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2012 / Re: Re: Upsets
« on: December 07, 2012, 01:01:41 pm »
When we have our Dominion Professional Tour rankings, we can use that to seed tournaments. In the meantime, Iso ranking is a pretty well approximation, with a small number of outliers (although they may be really important outliers, I must say).

On the opposite side, I would have been fine with pure random seeding, but watching two of the best players clashing in round 1 or 2 instead on an exciting semifinal or something its kind of sad.

Seeding has minor impact in Swiss system, but I guess the total number of games on a Swiss tournament is too big to handle (Challonge has Swiss brackets, so calculating the matchup should be no problem).

2012 / Re: Upsets
« on: December 06, 2012, 04:33:29 pm »
+1 for the award for upsetting.

I was going to say:

"but absolute difference in seed does not feel good. If the distribution of levels behaved linearly, then absolute difference would be a good measure, but it does not. Its probably more like exponential, so maybe difference of log seed (otherwise known as ratio)?"

but then it felt wrong not to check. I plotted the level distribution and linear approximation seems really reasonable, so +1 also for absolute difference.

2012 / Re: Chapel Division: Brackets and Results
« on: December 06, 2012, 01:25:26 pm »
Round 1: soulnet 4 vs Masticore 2

We played veto with identical starting hands and point tracker extension available. We played mostly mirror or almost mirror matches, without any great engine going on (maybe with the exception of game 5).  Even though we both got some advantages at some games, none of them felt decided until fully finished. Several were really close and we both play suboptimally (maybe not in the BM games, but in all others).

Masticore confesed that he dropped several levels lately, and for this games, I feel we probably are of a similar skill on Dominion. He was open to chat and discuss games a little bit (although I fell bad for being more critical on his game than he was on mine, even after I invited him to criticize). Most importantly, was really fun to play more seriously!

Game 1: Masticore 36 - soulnet 31

cards in supply: Apprentice, Cellar, Explorer, Herbalist, Oasis, Sea Hag, Tactician, Tribute, Tunnel, and Watchtower

We both open SH / WT, and go heavy on playing the SH, with some Oasis for cycling and trying to get more of our WTs. He hit me hard an early, making me miss my SH for a whole reshuffle, while I got his WTs a couple of more times. After that, I try switching to Oasis/Cellar/Tunnel to overcome the point deficit and hopefully build enough economy, and he gets an Apprentice that accelerates his endgame (in retrospect, I think he getting a Tactician would have let me hopeless, because with a Prov every other turn I would never been able to catch up, with all the curses and tunnels in my deck). In any case, the plan with the tunnels worked and let me behind but within <6 point range with just one province to go, but his deck was much more likely to get it and that's what eventually happened.

0 - 1

Game 2: soulnet ?? - Masticore ?? Missing log (we were both collecting them and we both forgot).

Province game. Key cards where Monument, Throne Room and Fishing Village. I went for a simple. Big Money + Monument, with some extra support I don't remember. He tried an engine to play more monuments (bought 3 to my one) and TRs and FVs, but also relied on treasure for money (less than me, of course). He got a substantial VP chip lead really quick, a little over the 6 barrier but not getting close to 12. I got way more money (4 more golds or so) and his deck stalled after the first couple green cards, to let me get to just 1 province left with more than 6 points ahead, which made the endgame much more confortable for me. After duchy dancing a little bit, his deck was definitely stalled and mine was also too green, but having more golds gave me more variance which eventually let me buy the last province for the win.

1 - 1

Game 3: soulnet 55 - Masticore 42
cards in supply: Border Village, Embargo, Fairgrounds, Haggler, Haven, Library, Mandarin, Mint, Mountebank, and Treasure Map
Another junky game, especially after we both open Haven/Mountebank. He got a lucky start after I  bottomdecked my Mountebank and got no 5 in turns 3 or 4. With a curse and copper into my deck and two Mountebanks in his to my one, I thought it was going to be hard. I picked up a Mountebank and a Bordervillage+Mountebank to try to catch up, and with a little luck with curse-discarding deffense we end up tying the curse split. When curses are out I have been spenting my buys on building economy mostle, getting Silver and Gold with the hope that Haven and Mandarin will let me wiggle my way to Province despite the overfull of junk deck. He picks up several more different cards, trying to get Fairgrounds to 6 VP, which shows to be an impossible task. In the end, we both have 4 VP fairgrounds but I'm also in better position to get them and we split them. Since I was already greening and rushing the fairgrounds he does not have a chance to pick up the more different card he needs to make them 6 VP and has to contest me for them, but my better economy let me split them while also getting Provinces more often. I think I won this one just for sticking to a single strategy while he jumped around a little bit.

2 - 1

Game 4: Masticore: 69 - soulnet: 48

cards in supply: Adventurer, Colony, Counting House, Crossroads, Develop, Hoard, King's Court, Mandarin, Masquerade, Native Village, Platinum, and Royal Seal

Even though the score does not show it, this was a close match up until the last couple of shuffles. We both go BM+Masq. After not seeing mine on T3, I decided I'll get a second Masq early (gambling a little bit) and it pays off because they do not collide much. This gave me a little advantage, but I play a HORRIBLE endgame, after thinking I am going to lose due to first player advantage and getting a bad draw with Masq (3xGold, Prov, 2xColonies) I pass a Province to avoid him getting the last Colony and end up with an impossible to catch up disadvantage in points. I should have passed a Gold, which was dangerous, but probably less than this stupid manouver. Anyway, at least it was not just luck what decided the game.

2 - 2

Game 5: soulnet: 34 - Masticore: 33

cards in supply: Cache, Cellar, Farming Village, Festival, Potion, Smithy, Spice Merchant, Talisman, Trade Route, Transmute, and Witch

This was by far the most interesting board. He is less lucky with the shuffles and also makes a game-losing mistake in T4 drawing with spice Merchant instead of getting the cash to get to $5 and get the witch. I, on the other hand, am able to get Witch and Silver while cycling with the SM. After this we both get 2 witches but I win the curse split 6-4 and also build a small economy with a partial engine of Farming Village, Festival and Smithy (FV being great to cycle some green and curses). I rushed too early into greening instead of building more of my engine, not getting a single cellar or Trade Route until really late. He builds better while I get a big point lead, but he almost was able to catch up in time, being $1 short on a big turn to win the game. He finishes the game to his demise due to forgetting to count a trashed estate (ohterwise, we would have snatched a tie). He confessed he got a couple of lucky draws in his final two turns, but it would have been an epic come back if he pulled it off. Should I have been more careful as to build a better engine before greening, he probably would not have had a chance after the much better start I had.

3 - 2

Game 6: soulnet: 39 - Masticore: 23

cards in supply: Ambassador, Bureaucrat, Golem, Jester, Moat, Potion, Scout, Silk Road, Throne Room, Venture, and Woodcutter

We both go double Ambassador + BM + Ventures to take advantage of copper pseudotrashing. I considered Silk Road rush to counter, but felt it was not going to be fast enough and it would stall too early against Ambassador, even if getting SRs to 5 VP was possible.

I have WAY more luck, never colliding my Ambassadors while he gets lots. After this, he is never able to recover, because Ambassador luck both makes my deck better and his worse, so it kind of doubles the difference of luck with other also powerful cards. I have several golds and a couple of Ventures with few coppers, so I start greening without stalling. He tries duchy dancing with 1 province to go, but I have a strong economy so I keep buying Provinces without trouble until the end.

4 - 2

Thanks Masticore for the games! And thanks the organizers for putting this up, its my first tournament ever (including IRL play) and its proven to be much more fun than casual play on Iso.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Using size of supply piles
« on: December 05, 2012, 01:37:05 pm »
The fact that you can only get one of each isn't the issue; it's the fact that between us we can only get one of each. You get your turn 3 Grand Market or whatever, and I'm out of luck. Compare this with Baron, which on a lucky shuffle can also get you a turn 3 King's Courtóbut we both have an equal chance of hitting that $7 hand, and if we both do we can both get the King's Court; my Baron is no less powerful just because you happened to draw it first.

I understand, but more than swingyness, I'm worried of HUGE first player advantage here. I think it does not work. I think "at least 9 (restricting to action cards)" or "exactly 9" may work, but the latter seems it  would be underpowered and random most times.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Using size of supply piles
« on: December 05, 2012, 12:40:00 pm »
It's really swingy anyway. We both open with it, and whichever one of us has better shuffle luck gets a Possession before turn 5?

Kind of an edge case, but yes. You can also get King's Court or Grand Market during the second reshuffle (or Goons, which is possible but unlikely in real games), that is the whole idea. The fact that you can only get one of each limits the disruptive power, I still wonder how many cards (if any) are game deciders just by getting one copy earlier than usual (and not in the first reshuffle).

Maybe possession is extra swingy if something else accelerates reshuffling, like warehouse, and you get possessed during the first play you get of the card. Still seems really unlikely, though.

In any case, if it is swingy just with possession, that does not seem like a terrible idea.

Variants and Fan Cards / Using size of supply piles
« on: December 05, 2012, 11:59:35 am »
I was wondering how the current size of the supply piles may influence otherwise too powerful cards. We have City checking for empty piles and Trading Route checking for "started" victory piles. How about:

Investor - $4
Pick a non-Victory supply pile with exactly 10 cards. Gain a card from that pile.
You may trash this card.

I feel it would be too slow at $5, unless there is some really expensive board (maybe prosperity-heavy boards with a couple of 6s/7s).

I think this kind of card really highlights the "depends on the kingdom" thing about Dominion. Also notice incredibly fun (although maybe swingy) interaction with Platinum.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Ghost Town - village for handsize reduction
« on: December 04, 2012, 05:44:54 pm »
Hm, interesting point about Ghost Ship.  But as jonts points out, Library (and Watchtower and Jack of All Trades) are better models.

I'm not sure why Ghost Ship specifies hand size.

FWIW, I agree with you both, I just used this because is "safer". Anyway, we are digressing.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Ghost Town - village for handsize reduction
« on: December 04, 2012, 02:58:08 pm »
The if statement is redundant.

As redundant as this:
Quote from: Ghost Ship Card Text
Each other player with 4 or more cards in hand puts cards from his hand on top of his deck until he has 3 cards in his hand.

I thought I just mimic the idea, avoids raising unnecesary questions.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Ghost Town - village for handsize reduction
« on: December 04, 2012, 10:54:59 am »
I think the fact that is awful in Kingdoms with no handsize reduction (which is not uncommon) is too bad. Also, Shanty Town seems better more often than not, and its not an especially beloved card. How about adding some filtering of green cards and/or curses to the draw similar to Library's? That would make it have a taste to Farming Village some times. Or maybe even filtering treasures, that would be new and kind of a nice reflection of Library for actions instead of a good money hand.

Ghost Town - $3
+2 Actions
If you have less than 4 cards, draw until you have 4 cards in hand. You may set aside any Treasure cards drawn this way, as you draw them; discard the set aside cards after you finish drawing.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Idea for fan expansion - Dominion: War
« on: November 07, 2012, 01:23:53 pm »
Great work overall, I think there is a lot of tuning to do, but there always is.

I like the idea behind the first part of general, I had that in mind for a while, but it seems incredibly overpowerful. Any so-so engine is now and incredible machine with just one or two of this.

Think about HP + General, drawing your whole deck without trashing in turn 7 or so?

I think at the very least the first hability should only work with the first general or something, otherwise spamming Generals is REALLY strong, drawing your whole deck almost instantly and reliably with very little support (any cheap +action is a lab, if on top of that they give you money...). Probably stronger than spamming GMs or even activated Cities.

One suggestions:

Viceroy   - $3
+1 Action +1 Card
Reveal and discard any number of Conquest cards from your hand. +$1 and gain a Conquest for each revealed card.

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