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The title is still a bit unclear to me. Why excactly 42 and not like #1 Leaderboard :-)

For being and staying Nr. 1 (at least while Theory is inactive) there is already another method - however a very boring and strange one:

Here are the last 15 games of current nr. 1 "tat". It's a shame comparing this to the creative players like Blooki, painted_cow, Ben Warden and others ranked lower. And it reminds us not to take the leaderboard too serious.

Level 8 -> 94:11
Level 8 -> 48:48 (win)

and so on

Honestly, I'm not even sure what you're saying. Are you saying "tat" just beats the pants off lower-ranked players to keep his ranking high?

It's already been pointed out that this is just the result of automatch, but how about this nugget from the isotropic FAQ:
"...beating someone who the system already thinks is worse than you doesn't improve your skill estimate that much..."

So maybe he or she is just good at the game.

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