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Congratulations Netherlands! You really deserve the title, as you had the strongest players in this tournament and played consistently well.

However, you will never be world champion in football. :P *scnr*

Tournaments and Events / Re: Dominion Team World Cup Discussion Thread
« on: December 13, 2013, 06:43:39 pm »
Yeah, I know, two posts in a row..but they really don't belong together.

First result of the final match series:

Psyduck and Victor Savenije tie 3-3

Code: [Select]
Haven, Herbalist, Stonemason, Workshop, Baron, Trader, Treasure Map, Bazaar, Mystic, Rogue
I use Stonemason to get Treasure Maps and Havens to connect them, which works out pretty nice

Code: [Select]
Chapel, Doctor, Great Hall, Cutpurse, Ironmonger, Remodel, Wandering Minstrel, Bandit Camp, Horn of Plenty, Farmland
Chapel game with Ironmonger and Great Hall, also HoP. I try to build an engine around that, my opponent mainly focuses on Bandit Camps, which proves to be way faster.

Code: [Select]
Masquerade, Oasis, Trade Route, Warehouse, Talisman, Bazaar, Catacombs, Junk Dealer, Mine, Altar
A nice engine board with Bazaar, Catacombs, Junk Dealer, Masquerade, Oasis and Warehouse. Zappie buys an Altar, which in my opinion makes the difference, as there is no real +Buy (just Trade Route)

Code: [Select]
Scrying Pool, Oasis, Alchemist, Familiar, Moneylender, Apprentice, Embassy, Laboratory, Library, Pillage
A strong potion board with Familiar, Alchemist and also Scrying Pool. I have 5/2, but can discard his first potion with my Pillage. Nevertheless, I lose the curse split 6-4. I manage to get rid of all the curses (Apprentice) but without +Buy just couldn't catch up.

Code: [Select]
Haven, Squire, Loan, Village, Watchtower, Mining Village, Salvager, Taxman, Bazaar, Duke
Tragic game. We both go for Squire and Watchtower with some Salvager support. I start going for Duchies (because of Dukes), he continues to build to double Province. I get 6 Duchies, but start to stall hard, as he ends the game on piles with a win for me due to miscounting.

Code: [Select]
Storeroom, Urchin, Village, Conspirator, Gardens, Tournament, Bazaar, Harvest, Fairgrounds, Goons
Tournament. He starts Bazar/-, while my Urchins collide on turn 4. I get the first Goons, the first Province, Followers and Trusty Steed, as he resigns.

Overall I'm quite happy with the draw, as he played a lot better, especially in Games 2, 3 and 5. He messed the first one a little bit up, while game 5 was a very early X-Mas gift for me. I really hope my team mates will now get enough points for us to take the title.

Tournaments and Events / Re: Dominion Team World Cup Discussion Thread
« on: December 13, 2013, 06:27:56 pm »
USA Team B vs. Germany, seat 4 match

Overall I'm happy I got the play the match and I'm happy I did sort-of well. Psyduck was a very friendly opponent and I'm glad we got to chat for a bit after each game. My only regret is that I didn't get to build any big engines this match, but I'll be rooting for Germany in the finals! Good luck, guys!


thanks for the kind words. After having watched your videos I feel kind of ashamed we tied, I really do. You played a whole level better, and I'm really surprised I could squeeze out a tie. You had a good game plan all the time, while I just bought cards I liked at that point. Thx for recording and rooting for us. We need every support we can get. :)

Psyduck (Germany) - HampusEriksson (Sweden) 3:1

We played on Wednesday, then rescheduled the remaining two games twice, but did not manage to meet. How shall we proceed? Is it okay to play the remaining ones asap?

Here are the logs of the first four games:

Tournaments and Events / Re: Dominion Team World Cup Signup
« on: November 05, 2013, 05:17:29 am »
I'm also in.

All sets, no promos

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom II: Endgame!
« on: October 25, 2013, 03:29:30 pm »
Congratulations WW for a fantastic tournament and thank you for another bunch of entertaining videos. Enjoyed them a lot!

Also congrats to SCSN for reaching the final of such a high-level tournament. At least for you there is room for improvement in terms of ranking in Gokodom III. :)

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom II: Round 6 *RESULTS ONLY*
« on: September 19, 2013, 04:20:51 pm »
Psyduck defeats WalrusMcFishSr 3:0

Game 1
Game 2
Game 3

Thank you for the interesting games!

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom II: Round 4 Results *ONLY*
« on: September 05, 2013, 09:02:14 am »
Psyduck defeats shark_bait 3.5:2.5

Game 1 1:0
Game 2 1.5:0.5
Game 3 1.5:1.5
Game 4 2.5:1.5
Game 5 2.5:2.5
Game 6 3.5:2.5

Thank you shark_bait for the interesting games and good luck for the rest of the tournament.

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom II: Round 3 Discussion Thread
« on: August 28, 2013, 02:21:41 pm »
Psyduck defeats dudeabides 3-0

Some comments on the games from miy side:

First of all, I'd like to thank dudeabides for being a fantastic opponent. I really enjoyed playing this interesting series of games and discussing them afterwards. :)

Game 1
This one was truly designed for Vineyard. Candlestick Maker, Worker's Village, Highway, Spy, Lab, Stables, Cultist and thus Ruins. Both of us start CM/Silver. I concentrate on CM early on, while dudeabides gets a couple of Stables to get the draw on. Soon we get our potions (having plenty of +buy, I even buy a second one) and evenly split the Vineyards. dudeabides builds up to a very strong deck with some Labs and Highways, but the game is too short to take advantage of it. I use my buys to empty the ruins and win because of the additional action cards.
To be fair, both of us didn't realize the option to buy ruins until pretty late, luckily I got that idea a little bit before he did. ;)

Game 2
I really feel sorry about winning that game. It was by no means deserved, instead I should've been crushed..
Anyway, this was the most interesting game of the match, asking the big question: engine or BM? For me, the engine, featuring Inn, Merchant Guild and Hunting Grounds was just too expensive, also there wasn't any trashing. I thought it would take too long to build up against BM with Merchant Ship, so I started Silver/Scavenger. dudeabides went for the engine and started Sage/Scavenger. Soon he got his first engine components and his deck became stronger from turn to turn. I had to go ahead with Provinces and hope for the best.
In turn 15 he bought 5 Pawns and had like 35 coin tokens to spend. However, he got two ridiculous unlucky turns in a row, while I had $8/$6/$8 to spend. My lead was now just too big to overcome, so he couldn't really make use of his coin tokens.

After the game we agreed that engine was the way to go here, although it is hard to build up with Inn as only village and Hunting Grounds as only draw.
What do you guys think? Was engine the right strategy? How would you have approached it? Would a second Scavenger have helped to improve the reliability, preventing these two bad turns that turned the game upside down?

Game 3
This game featured Remake, Familiar and City as important cards. dudeabides went for Remake, and I was really tempted to follow suit, ignoring Familiar. But as second player I felt I needed to take some risk and bought a Potion. I got really lucky to get my Familiar in turn 4 (and a second one in turn 6), while his Remake missed the shuffle. This pretty much sealed the game, as he couldn't get rid of the Curses. Later we went for Cities, and I think he made a mistake buying Gold and Merchant Guild instead of Cities, so we split the Cities 5-5. I didn't have any problems to end it on piles, afterwards.

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom II: Round 2 Discussion Thread
« on: August 24, 2013, 01:11:09 pm »
Mallard Match (ragingduckd vs Psyduck)

Haha, that was also my thought when I saw the spreadsheet. :)

Game 1:Kingdomragingduckd - 1,Psyduck - 0
Apothecary, Hermit, and Vault make me pass on Mountebank here despite my 5/2 start. I open Vault/- while Psyduck goes Potion/Hermit, picking up a pile of Upgrades and Mountebanks with University while I slog away with Vaults, Hermits and a pile of green. Psyduck gets a very clean deck with a lot of Gold and strong actions, but not quickly enough to overcome my VP lead.

For me this was the most difficult game. So many strong cards and University zu gain them. I still don't know how to play this correctly. Using Vault to gain plenty of green cards and then Silk Roads obviously worked decently. It's very hard to see when Mountebank should be ignored.

Game 2:Kingdomragingduckd - 2,Psyduck - 0
Another Mountebank-trap board. The Baker token gives us flexibility and I open Caravan/Remodel to Psyduck's Lighthouse/Mountebank. Only one MB attack ends up getting through and I end up with most of the Caravans/Bakers. After picking up Outpost I'm almost playing two turns to Psyduck's one and win comfortably.

Not happy at all how I approached this one. Seemed like Mountebank was important again, but as ragingduckd proved it wasn't that powerful here.
I also completely missed Caravan/Outpost. When I finally realized it I was already way behind.

Game 3:Kingdomragingduckd - 2,Psyduck - 1
An Ambassador game with Baker. I make my typical Ambassador mistake, picking up a Poor House and using it to win the Baker split instead of thinning aggressively. Soon Psyduck has far the slimmer deck and his four Bakers are doing more than my six. He picks up a Haggler, getting ready for some robust greening and I gamble on a Gold instead, hoping that some lucky turn with Poor House, Pawn, and Baker tokens will let me sneak the win. I come closer than I had expected given his mid-game lead, but I don't connect and Psyduck's extra Haggler Gold end up giving him the win he deserves.

We'd appreciate some comments on our game and on this kingdom. We discussed it afterwards and neither of us was very confident in how we felt it should have been played. Between Ambassador and coin tokens, we both had a lot of difficult decisions to make.

Open Haggler/Silver and ignore Ambassador entirely. Without villages and draw, Ambassador slows you down more than it does an opponent who goes for BM with Haggler and Baker for support (getting a gold + Baker from Haggler should be pretty sweet).
I don't think this (no villages/draw, no ambassador) is always correct. But as a general rule of thumb, it's not bad, and here I agree with you.

(The biggest clear exception is if you are going for a deck with tons of great cantrips, but there are other cases with weak colony boards and such that it's also the play to get one - and only one - amb anyway).

Okay, Ambassador is an engine card, I was aware of that. But this board featured no excellent BM cards, just Haggler. Doesn't ignoring Amb mean to be heavily junked with curses, and - possibly - Poor Houses? Is that just too slow with only one Amb play/turn?

Game 4:Kingdomragingduckd - 3,Psyduck - 1
I think we both played this one very poorly. There were several cantrips and reasonable engine parts on a board with Tournament and Horn of Plenty. I err first in buying a HoP just because I draw $5 and Psyduck follows suit, spending his $6 hands on Border Village with HoP or Masquerade and similar. Psyduck builds a slimmer engine with more HoPs but never quite gets to 8 uniques. I get to $8 to T10 and end up picking up most of the good prizes for a modest win.

Fully agreed. Our initial goal was to get to $8 as soon as possible, but we both got distracted by other stuff.

Anyway, thanks for the fun games ragingduckd, and good luck for the next tournament rounds.

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom II: Round 1 Discussion Thread
« on: August 10, 2013, 05:08:22 pm »
Psyduck defeats kn1tt3r 3:1

Game 1 37:34 -> 1:0
kn1tt3r plays Councilroom-BM, I try to establish an engine based on Fortress and Councilroom, hoping to pull off some tricks with Farmland. While I farmland two Estates into Fortresses, kn1tt3r builds up some economy and has a lead. I feel that I get very lucky with my Smugglers and the Farmlands and can squeeze out a close win.

Game 2 13:12 -> 2:0
An interesting game around University, Ambassador, Highway, Count, Worker's Village and Black Market. kn1tt3r starts Count/-, while I buy Ambassador/Potion. We play some tennis, kn1tt3r has the leaner deck, I have more action cards. Luckily, I can buy Envoy and Catacombs from the Black Market, as there wasn't any other draw. When Highway and Worker's Village are empty, it all comes down to a sudden three-pille ending. So we start buying some green as protection, as in my last turn I gain the last 6(!) Counts and use another one to gain a Duchy for the win.

Game 3 25:33 -> 2:1
Wharf-BM. I feel happy as I can start Wharf/Embargo, while my opponent has to start Remake/Silver. I put a token on Grand Market and get my third Wharf in turn 5. However, kn1tt3r remakes his Estates into Silvers and has way more money and a much better deck, so he wins without any problems.

Game 4 15:3 -> 3:1
Here we have draw (Wharf, Ghost Ship, Fortune Teller), +action (Bandit Camp), +buy (Wharf, Nomad Camp), discard attacks (Ghost Ship, Militia) and a gainer (Haggler), so I try to build an engine and hope to get some trashing from the Black Market. Therefore I start Militia/Silver, while kn1tt3r goes for the same with Black Market/Silver. For some reasons I don't see yet (hints are appreciated) it comes together much better for me. My Spice Merchant from the BM as well as kn1tt3r's Forge don't play an important role anymore, as he resigns after my second Province.

kn1tt3r also recorded the match, he's going to post these tomorrow. :)
Thank you very much kn1tt3r for these interesting games, I wish you all the best for the next rounds.

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom II: Round 1 Results *ONLY*
« on: August 10, 2013, 04:32:35 pm »
Psyduck defeats kn1tt3r 3:1

Game 1 37:34 -> 1:0
Game 2 13:12 -> 2:0
Game 3 25:33 -> 2:1
Game 4 15:3 -> 3:1

GokoDom / Re: GokoDom II: Suntastic Summerish Season Signups Sthread
« on: July 20, 2013, 04:09:06 pm »

Goko Dominion Online / Re: Goko ratings drift -- Now with data!
« on: June 14, 2013, 10:51:21 am »
Don't ask me why WW's rating didn't adjust that time or why Psyduck's went up... equally strange things happened to other players on other days. Anyway, with few exceptions, the changes are always negative and mostly around -25 points.
Is it possible they simple played a game in the timeframe between your 2 checks on the leaderboard?

At least not for me. I only played one game yesterday, which must have been around 3pm EST.

Loser's Bracket / Re: Rats! Division (Losers Bracket) - Bracket and Results
« on: December 14, 2012, 06:01:42 pm »
I must agree, these were awsome games against a friendly and sincere opponent. Especially thank you Antonidas for telling me what would happen if I played possession in a possessed turn. Otherwise I would probably have tried it just to find out if I could possess myself. ;)

Quote from: Antonidas
Antonidas defeats Psyduck 4-1

Game 1 (A 33 - P 23): A board with lots of powerful attacks that were mostly ignored. We followed very similar strategies, though I think my stashes gave me a slight edge.

I really wasn't sure what to do with so many attacks, but realized there would be lots of junk (either dealt by Mountebank or Sea Hag). Thus Masq seemed strong, and we both ignored Ghost Ship and only got one Margrave each late for +Buy. Yet, I don't see what would have been optimal play here. Perhaps Stash was strong, I also think Loan helped cleaning out Copper.
I guess I also wasn't that lucky with my Mountebanks. I could deal out junk in only 40% of plays (4/10), while Antonidas hit me in 100% of plays (5/5).

Quote from: Antonidas
Game 2 (A 64 - P 30): Lots of different strategic interactions here. Psyduck opted for HT/gardens while I chapeled into tournaments; my unopposed tournaments just ended up being too fast.

100% agreed. Although I didn't play it well, HT/Gardens seems just to be too slow without support. Antonidas won that game by choosing a better strategy.

Quote from: Antonidas
Game 3 (A 35 - P 43): University/vineyard stood out in this one, although there's no +buy. I moved all-in on actions but didn't start picking up the vineyards themselves until too late. Meanwhile Psyduck ended up with a very effective hybrid strategy.

Actually, I was surprised in the end to see Vineyards being worth more than Provinces. I'm not sure if I had won if I had bought Vineyards over Provinces though, as buying Provinces gave me an early lead without risking premature three-piling.
For me this was the funniest match. Not because I won, but because University/Hunting Party worked way much better than I had expected, with Caravans providing additional fuel.

Quote from: Antonidas
Game 4 (A 44 - P 27): The least interesting game, as vault BM comfortably outraced governors. My hoard buy probably should have been a gold or another vault.

Outplayed #2. When I realized that my Governors kind of supported his BM deck, it was already too late.

Quote from: Antonidas
Game 5 (A 51 - P 40): A really tense game! The likely-dominant hamlet/wharf/conspirator engine was complicated by the presence of possession and vineyards. My early quarry gave me a big lead on engine-building, but Psyduck countered with a very early possession. A good bit of back-and-forth followed, until turn 15 when Psyduck was one buy short of piling out the great halls for the win on my possessed turn! I don't know if I've ever been more nervous in a dominion game. I was so rattled that I missed my own ability to three-pile while ahead on my own turn... But fortunately for me Psyduck got a subpar turn and couldn't take the lead, and I could end it on turn 16.

Yeah, that game was really exciting. I was fairly happy with my early Possession and felt I was on the right track. Then I stopped thinking. Play a Hamlet .. discard a card .. gain an action .. play a Wharf .. a nice there's a Possession, but also a Wharf .. I'm gonna play the Wharf first to get more cards, then Possession .. playing the Wharf .. clicking on Possession .. nothing happens .. clicking again .. looking at the action counter .. 0 .. *sigh*. That happened in turn 13. In turn 15 I could play Possession again, and then tried to end it on piles by buying Great Halls. Well, I left one, and had basically lost then. Feels like being an absolute noob, and that's indeed not so much from the truth. ;) But I learned a lot from these games!

Quote from: Antonidas
Psyduck was a wonderful opponent, and I think we both learned a lot from the match. Thanks for the great games!

The same to you, hope to play against you soon again.

Loser's Bracket / Re: Losers Bracket RD 1 Sign-Ups - 23(24)/64
« on: December 08, 2012, 01:00:30 pm »
I'm also in.

2012 / Re: Thief Division: Bracket and Results
« on: December 03, 2012, 05:06:36 pm »
Quickly posting the result :

KristianBahle 4 - 0 Psyduck


Will post comments later, need to take a break first. I was surprised by my opponent, for someone who only have 29 ranked games, he didnt make any big beginner mistakes, except for the triple scheme buy instead of platinum in the first game I guess.

Although I clearly lost, playing against you was lots of fun and I learned quite a few things. :)
The triple Scheme was unusal, I know, but I felt I needed to play Apprentice consistently to catch up. In my last turn 2$ were missing to win the match.
In match 2 I couldn't quite decide for a strategy. Warehouse seemed strong, also Merchant Ship. I thought about opening with Steward, but felt Warehouse would be faster. Wasn't BM, wasn't a good engine, so I lost.
In the third match I think I got a bit unlucky, gaining 4 curses in turn 10, while Kristian could watchtower some curses. I tried to counter with two late Forges, but of course I had already lost then.
In game 4 I got absolutely dominated by Kristian's Vineyards. I'm unsure why I thought going for Bazaars with some Outpost action would work out. It didn't, so I also lost that match.

Congratulations for winning Kristian (although it wasn't that hard I guess).

Thanks also to everyone involved in organizing this tournament!

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