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Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Actually Passable Card Ideas
« on: April 02, 2020, 12:25:56 pm »
Way of the Slime
Return this and a card with the same name from your hand to the Supply. Gain a card costing double this cards cost in $.

You may... If you did...

If I'm reading this correctly, all Ways naturally imply "You may" just by being a Way, so that wording isn't necessary. Also, why do Way of the Butterfly and Way of the Rat say "You may...?"

Dominion General Discussion / Re: New Promo Card
« on: October 01, 2016, 08:45:07 pm »
This will get interesting with Throne Rooms.

Play Throne Room to play Sauna
-draw Avanto and play Avanto
--draw Sauna and 2 more cards and play Sauna
---draw a card and play Avanto
----draw 3 cards
-draw a Sauna and play Avanto
--draw 3 cards and play Sauna

Remembering the order of which card to play based on instruction is going to be interesting. I think the tree-branch play area is going to be more important than ever, even more than Herald. (and Vassal?)

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Taking Debt as part of an Action
« on: September 24, 2016, 11:47:55 pm »
Asper almost exclusively gives suggestions.
Is this "Asper never demands, he just suggests" or "Asper never listens, he just talks"...?

You're not Awaclus, so I'll go with the first one.

And maybe these Spellcasters will help me get over my creative slump. I've had approximately 75% of an idea in the last 4 months.

Sorry for the triple post, but I just thought I'd mention Empires is on TS now.

I'm not sure exactly what you mean, because I put Empires on TTS a while ago.  :o

I had all Empires cards on there 09JUN and had the high resolution images 05JUL. Sorry, I'm just complaining for no reason I suppose

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Taking Debt as part of an Action
« on: September 23, 2016, 04:26:37 pm »
After extensive conversations with Asper, I can say that this conversation is very typical. Asper almost exclusively gives suggestions. Outside of that, it's mostly along the lines of "dang, I wish you'd stop doing that annoyance." Some people enjoy Chariot Race, Asper. XD

Actually, since Asper "left the forums," I've been thinking I should take over development of the Spells, since, like you said, they were inspired by myself.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Make an attack that dishes out Debt
« on: July 29, 2016, 10:27:01 pm »
cardname some reasonable cost
Some simple action.
When you trash a card, you may discard this. If you do, each other player takes <> equal to half the trashed card's cost in coins rounded down.

Any inkling of what might go on the top? Remodeler that deals with debt costs? I prefer when the Reactions are guaranteed to have an effect in the kingdom, but maybe the Remodeler isn't the simplest effect...

I seem to have misplaced my idea for a Debt Attack. Let's see where it could've gone.... Ah yes:

At the start of your next turn, choose a player (including yourself). +(1) per < > that player has.
While this is in play, when a Treasure card is discarded from play, its owner takes <1>.

Please ignore the potential discrepancy between revealing Moat and effects that don't occur on-play; I'm pretty sure Moat still operates as intended.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Gathering, Debt and Semi-perma-durations
« on: July 15, 2016, 05:10:26 pm »
Technically, the bottom card should cost more than the top card so you know how to order them when setting up the kingdom pile. <6> does not cost more than (3).

What if you did use the Rogue wording, but changed the cost to a coin+debt cost? Gaining huge stuff from the trash is pretty crazy.

Is the duration effect which only gets used when there's nothing good to pick there specifically to make the card worse? Getting an extra buy next turn doesn't feel like a bonus I want. I'm imagining some AP going on about whether I want the next card from my deck or to just discard the Voodoo Priestess this turn instead of next.

I also don't think the ability to prevent trashing the Demon Pirate is worth the words on the Voodoo Priestess. You could just gain the pirate back using the priestess

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Make an attack that dishes out Debt
« on: July 15, 2016, 03:18:16 pm »
What if we take this attack in another direction? Perhaps:

Card \ Action-Attack-Duration \ (Cost)

Until the start of your next turn, all Treasure cards which do nothing when discarded also say "When you discard this from play, take <1>.

At the start of your next turn, choose a player (including yourself). +(1) per < > that player has.

The wording could be better, clearly...

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion Templates
« on: July 12, 2016, 10:37:29 pm »
Alright, here's what I made.

Traveller Arrow:

Custom Landmark:

Custom Request (Tan "Event"):

I also see that the general fixed the Action-Victory. I hadn't noticed the error... I guess I'm not using his resources then, haha.

NINJAEDIT: since they're .png files, the transparency should make it easy to modify to your needs

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion Templates
« on: July 09, 2016, 09:44:49 am »
Don't worry about necroing this, it's probably useful to update it after a new expansion anyway.

Let me ask CL about landmarks, because he has a custom one already on TTS. If he doesn't have a real template, I can make you one sometime soon.

For the Reserve-Traveller, do you just want the Arrow? I have the arrow, but Travellers don't have a color.

Action-Victory without the two extra coin symbols at the top?

Coin symbols? Do you mean Action-Treasure? I have one of those, but I'm not sure what you mean otherwise.

Also, what is your preferred file format?

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Co0kieL0rd's other cards
« on: June 23, 2016, 09:14:23 pm »

... we recently played one of the recommended kingdoms, where you could pick up multiple Peddlers with Talisman, after making them cheap enough through Chariot Race. ...

Ooh, that was me, too. XD

I like the idea behind Guest of Honor, but I agree that it needs some tweaking. Perhaps there could be a collaboration to test the newest idea...

And volcano struck me as completely new from the moment of conception -- well, slightly after that, once it was spoken aloud -- and I think there is room to expand on that idea further, but gently

Dominion: Empires Previews / Re: Question about Donate
« on: June 11, 2016, 03:56:56 pm »
Trashing a draw-on-trash during donate would just shuffle anything you gained after your turn ended but before you trashed it into your deck for next turn.

Buy Donate.
Clean up. (Including drawing 5* cards)
End turn.
Add deck and discard to hand.
Trash a card.
Reveal Market Square.
Discard Market Square.
Gain Gold to discard pile.
Trash Overgrown Estate.
Shuffle discard pile. (consisting of 2 cards)
Draw Gold or Market Square.
[anything else you want to do with Donate]
Shuffle hand into deck.
Draw 5 cards.
If you don't have a Rats, Overgrown Estate, or Cultist, (anything I missed?) then you won't get the Golds or Market Squares until next shuffle -- which admittedly, shouldn't take very long with Donate.

As for doing it twice, I have 2 comments: you would need to have at least a 3-card combo of Donate, Market Square, and something else to get any gained Golds or revealed Market Squares if you want to have them in your deck; I don't know if things outside of turns would follow the rules the same as effects that happen during the turn, but I would assume that buying Donate twice would let you do the effect twice, and since they're happening simultaneously, you get to choose which happens first (which isn't generally meaningful since you have a choice of 2 identical effects.)

Dominion: Empires Previews / Re: Empires Rulebook
« on: June 08, 2016, 06:21:19 pm »
The even better Donate/Windfall

Turn 1:
Play 5 Copper, Borrow, buy Donate, pay off 6 Debt.
Draw 4 cards.
Put your Deck and discard into your hand, Trash 3 Estate/2 Copper, Discard 5 Copper, Draw 5 Copper.

Turn 2:
Play 5 Copper, Spend Baker Token, Borrow, Pay off 2 Debt, Buy Windfall, Gain 3 Golds.

This assumes you ignore the recommendation of max. 2 Events+Landmarks. Then you need the luck to deal out 4 particular cards within the first 13 or so, and you need to draw 5 Coppers, but a lot of hypothetical situations assume that. The thing that really strikes me as weird is ignoring the official recommendation.

I guess it really doesn't matter, but I wasn't sure it was a useful example... whatever.

I hate to say it, but I already did an extremely similar Event, except mine had a potion-cost.

...And I based it on somebody else's card idea which didn't work as a card, but was fine as an Event.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Fixing Dominion – returns
« on: March 06, 2016, 03:37:11 pm »
I know this topic comes around now and then. Here are a few tries concerning low- and high-rated cards in Qvist rankings:

Choose: +2 Actions or +2 cards

Choose: +$2 or +2 cards

Trash this and up to 3 cards from your hand.

Annoying Mountebank $6

Annoying Mountebank
Any player who does not gains a Curse and a Copper.

Rebuild $6
+2 Cards
+1 Action
You may trash a Victory card from your hand. If you do, gain a Victory card costing up to $3 more than the trashed card.

Add "Every player who did draws a card."

$2 Cards +$2

Soothsayer $6
Gain a Gold. Every other player gains a Curse.

Annoying Goons
Remove +Buy

Throne room and Moneylender: add "you may"

Make it a "choose one" version of Scavenger.

Every player sets aside the top card of their deck … Any cards thus set aside go back on top of their owner’s deck at the end of your Action phase, or earlier if you decide so.
Damn wordy I know…

Add "+$2"
… Gain at most one of the trashed cards.

Counting house
Add "+1 Buy"

Farmland $5

Non-compulsory on-buy effect and "up to $2 more" or "costing $3 more".

Add "non-Copper"?

exactly up to

Take any non-Action, non-Treasure cards in hand.

Are these changes supposed to make the cards more fun to play or just different? Very few of these are actually cards that would need tweaked. I especially like that you think Witch is too strong and Soothsayer is too weak; what exactly does moving the other players drawing a card do for Witch? It just makes me not want to play it - I don't ever think "maybe we should all have 6 cards in our hands, but I don't want to play any actions from those 6 cards."  Adding a buy to Counting House just makes it boring, and Farmland is just a joke at 5. I'm not here to tear apart your ideas - testing that will show that these won't be fun changes - but DXV tested things and likes how just about everything turned out. I think he said that he would've reworded Throne Room, Moneylender, and Masquerade and made the basic treasures color-coded, but that's virtually nothing. You're welcome to play whatever variants you want, and I play the variant where we never use Rebuild or Saboteur, but not because they're bad for the game, because they turn away new players among other valuable reasons.

So you're welcome to try different versions of cards. Perhaps next time you would inspire better discussion by saying "What would happen if Adventurer couldn't put Copper in your hand?" versus saying "This is the way to make Adventurer better."

I still think it should be a one-shot-esque card to only be called when the season changes.

You wanted a one-shotty action, I wanted a treasure because they haven't got a Season-Treasure yet, and it amused me to see them make a yellow-beige-pink card.

I priced it at $4 so that everyone could have one in time for the first shuffle, so that that one could come out four times.  At $3 it would be fighting with Silver, so I'd start playtesting it at $4, but if it had to come down it would have to come down.  Maybe it wouldn't, though.  People are pretty happy to get a Spoils.

Maybe it isn't too weak for 4 and I just don't understand it without playing it first. I was too critical for no reason, I suppose. 4 is a huge drop down from 6 anyway. Who knows?

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Doom_Shark's Unnamed Set
« on: March 01, 2016, 12:37:26 am »
Action-Reaction $4
When you would trash a card, you may reveal this card in your hand. If you do, discard that card instead. Then discard this card.
We wanted something different that hadn't been done. So here it is. I think the top could be better to warrant the $4, though.

The problem with this is that without trash-for-benefit the reaction is useless, and with it it's potentially crazy. It's a concept that I think a couple of people have tried to do before. You probably want some kind of trash for benefit involved in the card action, and also some limiter on the reaction (eg trashing the card itself instead of the card that was trashed).

Hey, I did that! Mine is a Knight, so there is always trashing that you might want to undo, and there's only one copy, so it's not hopelessly broken. Oh, and it can only save things that a Knight could trash to prevent horsing around with Provinces.

Anyway, about the cards. I don't have a lot of things to say that haven't already been said, but here it is:

The way it's currently worded, unnamed 2 shouldn't have Attack as one of its types, since it doesn't do anything harmful when you play it. You might get confused because of Noble Brigand, but you can't Moat the effect when somebody buys it, only when they play it. Ill-Gotten Gains has a harmful effect that isn't an Attack.

I'm going to skip saying anything about problems with more than 2 players, because everybody is good at pointing that out.

But how about some positive suggestions! You have some interesting ideas, but you don't have the practice with implementing them. I know you said that you didn't test the cards, so don't take anything you read in this thread too hard; practice makes perfect. If you want your set to revolve around Curses, you can use that as a theme, but you don't want the theme to be "All these cards are mean," or "All these cards have penalties." If you want to have cards that give out Curses, you might want twice as many cards that make Curses fun! Try a card that says "Reveal the top 4 cards of your deck. If you revealed a Curse, +(3). Otherwise, each other player gains a Curse. (something something any order)." I don't know how much that should cost, or if it's hopelessly broken, but it makes seeing that Curse in your deck not heart-wrenchingly sad and it stays useful when the Curse pile runs out. Or something like "+4 Cards, +1 Buy. Trash a card from your hand. Discard a number of cards equal to its cost in ( )." I don't know if this one is broken either, but it gives Curses a valuable place in your hand and is still useful if there are no cards that give out Curses; plus it gives a way to get more fuel, (but that might need to be cut after testing it.) So there are plenty of ways to make Curses useful, you just need those cards to make a Curse theme fun. If you need some more ideas, try checking out cards like Ironmonger, Vagrant, and Fortune Teller.

The Seasons loop. It can be activated more times than just that.

Yeah, I was just generalizing, because the games rarely make it to a second year, and have only made it to a second summer once in the history of testing. I would also bet that some Plantation games see less seasons than usual. I could've been more generous and said 4 or 5, but if you get it back in the fifth summer, your deck is probably 40+ cards (or you got locked into a hand of 5 cards while the other player is just playing monument and some attack, then this card would be powerful) and you aren't likely to see it again anyway. I still think it should be a one-shot-esque card to only be called when the season changes.

I was thinking more along the lines of:

Golden apple
Treasure - Reserve - Season - $4
Worth $3
When you play this, put it on your tavern mat.
At the start of each season, you may discard this from your tavern mat.
If you do, you may put your deck into your discard pile.

A cheap Gold that you can't use more than 3 times the whole game? Still seems too expensive, even with the deck shuffling, which might even be a drawback sometimes.

Sorry, that was probably unnecessarily critical. It's a potentiall interesting idea, but make it feel more like a one-shot action and it might get you somewhere

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Classical Events
« on: February 24, 2016, 12:24:43 am »
Are we talking about ...oh, what should we call them... how about "Occasions?" Anyway, are we talking about Occasions which are randomly selected at the beginning of the game with the Kingdom cards and the Events or are these things that would get shuffled together and one randomly flipped at the end of each round?

I feel like one random effect that lasts the game could be interesting. All it changes is how you play that game. Say everybody starts each turn by drawing a card. You know you have one more card every turn, so you will probably get to Provinces easier, but you also know that everybody else has the same opportunity. So you know how it could potentially affect you and you build your starting strategy around that, just like building your starting strategy around whatever random 10 Kingdom cards were dealt in a standard game and any Events that show up.

On the other hand, randomly revealing one effect after each round doesn't match evenly with the current game mechanics for my liking. Other than being able to look through the pile at the start of the game, you won't know what's going to happen each round, and that makes the luck factor more important. It might be more chance-based than just shuffle luck, and that's already a lot of luck. It also probably massively increases the first-player advantage; the first player knows what the Occasion will be on the other players' turns and can plan attacks accordingly (do I play Masquerade or Noble Brigand?) while the other players won't know what the Occasion will be on the first player's turn. Making Occasions like this would be very difficult, because you would have to devise Occasions that won't mess with the player-order advantage, are not political, and have a balance between harmful and helpful for most strategies - in the current space, that will be very difficult.

It's a nice idea, something like events that you don't have to use a buy on, but I'm not sure how I feel about it unless I get a more descriptive example.

While I do see the need to give Events an opportunity cost of buying them (and choosing to not buy them,) I think the whole Seasons mechanic takes it in a different direction with combining Events and Seasons. I could potentially see Wayfare being bought every time, but there is more strategy to this Event in particular (see Raid) than just whether to buy it or not. I think it's a good point, GI, and I agree that it should be considered, but I think there are some other aspects that might see it through having this downside if push comes to shove.

Wait, that can't be it! There are more cards, right?

Yeah, there is still another card to be revealed. And if we stay on the Santa's nice list, there's going to be an Event as well.

This pseudo-complaining about the combination of +Cards and +Coins has gone on long enough. If you don't like it, there are two options here: don't buy it when it's in the Kingdom; or suggest something to Cookie and Asper that will make it better without increasing the word count or changing the flavor - if you do an amazing job, they've been known to thoroughly investigate suggestions. If you can't do better, I suppose you also would never buy Pawn and choose +1 Card and +(1), lest you become a hypocrite; sometimes you just want a card and a coin. (INB4: "Pawn isn't terminal draw.")

The "discussion" has devolved from being constructive criticism and clarifications to arguing over a moot point. If you want to continue debating the relative power of the four possible combinations of +Cards and +Coins totaling 3 bonuses, start a new thread in the appropriate location - I doubt saying "I don't like it" will change the card text.

I apologize for being aggressive, but Weavile have been know to have short tempers, and you guys are diluting my enjoyment.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Expansion creation advice
« on: February 16, 2016, 06:52:49 pm »
I actually have a chart that I marginally used to estimate how much of each thing I needed. Except for Potion-cost cards, I tried to keep the cost ratios the same, the type ratios the same, and effect ratios the same - meaning Villages, terminals, disappearing money, junkers. It's obviously not necessary, but I did it just to keep the game similar to it's intended variance, and I can share it if you feel like using it.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Gray's Cards revisited.
« on: February 16, 2016, 06:38:26 pm »
I, too am curious about the "Trash 1 or 3 cards." Is it part of the flavor that you can't trash an even number of cards?

Also, Assassin feels stronger than Witch. Making an easy comparison, the difference is swapping out +2 Cards for +(2) and discard your deck. +(2) and discard your deck obviously is worth (3), while +2 Cards is probably worth (1.5) when they're terminal. If this is the case Assassin shouldn't cost less than (6) - I'm not sure if I would buy it for (6), but that is what testing is for.

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