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I don't know how often it'd work out, but I'm in a terminal-heavy bot game where I ran out of Arena points right about the same time I got access to Bustling Village


I know that Cache (from the BM) is on top of my deck but I had to change the window size to even see the box, and couldn't really see what I was typing afterwards.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: A quick Temple tip
« on: April 17, 2018, 02:56:57 pm »
This way, you will win the game, which makes it impossible for you to lose.

Dominion has a move that makes it impossible to lose? Man, what a broken game.

alls you gotta do is buy silver, or something better than silver

-This idea needs a lot of fleshing out, and may or may not be balanceable
-I suspect it won't be to the taste of many Dominion players
-I see no practical way to make this work physically

Still here?  The idea I had was a Event that costs $0 and gives +Buy, but it could also be a variant by automatically (or optionally) occurring after every turn.

"Trash 2 Actions you have in play.  Gain a Hybrid based on their properties."

The Hybrid would be a brand new card that would permanently inherit some of the traits of its "parents" in a semi-random fashion.  My initial idea is that for vanilla effects like +Card, it'd have an equal chance of either parent's value or the average thereof.  So a Smithy/Village Hybrid for example would have either +1, +2, or +3 cards, and +0, +1, or +2 actions. 

For more complex effects, each parent could have an equal chance of passing on all, none, or part (where possible) thereof.  So in addition to potentially passing on a +coin, a Militia's child might have "Discard to 3," "Discard to 4," or neither.  Cards like Governor or Steward might pass on only one option.  Stuff like Witch can't really be separated out, so you'd either get the Cursing or not.

In all these cases, once the Hybrid is generated, it stays that way.  You don't know what you're getting exactly when you make a Hybrid, but once you've made it, it doesn't reroll.  You could make another Hybrid with the same cards later in the game and maybe that one would be different.

Price could be an average of the two, or maybe the more expensive plus half the less expensive.  You could also try to price each effect or piece thereof, but I think this forum has determined that down that road lies madness.  I can't offhand think of a way for you to buy a Hybrid, so it only matters for card interactions anyway.

So some examples:

Council Room & Necropolis Hybrid would have:
(33%) +4 Cards (from CR)
(33%) +2 Cards (average)
(33%) No +Card (from Necro)
(67%) +1 Buy (from CR and average)
(33%) No +Buy (from Necro)
(33%) No +Action (from CR)
(33%) +1 Action (average)
(33%) +2 Actions (from Necro)
(50%) Opponent draws a card
(50%) Nothing

Grand Market + Steward
(67%) +1 Card (GM/Average)
(67%) +1 Action
(67%) +1 Buy
(33%) +2$ (GM)
(33%) +1$ (Average)
(50%) Can't be bought with Coppers in play
(33%) Steward effect
(33% * 33%) +2 Cards
(33% * 33%) Trash 2
(33% * 33%) +2$

For a less random variant, you could narrow it down to only averages and parts where available.  Under that version, our CR/Necro example above would then be a Lab with a +Buy that may or may not have the opponent draw.  The GM/Steward would be a Market (if halves round up) with a random Steward option and a 50/50 shot of inheriting the Copper restriction.

Does this idea even make sense the way I've presented it?  Is it something anybody would want to bother with thinking about?

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Being sneaky
« on: April 16, 2018, 10:36:33 am »
Here I thought this was going to be another strategic discard order debate

I got carried away with KC/Ironmonger/Scrying Pool/Black Market

after this turn I had the opportunity to Scheme up to 13 cards

Help! / Re: I will try to post a game here every day.
« on: April 09, 2018, 03:17:44 pm »
I re-ran that board with that strat, and it did quite nicely!

Help! / Re: I will try to post a game here every day.
« on: April 09, 2018, 12:50:16 pm »
Boy I picked a bad time to resurrect this project.  Also, the extension did not load the log properly, but it's game 13430092.

Kingdom: Hamlet, Black Market, Oasis, Scheme, Workshop, Salvager, Villa, Archive, Governor, Peddler; Ferry, Colony
I went for: Governor, Peddler/TfB, Black Market

This was a bot game (about half my games are less-than-super-serious bot games with BM, Colony, and >1 Landmark all required) but an interesting board.  I got BlMa, Ferried the Governors, and did fun engine things with Peddler, Hamlet, and 4s.  Nothing life-changing came out of the BM.  I spaced out more than I should have on greening, but was able to save the win with a decent megaturn at the end.

-This board was too fast for Black Market, wasn't it?
-Is Peddler a good counter (by remodeling to Plat) to Governor here/in general?  If so, does that change how hard you go for Governor or what modes you use when?
-All the Governor options seemed good at various points- I don't often take the Gold but it seemed like a decent attack towards the end when I was playing catchup.  What do you use here?  Should I have started remodeling Gold/Plat into Province/Colony before the last turn?
-Ferry on Governor was a good move, right?  But I probably should've gotten a Workshop?  I usually ignore Ferry, and Workshop too for that matter.
-I also skipped Scheme, Oasis, and Archive.  Were those worth a buy at some point? (probably at least a Scheme instead of that BM, right?)
-I think Rattington always goes for Provinces in Colony games, and I frequently struggle to catch up with his pace.  Is Province a more frequently viable route than I'm realizing, or am I just having too much fun playing with engines?

Puzzles and Challenges / Re: What's the most money possible to have?
« on: April 08, 2018, 04:08:58 pm »
There are?  I'm not aware of any.

Puzzles and Challenges / What's the most money possible to have?
« on: April 08, 2018, 03:16:31 pm »
-Have the most money available at one time (money that is somehow spent or lost mid-turn does not count towards a later total)
-Has to be a legal game of Dominion (finite piles, Colonies only if there's Prosperity, can't have three piles gone, stuff like that)
-Kingdoms, shuffle luck, opponents, orders of piles, and all that is up to you.
-Harder-yet-simpler mode: No Black Market allowed

I feel like this must've been done already but a quick search didn't find it.  I also feel like I missed a bunch of edge cases that should be rules.  But I'm curious how horribly you can break it!

I was feeling like a cool dude the other day when I got to $50 in the course of normal play, but then I saw a post just now that broke $100.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Tom Vasel's Top 10 (Favourite) Cards
« on: April 08, 2018, 01:26:36 pm »
Off the top of my head....

Black Market
Grand Market
in that order, ish.
HM: Bishop, Tac, Necromancer, Hoard, Jester, Fool

Least favorite just for fun:
Ghost Ship
Pirate Ship
any Landmarks that hinder my ridiculous engines
Counting House

Other Games / Anybody played Heart of Crown?
« on: April 08, 2018, 11:37:20 am »
I see it's on Steam now, and I must reluctantly admit that possibly the only thing I like more than deckbuilding is moe garbage.  Looks a bit more substantive than Tanto Cuore, too, which was a bit of a letdown when I bought a copy.  Thoughts?

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Interview with Donald X.
« on: April 05, 2018, 08:47:58 am »
I keep trying to come up with a Grand Market-style Rats variant now but just keep coming up with Junk Dealer.

Alms bypasses Tax.  Useful for openings AND flavor bonus!

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Interview with Donald X.
« on: April 04, 2018, 01:07:53 pm »
If you had the opportunity (or requirement) to create a reskin or variant of Dominion based on an existing IP, what IP would you want to use?

Help! / Re: I will try to post a game here every day.
« on: March 26, 2018, 10:04:11 am »

Kingdom: Haven, Scrying Pool, Ghost Town, Lookout, Bridge, Procession, Salvager, Bazaar, Crown, Knights
I went for: literally everything

I still don't think those logs show up right for me but as long as y'all can see them then I guess we're okay.  This was a weird board where I thought everything would be good to have, in some fashion or another.  Scrying Pool as the main draw, Knights and Bridge as payload, Salvager and Lookout as thinning, Ghost Town and later Bazaar for +Action, Crown and Procession for flexibility, and Haven just if I had an extra 2 buy at some point (I never did).  I found myself wanting +Action more than Knights, so those never quite took off.  My Lookout got trashed early on and I didn't notice until we were past the point where I really wanted one.  I surprised myself by how early I was able to play my deck, at which point I tried to grab extra Bridges to finish.  Procession wasn't as good here as I'd hoped- I never got a 2, there weren't 6s, and I didn't want to Process a Knight.  Still, we got through the chaos pretty reasonable, and won.

My questions:
-How much does it matter to you which Knight is available?  I might've gone for them harder if Josephine hadn't been on top for so long.
-If you run SP/Knights, do you want to discard your opponent's good stuff, or try to find Knights targets?
-What would even be the good strat in this mess?  I don't think the optimal strategy is very often "a bit of everything," but it might be here? 
-What's your opening?  I didn't think about trying to spike a 3/5 with Ghost Town.

In a Changeling/Hoard game, you can gain a Changeling instead of the green card and still get the free Gold.

Dominion Online at Shuffle iT / Re: AIís whims
« on: March 25, 2018, 10:26:35 pm »
Turn 12 - Lord Rattington
L plays a Masquerade.
L passes a Province to T.

Help! / Re: I will try to post a game here every day.
« on: March 25, 2018, 07:01:14 pm »
So like ?  I don't really understand what I'm looking at but I was there for the game so I guess that's fine.

Board: Hound, Peasant, Smason, Oasis, Shanty, Diplo, Monument, Trader, Cache, RSeal; Colony, Raid, Palace
I went for: Oasis/Diplo/Shanty/Soldier

With Palace, Trader, Raid, and Cache on the board, I thought that there was probably a good treasure-based strat to be had....but since it was a Colony board, I decided to forgo it.  My initial idea was to use Oasis to fuel Shanty/Diplo, and then chain some Soldiers for payload.  I didn't ever really get enough Soldiers to make that work, but the engine let me skip a bit of treasuring.  I'm trying to work on skipping treasure and "stop cards" more often, and in this game I also wanted to teach myself not to mindlessly exchange Travellers every time. (until now, I'd just go for one Teacher/Champion and a bunch of Disciple/Hero)  I found myself wanting +Buy, and I misplayed a couple times, paying a bunch for a Peasant because I thought I had an extra buy, and accidentally getting a second Fugitive.  Worked out well though in the end- I think it would've done decently against a human.

My questions:
-What stages of Peasant do you usually push?
-How many Soldiers did I want?  Did I want Fugitive instead?
-Should I have gone for the Palace strat?  Would it have been better in a Province game?
-What do you do with Teacher tokens here?
-Is that how the logs are supposed to look, and if so how do all the graphs and stuff work?

Help! / Re: I will try to post a game here every day.
« on: March 24, 2018, 11:22:36 am »
I think it might be time to bring this guy back!  What's the current best way to post a log?

Other Games / Re: Dominion clones
« on: March 23, 2018, 06:02:35 pm »
Am I the only one who likes Ascension at all more than Star Realms? I can't quite figure out why- might just be because I played Ascension first and they feel kinda same-y.

I wouldn't describe it quite as a deckbuilder (even though it was pitched to me as one) but I've been having a lot of fun lately with Baseball Highlights 2045, which has a deckbuilding/drafting element.  The back and forth interactive feel of the mini-game is quite satisfying.

I own Tanto Cuore and am not particularly proud of that fact.  Never actually played it.

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Interview with Donald X.
« on: March 23, 2018, 05:36:29 pm »
What does it feel like inspiring a whole genre of games at varying levels of rip-offy-ness?

How do you feel about the idea of rotating supplies?  I get the sense that most Dominion players frown upon it, but Black Market is my favorite card, and that design choice seems to be common in other deckbuilders.  What would you change if you were gonna re-work Dominion into a more "black markety" format, and do you think that would make the game inherently worse (or better)?

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Dominion Anthology/Fan edtion PLEASE
« on: March 22, 2018, 10:21:42 pm »
I will never not be excited when a new set is announced
That statement will come back to haunt you the day  and RGG make an expansion that licenses Barney the Dinosaur for the theme and Monopoly for the mechanics.

well now I'm trying to figure out how to make that work, thanks

Dominion General Discussion / Re: Dominion Confessions
« on: March 22, 2018, 09:50:11 pm »
hey man I had a weak card as an avatar before it was cool

Anyway I like Black Market so much that I force it in about half my games, and will buy it within the first few turns even when it's an obviously terrible idea

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