may push the boundaries slightly, and Iíll tell you if I think itís too much. If youíre adhering to the spirit of simplicity, Iíll probably give you the pass.

For Events, Landmarks, Projects, Ways, States, and Artifacts (am I missing any other landscapes? haha):
・Events may use any singular expansion-specific mechanic.
・Landmarks may only use VP and Debt; Projects may only use Coffers and Villagers; Ways may only use Exile. They are landscape mechanics specific to their respective expansions, but they may use the mechanics that Donald X. has used with them.
・States and Artifacts are already their own specific mechanic, so please do not include any other mechanic with them.
・For example, Fool would not follow the guidelines, because it includes Boons, a State, and an Heirloom.
・Hexes only have to include Hex States by necessity, so if you want to use Hexes as your mechanic, you may; similarly, Boons only include Will-o-Wisp by necessity; you may use Boons as your mechanic as well.

Judging will be based on how interesting and balanced I think the card is. Try not to go too crazy! Extra points if I think it could be in an official expansion.

The deadline will be in a week, midnight UTC of 23 June (end of Tuesday), or 24 hours after I give the 24 hour warning, whichever comes later. 

Happy card designing! Iím looking forward to seeing what you all have to offer!

I am not disqualifying this card (yet). I am on the border at the moment. I am going to let you state your case if you'd like.
One of the rules was "It is ok if it requires a little support provided the support is common in games"
I did a couple randomized sets and got 3/10 that had a way to trash outside of your action phase. So I am somewhat leaning to disqualify this.

This is a fair point. Village Green's activation effect has plenty of triggers out of your Action phase, though its more common functionality is still during Action phase. Weaponsmith's cases out of Action phase feel much more edgy. Buy phase trashing is not very common, though they exist. (Buy phase discarding is also not too common, but) Trashing attacks are also (thankfully) few and far between, unlike discard attacks.

I think this card is narrow enough to be considered for disqualification, but it's, like you said, on the border. I will keep it out here, though, until I can think up of a card that more easily fits into the criteria.


Quote from: MochaMoko
④ Action - Duration
+2 Cards
At the start of your
next turn, +1 Card.
When you trash this, set it
aside. If you did, play it.

A very simple draw card. Unlike Fortress, this goes bye-bye from hand and so can't be trashed multiple times easily. There are still plenty of tricks to do! And hey, who doesn't like draw.

The text on the bottom should be "During your Buy phase, this costs $1 less per differently named Action you have in play."

Thanks for replying! Now I have an excuse to make a post where I can put any replies to any other cards that I have something to say about.
I've been going off of DomBot's !text, which now uses "During a player's Buy phase..." -- this has been updated from the "During your Buy phase" wording that DomBot's Peddler text had ~last year. I trust you because you're, well, LastFootnote, but just wanted to make sure you're aware of that. I was under the impression that the wording had changed to be more clear or something like that.

Quote from: Soiree
+2 Cards
You may trash a card from your hand. If you do, each other player with 4 or more cards reveals a card from their hand. For each, you choose: they pass it to you; or they gain a copy to their hand.

This looks slightly miserable. Soiree thins one card out of your deck for you, and it junks one card to your opponent (most likely). That's a strong effect, especially when it comes with +2 Cards (see Masquerade's power level). But if 2 players are playing one Soiree a turn, their decks will get no thinner, as they are junking and thinning at the same rate. If this is the only thinning, someone who gets a deck that plays more Soirees faster (whether by luck or by more efficient building) seems like they will just slowly get thinner than their opponent and accumulate a huge snowballing advantage.

Let's say we've got clean though, maybe there was an awesome thinner elsewhere. Since the attack happens with 4 or more cards, someone who wants to be immune (I say immune, but you'd be getting free junk to feed your own Soiree, basically) to the attack later must have 2 junk cards in hand (at some point when we are cleaner, I want to take your junk from you, trash it, and attempt to steal a good card from your hand). I suggest making the attack only trigger at 5 or more cards, similar to how Masquerade usually can only pass one good card from an opponent to your hand. I probably wouldn't like playing with this card much even after that, but the card should be a bit less infuriating then. (Also 3-4 player games will be miserable, but that's how it is with most junking ain't it)


Land of the People
⑨* Victory
Worth 1 VP per 2 Coppers
you have (round down).
During a player's Buy
phase, this costs ① less per
differently named Action
card they have in play.

It's Fountain, but in card form. The main unique thing it does is decrease cost from Action to Buy phase, like Peddler. There also aren't a lot of things that care about how many Coppers you have specifically (what, is it like, Keep, Fountain, Palace, uhhh Coppersmith kinda?), but that's not really the direction I was going necessarily. Oh, and sure, it costs ⑨. Woo!
I've been considering whether it should be 2 VP per 3 Coppers, or 1 VP per 2 Coppers, but I think I'm going towards 2/3 for now. Even though it's ⑨, it's going to be cheaper than Province... okay actually I like it better as a more chunky Victory card. It's going to 1/2. (Talked myself out of it).

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