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Variants and Fan Cards / Card Names in Search of a Card
« on: August 24, 2015, 09:07:18 pm »
I noticed that the flavor text for each expansion mentions some card names, but also gives us the name of several other potential cards, and I want to see the top minds of f.ds make them happen.

Petty Lord

Secret Plot

Tall Ship
Rat-infested Ship
Merchant-infested Port

Universal Solvent

Straw Hat
Life-sized Statue made of Baklava

Roast Hay
Nose-stealing Competition

Moderate-sized Kingdom
That Look Two People Give Each Other When They Each Hope That the Other Will Do Something That They Both Want Done but Which Neither of Them Wants to Do (TLTPGEOWTEHTTOWDSTTBWDBWNOTWTD)

Dark Ages:
Luxurious Ravine

Ironic Tiller
Cheese Destroyer

Giant Bees
Land of Eggs and Licorice
Loyal Jungle
Distressed Damsel

Variants and Fan Cards / Pricing the Prizes
« on: June 15, 2014, 08:14:27 pm »
So the reason the prize cards are not kingdom cards is that they aren't really balanced. Fair enough. But I tend to play casual RL games, and furthermore my wife (and primary playing partner) has been perpetually stymied in her efforts to actually play one of the prize cards by never being able to line up provinces and tournaments.

So given all that, if any of the prize cards WERE used as kingdom cards, how much would each one cost? And would it be necessary to tinker with what any card does to make it more viable?

Soothsayer is often described as the only curser that is not thematic to its set. (I feel Mountebank is a little tenuous, but okay).

But what if it gave coin tokens instead of a gold? How would that work? It would be thematic, but I don't have a good handle on how many tokens it should give to be roughly as powerful as it is now, and I don't have enough experience with the game to make an informed decision.

After all coin tokens are less powerful than treasure in that they are one-shot, but more powerful in that they can be used as needed and don't take up deck space. So would 3 be a good amount of tokens, or is that too few or too many to keep Soothsayer at its current cost?

Dominion General Discussion / A Kingdom for Beginners
« on: July 12, 2013, 08:42:08 pm »
I intend to introduce several different sets of people to this game in the near future, and I have been thinking about what cards would be best for this purpose. Now, as it happens, the only sets I have IRL are Seaside, Prosperity, and Dark Ages. And obviously I want to avoid any that are too complicated, which rules out most of Dark Ages . . . On the plus side, the fact that I have the base card set will make the various treasure and VP cards easier to distinguish.

So what would a good kingdom look like if you don't have any cards from the base game? Whenever I am picking cards, I try to include a trasher, a village, and a +Buy - so Worker's Village seems like a no-brainer in this case, and it's pretty simple. But what should I use for a trasher? An attack? Would alt-VP or treasures make things too complicated?

What do you all think?

Dominion General Discussion / The value of a pure cantrip
« on: June 16, 2013, 04:00:17 pm »
I have been wondering, what would be the value of a card that is no more than +1 card, +1 action?

I don't mean, what would it cost. At $2 it is strictly worse than Pearl Diver and Pawn, and worse than Vagrant in all but a few edge cases (involving Taxman and the like). And I don't mean, when do you play it. Obviously, if it's in your hand, you need to play it.

But when would it be better to draw it, then play it to draw the next card, than it would be to not have it and simply draw the next card directly? I can think of 3 cases:

1. To help activate Conspirator.
2. To make Peddler cheaper.
3. With Throne Room/King's Court/Procession.

Are there any other combos that would benefit?

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