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Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 06, 2014, 12:54:02 pm »
Wow, still obsessing with the Bomb. All it is is a cheap version of Island that helps create a small, efficient deck. All it takes is one buy and 4 coin to get 2 Gunpowder, then one buy and 2 gunpowder to get 2 Bombs. So it takes a few shuffles to get going. Same with Potion and potion cost cards. Silly to act like it is some great waste of time when it isn't.

The Gunpowder used to buy Bomb is trashed. The Bomb is trashed. Another card is trashed by the Bomb. You're not absorbing the card's function and overall purpose. Try understanding the entire expansion with a little more depth, because at this point I feel you're the one that just isn't getting it, that isn't absorbing it. The Bomb concept is a card that trashes another card then trashes itself. Everything else is secondary but has been balanced out to fit that concept. It really isn't that bad of a card. Its just weak, a 2 coin cost card. At this point, I feel that the critiques of Bomb are somewhat whiny and lacking in any real point to make. You're not getting this expansion in depth if you don't get Bomb or the rest of the cards. There's a difference between knowing how to play a game and knowing how to design a game, let alone design a thematic, cohesive expansion to a very popular and unique game that's been crafted by a master game designer. Thanks for the feedback, but this is indeed a done deal.

Bomb stays as is, as do all these cards. If Dominion Gunpowder isn't your cup of tea, move along then and don't play it. Make a better expansion if you think you can. Put it out there on the web and see how it does. That's what I'll be doing with Dominion Gunpowder.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 05, 2014, 03:53:27 pm »
There was one thematic loose end I wanted to tie up on Dominion Gunpowder...

The words Musketeer and Grenadier are a little anachronistic for the Medieval time period Dominion is based in, but there were crude predecessors to the musketeers and the grenadiers. The Musketeer card and the Grenadier card represent Medieval equivalents of the musketeers and grenadiers. As it were, China and the Ottoman Empire did have muskets and 'musketeers' in the 14th and 15th Century. Grenades were also being used in China going back to the Ming Dynasty (which was 14th/15th Century), most notably tossed over the Great Wall against enemies.

The word Factory could be considered a little anachronistic too, but there were Medieval versions of the factory back then, most notably the mill (which predates Medieval times but existed during them as well).

So, there may not have been many Musketeers, Grenadiers, and Factories in Medieval times, but neither were there any Golems, Familiars, or Scrying Pools. The musketeers, grenadiers, and factories in Dominion Gunpowder represent re-imagined Medieval versions thereof.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 05, 2014, 01:33:38 pm »
And the Twitter page for Dominion Gunpowder is now up:

I'll use the account to get the expansion out there and to find Dominion players on Twitter who might be interested in giving it a try. If anybody here has their own Dominion variant expansion, I recommend Twitter as an excellent way for promoting it. All my tweets will basically be links to the page where the Dominion Gunpowder pdf is available for reading/downloading, and the link is also provided on my Twitter page. I of course made sure to include wording in the pdf file and on its download page that all things Dominion are intellectual property of Donald X. Vaccarino and his publisher for Dominion, Rio Grande Games.

My work is done for now. True, it was a bit halfbaked when originally presented here, but it was crafted since then to become much more cohesive and playable. Such is the way of game design. In the end, it is the final result and what you do with it that matters. I know how to get my game out there and have used Twitter effectively to promote other free games of mine. We'll see how Dominion Gunpowder does when it is put out there on the web to freely and easily use. Perhaps now the no frills one page layout and quick play Alchemy replacement approach I chose makes more sense to those who weren't quite clear as to what I was aiming for by doing such. To me, accessibility and playability matter. While I can make (and have made) more polished, produced games with artwork, multiple pages, and such, I have gotten into the design of one page RPGs (often solo games rather than traditional group roleplaying) for their simplicity and ease. In this case, I decided to make a one page Dominion expansion. Should somebody want to make a print n play version of Dominion Gunpowder with it's own cards, that's on them... I'm sure they'll contact me via Twitter if so, and if they do, I'll say go for it. Until then (or if that never happens), I'm more than happy with Dominion Gunpowder as is. : )

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 05, 2014, 12:53:41 pm »
There's no issue between us, KZ. You're a great guy and a great Dominion player. I've improved 300 to 400 points in pro rating in one day since playing you. Sorry you thought I was THAT inexperienced just because I was running a bunch of things by you.

And no, you had no deliberate agenda and are not out to get me or Dominion Gunpowder, but being that your view is what it is about my playing and my expansion, that is what it ended up being. My point is I just thought it was a game or two between us, and not something you were going to report back here about. Not that it really matters, but I wanted this to be a forum about Dominion Gunpowder, not about me. This thread you've followed since we played at Goko seems a tad too personal, and yes, rude, to me. But no hard feelings... you're not the first cool-yet-very-opinionated gamer I've met. All good.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go set up the Twitter account for Dominion Gunpowder so I can get it out there to people who might actually want to play it. Thanks again to KingZog3, Silverspawn, and the other Dominion fans here for their extremely useful constructive criticism during the creation period of Dominion Gunpowder. Have fun out there, and see you at Goko! : )

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 05, 2014, 12:31:12 pm »
Okay, so Dominion Gunpowder is a finished product! I've converted it into a simple one page pdf that is now attached to this forum topic. I also have it available for reading/downloading at the following link:

I also posted it to the free RPG/Game online community I am part of:

Last but not least, I'll create a Twitter account to promote Dominion Gunpowder as well as link to the website where people can read/download the one page pdf I made for it. That way I can get this free Dominion expansion variant out there and into the hands of people who might want to play it. Thanks again for everybody's help here. Much appreciated. : )

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 05, 2014, 12:21:50 pm »
The wording for the Gunpowder card is that way for exactly the reason mentioned... to only have Gunpowder trashed for buying a Gunpowder cost card. I did not want the card to automatically trash itself; It has to essentially be 'converted' into a Gunpowder cost card. The various fringe examples listed are why I used the wording I did.

And if you don't get why Gunpowder cost cards have their Gunpowder symbol turned to +1 Coin value of the card once they leave the Supply, you are missing a major/core mechanic of this expansion: The trashing of other player's cards that are valued from 3 to 6 Coin. If I didn't change the Gunpowder symbol after it left the Supply, then the Gunpowder cost cards would be immune to that mechanic, including amongst themselves! Musketeers couldnt trash Musketeers, Cannons couldnt trash Cannons, etc. And I changed it to +1 Coin value after leaving the Supply because that also best fits the core mechanic of 'warfare' in this expansion... Soldiers cannot be trashed by such attacks (unless they trash themselves in reaction to prevent such an attack), whereas Musketeers and Generals can....without the +1 coin cost value, Musketeers and Generals would be immune to such attacks (which I originally thought was good for the Generals, but changed it so that they should be vulnerable too. Also, the Gunpowder symbol turning into +1 Coin value allowed me to keep the Gunpowder cost cards affordable. I originally priced them to fit the 3 to 6 Coin value scheme, but that made them too expensive. When I lowered all of their costs by 1 coin and changed the Gunpowder symbol to +1 Coin after leaving the Supply, I was able to best balance out affordability and the core mechanic of trashing other players 3 to 6 coin cost cards.

As for Bomb, yes, it is not all that powerful as I originally thought, but now it is super cheap and can still be useful here and there.

I don't feel Reserves, Garrison, and Factory are all that 'samey'. Sure, they are in essence +1 action, +1 card cards that sift through your deck, but to different results. The +1 Card makes Reserves more like reserves... you can essentially draw two cards and pick the better of the two... you just have to pick them one at a time. The +2 Actions make Garrison more like a garrison... ready to act in times of need. The +1 Buy +1 Coin makes Factory more like a factory... it can help you quickly get cheap goods in numerous supply. All three cards are meant to augment the 'army' put forth in this expansion, and they do just that. I am very happy with how they ended up, because now they work better and fit their theme much, much better.

Lastly, let me explain something about Dominion Gunpowder.... Cornucopia is my favorite expansion because of the Tournament card. And not just because of the Prizes. Its because the Tournament represents a game within the game. I feel Masquerade is somewhat similar, as is Rebuild or Pirate Ship or Knights or Black Market if you look at them a certain way. They kind of create their own little side game as the main game of Dominion goes along. Quite a few Dominion cards are like that. These cards in Dominion Gunpowder also create their own side game... the game of war. That 'game' is best represented by the 3 Attack/Reaction cards, but most all the Dominion cards play into it, such as General and Army. Sulfur Pit is its own little side game too... if it gets hit by the 'trash 3 to 6 coin cast cards' mechanic, the results are explosive!

When I create a game (in this case a free variant expansion), I like to be very thematic and cohesive with it's mechanics. It is a hobby of mine to make free RPGs (and similar games) to post online for people to play if they so wish. This is the first time I've made a free variant expansion for a popular game such as Dominion. And probably the last... I've had a great time here and appreciate the feedback/interest, but Dominion Gunpowder is my only idea for a Dominion expansion. I didn't even plan on making it... I just thought one day if I made a card or two for Dominion, what would I make? I realized I wanted a card that trashed itself after trashing another card, then I realized one of the most interesting cards to me was Potion and that I wanted to make a card like it. So when I thought of a bomb being the concept for the trashing card, I realized the Potion type card I wanted to make was gunpowder, as I've always found it interesting how they started using crude artillery and simple cannons early on in the Medieval time period that Dominion is based in. The rest just worked itself out, and I am very happy with how this all ended up. Thanks again for everybody's two cents worth. Your feedback was quite helpful. : )

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 05, 2014, 11:32:27 am »
You're reading WAY too much into those few games of Dominion there, KingZog. And all I did was candidly discuss certain ideas about Dominion strategy with you. I'm sorry you assumed I was married to any of them. I was not, and the majority of what you posted in that last reply was quite mistaken about me. I thought those games were between us, and didn't realize you had an agenda to come back here and 'report' on me negatively as a way to further talk down this expansion of mine.

None of our gameplay the other day has anything to do with Dominion Gunpowder. Thanks for the games anyway, but I would prefer this forum be about the variant expansion I created and not about me. If this expansion still isn't for you, than so be it. It is made for others then and not you. I'm just here to post/share an unofficial variant expansion for Dominion. Some people are going to like it and play it. Some people are not. If you are one of the people that are not, duly noted. Not much more to discuss about it then. Thanks again for your input during the development phase of my variant expansion. It's done now.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 03, 2014, 05:23:48 pm »
I just made some minor changes to the layout/presentation of Dominion Gunpowder so it can be a little more universal for players outside of this site. It is still quite easy to read for those used to a certain format here.

Dominion Gunpowder is done for now. Enjoy!

Thanks again to everybody here for their two cents. : )

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 03, 2014, 04:04:01 pm »
Ok, just seeing that so I will head over to Outpost now. I was reworking this expansion. lol

And I agree with Silverspawn... a win is a win, but the rating system at Goko has some issues to resolve still, and a high level player gets punished too much for an unlucky loss to a low level player they were just trying to be cool and play with.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 03, 2014, 04:01:33 pm »
That pesky General...

I ended up changing his Cost from 2 Gunpowder to $2 + 1 Gunpowder. He has enough conditions placed on him besides needing a 2 Gunpowder buy to purchase. This keeps him the same equivolent cost to Vineyard. Also, this now makes him vulnerable to Attacks that trash cards costing from 3 to 6 Coin cost, which I think is better suited. It also creates a new dynamic between the General and the Soldier, Musketeer, and Grenadier cards when it comes to preventing attacks to protect any General in hand.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 03, 2014, 03:28:13 pm »
Have you played many games with these cards yet?

No, I only have the virtual cards at Goko. When I purchase Dominion in the near future, I'll get the base set and Alchemy first (as well as Cornucopia, my favorite set) and then I can playtest it. As it were, this expansion is still in the design phase, though that phases seems about done. Emphasis on the word 'seems'.

And I'd really like to play you at Goko and learn the game more in depth from your perspective if you have the chance some time, KingZog3. I'm Hangar18 at Dominion Online. I'd let you decide if you wanted to play pro, casual, or unrated. I'm leaning towards unrated or casual instead of pro, just so I wouldnt effect your high pro score if I somehow got lucky. My pro score is unimportant compared to yours cuz I'll never be up there in those high of ranks, so I wouldnt want to negatively effect your rating if I somehow got lucky in a game, which happens to the best of players. Anyway, just hit me up over there if you see me and feel like playing. And thanks again for helping me improve this expansion a million percent. lol

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 03, 2014, 03:19:29 pm »
Yes, if only so easy. lol

I just made another minor change. Artillery is +1 Coin instead of +2 Coin. This makes it more akin to Grenadier and less to Cannon. Cannon is the only Gunpowder cost card now that is +2 Coin. All of the Attack cards in Dominion Gunpowder add Coin to represent the spoils of war (not unlike Militia). Note that Sulfur Pit is NOT an Attack card because it hands out it's Curses like Ill Gotten Gains... a Buy is made to invoke the Curse, not an Attack.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 03, 2014, 02:46:53 pm »
Oops... I forgot to address one thing.

Yes, Sulfur Pit does use immediate Buys like Black Market and therefore allows you to play your Treasure cards mid-Action. It does indeed open that 'Pandora's Box'. There's something strange in that pit... lol

And while I'm at it, I might as well address again that the Soldiers, Musketeers, and Grenadiers will all remain 'samey' because they are meant to make war with each other (and other cards) that way. They are the 3 Action-Attack-Reaction cards that make up the infantry of the Gunpowder 'army'. I also like that all three are essentially slight reworkings of the same concept, but in degrees so that they have a ranking of sorts among them. Given the range of the Randomizer cards, you'd most likely end up with only 1 of these 3 cards in the Supply if any of them show up at all. So that sameness isnt going to be a huge factor in the end, I feel. I think that if an Attack-Reaction card shows up in the Supply, it is mainly going to be used against itself if it is the only Attack-Reaction card in the Supply, and is definitely going to be used against itself if it is the only Attack in the Supply. When it comes down to it, Dominion as is lacks in cards that prevent attacks (it really only has Moat and Lighthouse to prevent an attack), yet has a plethora of attacks. I also felt that if I was going to make an expansion that was mainly about destructive Knight type attacks, it would need cards in it that could prevent such attacks. In this case, more than one. So the Soldiers, Musketeers, and Grenadiers will remain as is because that is their role in this particular expansion. I'm sure others have delved into Attack-Reaction cards, but this is how I chose to go about it for Dominion Gunpowder. I'm pretty set on that, particularly now that these cards are much more affordable and the Gunpowder buying/cost dynamic has been worked out a lot better.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 03, 2014, 02:10:17 pm »
Yes, never say never... lol

I realized I had one small design flaw with the cheapening of the Gunpowder cost cards... Musketeers would be immune to Attacks that trash cards from 3 to 6 coin cost. Only Soldier is supposed to be immune to that.

But the fix was rather easy. Instead of a Gunpowder symbol on a card being ignored after it leaves the Supply, that symbol now counts as +1 Coin to the card's cost for cards that refer to such. Done and done. : )

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 03, 2014, 02:01:16 pm »
Okay, so I reworked the format/wording of the expansion, and also ended up making every Gunpowder cost card cost 1 less Coin, except for General, which now costs 2 Gunpowder to buy. It makes the whole set a lot more affordable and usable, plus it wraps a minor loose end in that I wanted a card that cost 2 Gunpowder, and now I have that in this expansion.

So now Bomb is only 1 Gunpowder, making it super cheap. And Soldier is only 1 Gunpowder and 1 Coin, also super cheap. The most expensive Gunpowder cost card is Cannon, but i think it is fair to equate it to a 6 cost card.

Never say never, but I think Dominion Gunpowder is finally a done deal as far as its design goes. Much much gratitude from everybody who put in their two cents, especially KingZog and Silverspawn. I'm very happy with where this expansion ended up.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 03, 2014, 01:11:55 pm »
Oh, okay. So you guys are hardcore into Dominion. Now I get a little better where you are coming from. I thought you were being a tad nonchalant about some things (trashing, preventing attacks), but I get that you were from a Big Picture perspective about Dominion that I don't quite have. I enjoy Dominion a lot, but it is just one of many games I like. And creating one page games (in this case a variant expansion of a game already made) is a hobby of mine. Remind me to avoid playing you at Goko! lol Seriously, though, I feel really lucky and honored that such experienced Dominion players took the time to offer feedback for this variant expansion. Thanks so much. And I'd gladly play any of you at Goko. I've only broken 5000 before in pro points, but i'm real low now (like 4300) cuz it crashed on me so many times that i stopped taking it seriously for a few days and just played to try out different decks.

Anyway, no wonder your suggestions have been so helpful and on the money. I got a chance to think about a lot of them and here's the changes I made to Dominion Gunpowder...

Gunpowder... Changed it from a cost of 3 Coin to a cost of 2 Coin. Makes it more affordable and also lowers the overall cost of Gunpowder cost cards. Bomb is therefore worth 3 Coin overall, making it equal in cost to Hermit as well as a cheaper version of Island. Soldier is now worth 4 coin overall. And so on with the rest of the Gunpowder cost cards.

General... The reworking I did of General last night didn't really work. Without Attack cards in the Supply, he was quite useless, and with them in the Supply, he still wasn't all that great. So what I did was go back to the original idea for General being a Vineyard variant, only I upped the VP reward to reflect that the General condition is even harder to fulfill than Vineyard's. So now General gives 2 VP for every 3 Attack cards in your deck (rounded down), and if there are no Attack cards in your deck, General gives 2 VP for every 3 identically named Action cards in your deck. That makes him a lot more formidable, at least as formidable as a Vineyard variant can be.

Reserves/Garrison/Factory... I ended up thinking about these a lot because it seemed that there was a lot of variety in what various critics and myself were likening these cards to. The more I thought about it, they seemed like Hamlet variants more than any other card. Only I couldn't lower their cost to 2, because that would make them immune to cards that trash other players' cards worth 3 to 6 Coin, a mechanic that is key to Dominion Gunpowder. So I decided I had to strengthen the cards a little. Except for Reserves, which seemed like it was already fine at 3 cost because it is in essence a cheap version of Laboratory... You draw a card and if you don't like it, you discard it to draw another card. I changed Garrison so that it now gives +2 Actions if you discard the drawn card. That makes it more like a Village type card and also fits the Garrison theme better of having a garrison waiting to act when needed. I changed Factory so that it gives +1 Buy and +1 Coin if you discard the drawn card. So now it is stronger and better fits the factory theme of being able to mass produce cheap goods. I really like where these are at now and feel they are a vast improvement over their original form.

As for the presentation, point well taken. I wasn't aware that there was an established format that would make these cards easier to read and more digestible to this particular online community. After I finish typing this post, I will alter Dominion Gunpowder to fit that format. I want this expansion to be easy and accessible, so I'll gladly change it up to fit in better here.

Lastly, I remain surprised that the whole 'replace Alchemy to play Gunpowder' has been somewhat controversial, or at least thought of as a bad idea sans any controversy. I merely thought of it as an easy way somebody out there could play this expansion if they wanted to. I think the point you all are trying to make is that, though modeled after and inspired by Alchemy, I should just make Gunpowder a completely separate thing without throwing in the replacement thing. What I might do is alter the replacement 'rule' to be more of a suggestion for those who would like to playtest Dominion Gunpowder. It'd be more a postscript mentioned after the card descriptions rather than one of the first things said in the expansion rules. What I'm also wondering is if you all have made print and play versions of your own variants/expansions/cards and are suggesting I do the same with Dominion Gunpowder. Not sure if that is something I'd have the time and interest to do, but I might end up pursuing that if that's the best thing for making this available to people that will actually play it.

Thanks again for all the constructive criticism. I think I've made all the right changes to this expansion set, and don't really foresee any more. Perfectly understood if these cards still aren't quite some people's cup of tea, but it is what it is, and that's good enough for me because I like the overall theme of this expansion as well as the individual cards I ended up making. This has really been a fun and interesting learning experience when it comes to Dominion and game design.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 03, 2014, 04:18:32 am »
Actually, I thought about it a little more before calling it a night, and changing the Gunpowder cost to 2 Coin is exactly what needs to be done, so I've already done it. The selling point for me was that lowering the cost of Gunpowder to 2 Coin then made it immune to trashing attacks of most of the Gunpowder cost cards. Also, gunpowder wouldn't require very expensive ingredients to make when it comes down to it, so a 2 Coin cost is more apt than a 3 point cost. And there's no Treasure card that costs 2 Coin, so I like that uniqueness for Gunpowder. Seems to me to be a more reasonable investment for a card that trashes itself after use.

The 2 point cost thing reminds me of a 'hidden strength' of the Soldier I forgot to mention... once bought, he becomes equal to 2 coin value and is therefore immune to Knight attacks, Saboteur attacks, and most attacks of the other Gunpowder cost cards.

Thank you so very much for helping me improve this expansion in a way that makes it more appealing and competitive. Because of your feedback, the Gunpowder card and the General card definitely improved over my original concept for them. Much appreciated. : )

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 03, 2014, 03:54:54 am »
Now I'm thinking there is one more change I need to make that might just remedy the main criticism I am getting about Gunpowder cost cards not being worth their relative cost.

I think this is the solution... What if I change the cost of the Gunpowder card to 2 Coin? Not only will that make it a uniquely priced Treasure card, it will also make building a deck of Gunpowder cost cards a lot more competitive.

If I do change the Gunpowder card cost to 2 Coin, I'll then alter Sulfur Pit to buy Gunpowder from the Supply for 1 Coin or from the trash for 2 Coin.

I think I'll probably go in that direction, but I need to contemplate first if this would make the Gunpowder cost cards too easily accessible. They can be greatly destructive of other player's decks if used in numbers, so I am cautious about doing anything that will make this expansion too 'swingy'.

What do you think? Will having the Gunpowder cost being 2 instead of 3 make the cards in this expansion more functionable and strong? I'll have to think about it a little. Thanks again for the input.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 03, 2014, 03:31:20 am »
Ok, I made a quick change to General. It gives 1 VP for every 3 Attack cards in your deck and also gives 1 VP for every 3 identically named Action cards in your deck that are not Attack cards. I feel this greatly improves its strength/worth and also made it fit in better with the military theme... a good army has attack units and support units. Didn't make this card super strong with this change, but its never meant to be that strong. This is most likely the only change I'm going to make to this expansion because all the other ones are pretty much set to be what they are.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 03, 2014, 03:09:19 am »
I appreciate the constructive criticism and assure that I am listening even though I am pretty set on this as is. I spent the last 48 hours or so contemplating a lot of what you all are putting forth. Thanks for your time and feedback. And so instantaneous too! You are all addressing the very factors I've been juggling the last few days when it came to presenting a final draft of this to this website. You guys are very thorough and very spot on. Lucky for me I feel I have valid explanations for why this expansion is what it is. I don't think anybody here is trying to be overly harsh. You're just being constructively critical. I hope you don't feel I'm being too harsh or obstinate when I say I have yet to hear any criticism that is all that valid. More like a matter of taste or not quite getting the theme/design being put forth by Dominion Gunpowder. I also have to be honest in that I wonder if you guys play the game much, or play it online like I do, which is a very tough field to play in, as you seem to think trashing and preventing attacks is of little consequence when they actually effect gameplay greatly.

The 1:1 match up with Alchemy was something I thought up just recently, and ended up liking a lot, and makes my expansion a lot more playable in real life. Dominion Gunpowder IS its own expansion, but I wanted it to be accessible and easily playable to anybody who wanted to give it a try. They don't have to print out seperate version or anything like that... they just use Alchemy as replacement cards and can start playing Dominion Gunpowder just like that. If somebody wants to make up a whole separate set for Gunpowder, they can, but they can just as easily use the replacement method I suggest in this forum's initial post. I did think about how this could limit a player if they wanted Alchemy cards and Gunpowder cards in the Supply for a game. But I was okay with it because it then comes down to the classic dichotomy of magic versus guns... one or the other. I would prefer Dominion Gunpowder to be thought of as its own set though, and the 'use as replacement cards for Alchemy' idea is simply a very basic way for people to start playing this as is. Unfortunately, all the Dominion cards I own are the virtual ones over at Goko (of which I have all but Walled Village). I do play on buying Dominion in the somewhat near future, only I just recently acquired ALL of the Arkham Horror games/expansions so I probably wont be getting hard copies of Dominion for a few months. Still, I put this up here more for others to play than me. I just wish I could playtest this more myself. I'm sure I will someday.

As far as the presentation goes, it is meant to be a simple one page concept that anybody can use to play right away if they have Dominion (or Intrigue) and Alchemy. I thought of all caps and such for card titles, but in the end went for a simple no frills version that is low on presentation but at least leaves plenty of room for the imagination.

In regards to the sameness of some of the cards, that is indeed a theme in this expansion... most armies/militaries are not known for their variety. The Soldiers, Musketeers, and Grenadiers are meant to be similar and yet slightly improve on each other in rank. In this case, I feel there is plenty of variety still among the sameness. Sure, its mainly the Militia and Knight concept reworked in little ways, but that's going to be the main type of card in an expansion with the theme of warfare... Plus, that is the standard the game's creator set forth, and the Dominion is full of very similar cards that only have slight differences. Same goes for Dominion Gunpowder. Why would I get Factory over Garrison? Cuz maybe I want to build a deck about buys and coins. Why would I get Garrison over Reserves? Cuz maybe I want more Actions than Cards to sort through. My options are totally going change depending upon what is in the Supply. And although there is sameness within this expansion, it is not the same as any other expansion and is full of unique variations of cards already in the game.

Also, there are more than two concepts in this expansion. The Bomb is its own concept, as is Gunpowder. Sulfur Pit is unique to itself. General is a different type of Victory Card. Soldier, Musketeer, and Grenadier are meant to be 'samey'... they represent an army. Reserves, Garrison, and Factory are mean to be 'samey'... they represent the support/supply an army needs to be maintained. Army is based off the Reserves/Garrison/Factory idea, but it is its whole other thing, very versatile and very strong.

As for the individual criticisms of each card...

Gunpowder... Is that really such a waste to buy a treasure card that then removes itself from your deck when used? You all like being stuck with a Potion card when there's no more useful Potion cost cards to buy from the Supply? How about when you have to buy Potion just because Familiar is the only Curser in the Supply, then when the Curses are spent or all the Familiars are bought up, you are stuck with a useless Potion card. Imagine a game that has Potion and Gunpowder in it, but no cards that trash. Does Gunpowder look so bad then? Plus, it only costs 3 Coin. That is very easy to get any given round. The trash itself thing isnt automatic when used, only if played and the Gunpowder symbol produced is spent. Its also trashing itself to make the process of building a deck of Gunpowder cost cards a limited process, which is a theme throughout Dominion. To me, it totally follows the guidelines put forth by this forum for how to make Dominion cards/expansions. Its all about balance and limitation. You seem to feel these cards are too limited, while I feel all Dominion cards are meant to be limited in one way or another, and these cards are no different. You have to judge them by a few standards, not just strong/weak. Any card can become very strong if it is the only one of its kind in the Supply for a game, or matches just right with other Kingdom cards. So, yes, the Gunpowder buying/spending process is somewhat tedious at the beginning, but is actually rather cheap and can be done quickly if you have a strong deck later in the game with plenty of buys and coin to spend. I think there's a few complexities in this expansion that you are not quite grasping or fully understanding as of yet.

Bomb... Interesting this is the main point of contention, as Bomb was the first card I thought of that then lead to the whole gunpowder/warfare concept behind this expansion. All I wanted to do was make a card that can trash any card then goes away itself. I dont like being stuck with Chapel after it has made itself useful by clearing the deck, and other such cards that Trash. Let's compare Bomb to other cards that trash. Hermit is the only other card that trashes itself. But it cannot trash any card. Bomb can. And to trash Hermit, you first have to gain a card of 3 or less Coin value, and then NOT make a buy for your turn, and Hermit might not even get to trash any other card that turn before it trashes itself. Hermit then gets trashed and you get a Madman card. Madman is useful (and returns to the Supply), but still stays in your deck til used, and whatever the Hermit gained of 3 coin or less stays stuck in your hand til trashed. Death Cart cant even be brought up in comparison really, because although it trashes itself, its not a card one gets to clean up their deck by trashing. It only trashes Action cards, not the junk like estates and copper. I continue to feel Bomb is just right for its cost as it is a very powerful one time use card, with only General being the cheaper Gunpowder cost card (and General is just a Victory card that does nothing else but VP). If you dont think it is strong, I don't think you quite value how strongly trashing effects a deck's power. Nothing is more deadly than a deck with all its useless junk removed. Ever heard of the Big Move, where you gather a ton of VP in one turn? You can usually only do that with a deck thoroughly cleaned up and made super effective by selective trashing. Bomb allows for the somewhat quick creation of a small but effective deck, especially since the Gunpowder card used to buy the Bomb trashes itself too. And though Hermit would beat out Bomb in the short term, once it comes time to trash the coppers, you are out of luck when it comes to Hermit. While it takes a few turns for a Bomb to get bought and used, the end result is a small, effective deck. Indeed, the best comparison is Island, although Island sets cards aside and does not trash at all. They both cost the same conceptually, but Island is superior because it also adds 2 VP. I still think Bomb is equally useful, and only falls short of Island cuz of the VP thing. To me, I think of it as the cheapest of the Gunpowder cost cards.

Soldier... Meant to be cheap, weak, and expendable. Also meant to be used in numbers. Two of them used in one turn reduces every other player's deck to 3 cards. Urchin cant do that. Minion cant do that. Soldier in numbers can. Also, the card can both attack and react to attacks. To me that justifies the cost. If a game comes down to one attack after another, a strategically used Soldier may get trashed, but can end up shifting the balance so you win. I don't think you are quite factoring in properly how strong these cards can be in unison and in numbers. And in conjunction with the right Kingdom cards. Plus, suppose Soldier is the ONLY reaction card in the Supply to prevent attacks. Is he so useless then?

Musketeer... Not very weak at all. If he hits a good hand later in the game, a lot more than estates and coppers are going to be discarded. And if he hits a deck with most or all of its coppers and estates trashed, you're going to hit something good. Musketeer is very effective against good decks. Ya, you're right, he's not so great against weak, crappy decks full of cards that need to be trashed. But what threat is that kind of deck to anybody? Musketeer is stronger than that deck because he can damage well built decks. And again, a one time Moat at the right time can be very useful, and change the game balance in certain struggles. Suppose Musketeer is the only card in the Supply that prevents attacks? How many cards in Dominion do prevent attacks? Not many. And they certainly don't make attacks too, let alone ones with the potential to trash cards from 3 to 6 coin cost. And once again I will point out that Musketeer is meant to be used in numbers like a military. Like Soldier, the more Musketeers you get and can put into action, the more powerful your deck will become. I suppose that can be said of any card, but in this case, these cards are meant to have strength in numbers.

Grenadier... Of course it is similar to Knights. Knights set the standard for destructive attack cards. Who else am I going to model warfare type cards after except for Knights and Rogues? But do Knights have a way to prevent attacks? No. Do Knights make a player discard from hand? Only one of them does; The other 9 don't. Two Knights attack in one turn, and unless one is Sir Michael, all the other players are left with a full hand. Two Grenadiers attack in one turn, and all the other players are down to 3 cards. A Knight deck versus Grenadier deck... Grenadiers can prevent a Knight's attack. Knights can't prevent a Grenadier's attack. And if a Grenadier prevents an attack one turn, he most likely shows up in your hand the next turn. A Grenadier deck most likely beats out a Knight deck. And again, Grenadier damages strong decks like Musketeer, and is only weak against weak decks. But again, weak decks full of trashable cards are no threat to anybody, and the last standard I'd ever use to judge a Dominion card.

Artillery... Similar but a worthy variation. And it has no problems cuz its not weak and can be very destructive, especially if a player using it knows what the top card of another player's deck is and chooses that option for artillery. It can both destroy cards from 3 to 6 coin cost and at the same time lower a player's cards in hand. And adds 2 coin. Would you rather have Dame Sylvia? lol

Cannon... Militia doesnt trash cards. Cannon is extremely destructive against a strong deck of cards. You seem more worried about weak decks than strong ones. That's not the Dominion I know. The Dominion I know is full of tough, strong decks to be worried about. If Cannon were in the Supply and no other card that trashes other player's cards were in the Supply, would you really take a pass on it and let your opponent grab up a bunch of cannons instead? If so, prepare to lose when he blows apart your deck once it gets to any worthy level of strength. Cannon is the most costly and strongest of the Gunpowder cost cards, and for good reason. I really dont think you'd think it was so weak if you had to play up against it.

Reserves/Garrison/Factory... These cards are all actually your typical +1 action +1 card that cost 3 coin. They simply allow you to go through your deck and make use of useless cards you might draw (Victory Cards, extra actions cards you cant play, etc). To call these cards weak is missing the point. Not every card in an expansion is meant to be strong. Some are more supportive They are 3 coin cost cards, and they each allow a unique mechanic that other cards in the official Dominion don't have. No comparison to Spy or Ironmonger or any card that has you look at a card then choose to discard it or put it back. These cards let you choose to discard it or put it in your hand. Spy doesnt do that. Ironmonger doesnt do that. You actually put the card in hand for use if it is useful, or you make it useful if it is useless by turning it into an Action/Card/Coin/Buy. All of these 3 cards allow you to sort through your deck at a slightly faster pace and make use of otherwise unusable cards. I have no idea why you would think that is not useful because it can be incredibly useful if done right. Not gamechanging, but helpful and can lead to winning in the long run.

Army... Again, not comparable to Spy. It does not look at a card then decide to discard it or put it back. It actually gets the next card and can put it in hand, unless you'd rather discard that card to instead choose between the 4 bonuses. Due to its amount of actions it can create (+3) it becomes even more powerful the more Army cards you have. This is also the card that makes the Soldiers, Musketeers, and Grenadiers a lot more formidable if it also happens to be in the Supply.

Sulfur Pit... Didn't notice I left out the cost in all the reworking I did of this, but I edited that typo since you pointed it out. Thanks for that. Sulfur Pit costs 3 Coin and I guarantee you that you'd buy it if it was the only Curser in the Supply (unless you want to be Cursed to death by your opponents) or if you want to build a deck of Gunpowder cost cards. It actually works best in conjunction with the Gunpowder card, as it allows you to gather Gunpowder cards with free buys, buy Gunpowder from the Supply for only 2 Coin, and be able to buy Gunpowder from the trash at all. And one thing about Sulfur Pit... It cannot be accused of being too 'samey'. It is a very unique card.

General... General is indeed just meant to be the 'Vineyard' of this set. It's requirement for VP is highly specialized. Most every expansion has a Victory card or two, and I wanted one for this expansion too. General fits just right thematically, and does have its uses, but being that it is modeled after Vineyard but in a more limited way, it is what it is. There's really no territory left in Victory cards except for basing one off of Attacks. I will try to think of a way to possibly change General so that it gets more bang if it fulfills its very specific conditions, but if that approach ends up making it too powerful, I'll probably have to keep it as is. Of all the criticisms, I feel this one has been the most constructive.

Truth is, all your constructive criticisms have been very helpful and appreciated, and when I hold my own ground and critique back, it is purely from a 'debate' standpoint and not at all hostile or deaf to points you are making. Thanks for hearing me out, and I look forward to checking out your variants/expansions some day. I've only gotten to peruse a few here so far, but they were all so interesting and awesome looking that I put it aside for when I can better read up and take the time to go through each of the one that have been crafted so well. A lot of cool game design going on here. I'm curious to how some people get their prototype cards and the artwork for them. Most everything I've seen here has been outstanding and very, very cool. Thanks again for all the input and feedback.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 02, 2014, 11:58:34 pm »
To help those who want to give feedback or playtest, here's what I was thinking for some of the Kingdom cards I made for this game...

Gunpowder... I pretty thoroughly explained my reasons for the Gunpowder card rules in the last reply I made in this topic. Its like Potion, but with a few unique rules that make it different. I wanted a Potion type card that was more than just a Basic Treasure card. Obviously, Dominion Gunpowder is heavily inspired by Dominion Alchemy, but I wanted it to be different and not too much like Alchemy. By the way, Alchemy is my second favorite expansion after Cornucopia (love the prizes!). I don't agree with the various criticisms of it (such as Possession's power) and instead think of it as an extremely clever way of introducing magic to the Dominion game. I like the randomness and variety of the Potion cost cards, from Possession to my beloved Golem (By the way, am I the only person who makes decks that are Golem with only ONE type of Action card in the deck? That way I can always rely on the same action. Works great with Scheme and a few other Kingdom cards. Everybody else seems to have Golem be incidental, but if I use Golem, I revolve my whole deck around it).

Bomb... I wanted to have a card that trashes itself after it trashes another card. Inspired by Hermit, but more straightforward.

Soldier/Musketeer/Grenadier... I wanted to create a group of military men with slightly increasing ranks/strength that would be effective in numbers. The Soldiers are expendable, the Musketeers can get wounded but survive, and the Grenadiers retreat to attack again another time. They are all modeled after Militia, Urchin, and Mercenary, as well as Knights/Rogues. I added Attack/Reaction cards to Dominion Gunpowder to have something different from other expansions. I figure that Attack/Reaction cards haven't been created yet as they were probably deemed too strong and swingy to have a card that both attacks and reacts. But I think I avoided that by making these Attack/Reaction cards what they are... limited to just 3 in number in the expansion, and their reactions can be useful but come at a cost... Soldier prevents attack but is trashed. Musketeer prevents an attack but is then discarded and cant be used when its that player's turn. Grenadier has the 'strongest' reaction in that it is only placed on top of the deck and will be in the player's next hand, BUT when Grenadiers are in a deck, it is a pretty precarious position to be that card on top of the deck. So, though a Grenadier may have the best reaction compared to the other two, it sets itself up for being trashed by other Grenadiers (or Artillery if it is in the Supply). I also chose the Attack/Reaction cards as a reflection of the warfare that is brought about by gunpowder use... Soldiers, Musketeers, and Grenadiers are trained in the art of war, which includes attacking and reacting. This makes them slightly different than most other Attack cards in Dominion, but not in a much more powerful way at all. Another thing about these 3 cards... they are meant to be quite destructive (as well as profitable) if enough of them are used with enough actions in a turn. In the case of this expansion, they are meant to work particularly well in conjunction with the Army card. Lastly, Attack/Reaction cards are blue in color like any other Reaction cards, in case anybody was curious how they'd look if made into a real set.

Artillery... The choice given in Artillery is meant to reflect aiming and firing on the enemy. In this case, you can aim for their hand or aim for their deck. Originally had the choice being between discarding the top card of a deck or the top card of a discard pile, but I realized that factoring in the top card of a discard pile was pointless as players could just discard so as to make their top discard pile card something useless time and again.

Cannon... Modeled after Knights and Militia. I wanted to make sure it was destructive but not too destructive. Kind of an equal match for the Knights in that it does not effect more than two cards per use, and may sometimes effect only one card.

Reserves/Garrison/Factory... Basically the same concept: draw your top card and choose between keeping it for use or discarding it to gain something else... +1 Action, +1 Card, +1 Coin, or +1 Buy. Its basically a +1 Action +1 Card card, but with a slight variation. I think it really works well for supporting a military themed deck if a player chooses to build one.

Army... Probably my favorite card in this set and considered by me to be the most powerful in it. It is basically my Reserves/Garrison/Factory concept on steroids. Army is kind of a mix between Laboratory, Crossroads, and Pawn. Its basically a +1 Action +2 Card card, but it allows for huge variation on what it can do for you in a turn, including +3 actions. Used in conjunction with other Army cards, it becomes all the more powerful, and used in conjunction with most of the Gunpowder cost cards (especially Soldier, Musketeer, and Grenadier), it can cause a lot of destruction as well as generate a lot of Coin. It also works well with most any Action card, as it can be used to create an army of anything... Bureaucrats, Swindlers, Rats... you name it. I debated Army having a Gunpowder symbol in its cost, but I decided against that, as it isn't THAT powerful, plus I wanted it to represent non-military 'armies' that weren't necessarily about waging war. I think the cost is just right for Army.

Sulfur Pit... Originally, Sulfur Pit was just about making Gunpowder cards easier and cheaper to obtain, but then I realized that that wasn't super useful, didn't work if Sulfur Pit was in the Supply and Gunpowder wasn't, and (most importantly) I had no Curses or Cursegivers in this expansion of mine. Not the biggest fan of Cursers, but every Dominion expansion has introduced Kingdom cards that find new ways of using Curse, so I wanted Sulfur Pit to be just that. Sulfur Pit is also an homage to some of my favorite promo cards, Governor and Black Market. Like Black Market, it allows for immediate buys. Like Governor, it allows for a few choices to be made by the player (although the choices are limited if Gunpowder is not in the Supply). I also wanted to make sure that if I made a Curser for this expansion, it would be unique from any other Curser. Not only does Sulfur Pit require an immediate buy being made in order for it to give out Curses, but it also gives a Curse to every player if it is ever trashed by any means. Considering how much trashing can be done with most Gunpowder cost cards, the Sulfur Pit can explosively effect the game in unexpected ways if it is set off. Since Cursing every player is a concept not used before in a Dominion expansion, I wanted to make sure it had a very specific trigger. And though it may seem like cursing everybody wont effect game balance much, if strategically done (with a Trader, Watchtower, etc) it can be useful to a player. Also, if there aren't enough Curses in the Supply for every player, only certain players will get Curses and some won't (per the usual rules of doling out Curses).... Speaking of, if there are more players than there are Curses in the Supply, Sulfur Pit can still be used to dish out the last of the Curses, only the cost for ALL other players still applies even if only some of the other players actually get curse. In addition, the 'curse everybody if trashed accidentally or otherwise' side effect of the Sulfur Pit card is meant to be a deliberate risk for any player using Sulfur Pit... it might very well blow up in their face! One last note... The Sulfur Pit is able to 'curse' for a variety of reasons... perhaps an evil spirit dwells in it, or it is used to by a witches as an ingredient for their curses, or maybe just used to make mundane bombs that 'curse' a player with their destructiveness. Personally, I like to think the payment made to use Sulfur Pit to curse is either tribute to a devilish spirit in the pit or payment for a local witch to curse your opponents. Maybe it's both. Whatever the case, I really like how strange and unique Sulfur Pit ended up being in its final form now.

General... Kind of a mix of Vineyard and Fairgrounds, although it rewards identical cards rather than different cards. Originally called General, I briefly changed it to Armada. But then I realized Armada was specific to a fleet of warships. I also had it originally be just about Attack cards, but then I realized that there are many Dominion games played where the Supply ends up having no Attack cards at all. So I changed it to any grouping of three identical cards, and it actually fits much better as well as tying up that particular loose end for when no Attack cards show up in the Supply for a game. This also fits in with the Army card theme of being part of a large organization that isn't necessarily military-based. For instance, if you have a bunch of Doctors in your deck and a General, then you have a Surgeon General. A bunch of Envoys and a General in your deck... Postmaster General (of sorts). A General can be a General of anything when it comes down to it, although the military General is still the basis for the General card. Unlike Vineyard or Fairgrounds, I'm not sure a deck can be made revolving around General (at least one that will win or create a large amount of VP), but I can see it making a difference on the margins. Maybe I'm wrong though and there is a way to make a very VP rich General deck, perhaps with enough buys made of the cheaper Action cards.

So there you go. That's what I was thinking for most of the cards in this expansion. I'm really happy with how it all turned out.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 02, 2014, 10:45:43 pm »
Sure, feel free to give feedback or playtest the expansion. Its all good... this is just something I did for fun.

As for KingZog's constructive criticism, I meticulously picked out my wording and power balance of cards to fit the excellent guidelines put forth by this forum. Everything in Dominion Gunpowder is deliberately there for balance and to be different from other Kingdom cards in the game.

Bomb, Cannon, and many of the Gunpowder cards can strongly effect gameplay, particularly in a destructive way to other player's decks. The Gunpowder cards are trashed after use to limit how quickly a deck can be filled with cards that have Gunpowder in the cost. I consider Bomb to be incredibly useful because the only other trashing card that can trash itself after use is Hermit (which also requires special circumstances to trash itself). Otherwise, you get stuck with a trashing card like Chapel after it does its work. Use a few Bombs and your deck will clear up quickly.

Besides limiting the destructive power of the Gunpowder cost cards by making the Gunpowder trash itself after use, I wanted Gunpowder to not just be a straight up copy of Potion. What other Treasures trash themselves after use? Counterfeit may trash other treasures, but it doesnt trash itself. Gunpowder is cheaper than a Potion card, trashes itself after use, and the Gunpowder cost in a card vanishes after it leaves the Supply, making it like any other card (unlike the special rules for Potion cost cards). I also think that back in medieval/renaissance times, gunpowder use was very crude and limited, so it should be a task to use Gunpowder in Dominion as well. The Sulfur Pit card sort of remedies that if somebody wants to more easily build up a deck with Gunpowder cost cards. Every card in this expansion is meant to be different than Kingdom cards already in the game. I'm keeping the Gunpowder card as is because that's how it is meant to work, similar to Potion but not identical.

And you are quite mistaken that my wording for Cannon is the same as 'discard down to 3 cards'. Suppose Cannon and Soothsayer (or Governor or Council Room ) are in the Supply. Suppose there are a few players. Soothsayers/Governors get played and player's hands get up to 6 or 7 cards. Then a Cannon card gets played. With my wording, only two cards get hit (just like a Knight would hit two cards, or a Rogue, etc). With your wording, too many cards get discarded and possibly trashed. I picked that wording specifically to avoid such a situation. Its called reducing the 'swinginess' of the game. The scenario I put forth Soothsayers/Governors totally happens enough in gameplay and does indeed warrant precise wording. I would rather be thorough and specific. Its not like my wording is at all that confusing or complicated. Thanks for the feedback, but I'll most likely be keeping this variant expansion as is. Its meant to be limited in a certain way, which includes certain detailed word use so as to avoid too much destructive power when applied to certain situations that may pop up in any given Dominion game.

Variants and Fan Cards / Dominion: Gunpowder
« on: July 02, 2014, 05:21:02 pm »

Dominion Gunpowder is an unofficial variant expansion for Donald X. Vaccarino's Dominion. To play Dominion Gunpowder as an expansion to the Dominion base game, you may use the Dominion Alchemy expansion set to represent the Dominion Gunpowder Kingdom cards via replacement. Or you may use any Kingdom cards you choose to be replaced by the Dominion Gunpowder Kingdom cards if you would rather not replace Dominion Alchemy cards when playing Dominion Gunpowder. The quick play replacement option is for those who wish to start playing Dominion Gunpowder right away by using this rule/card sheet, Dominion Alchemy, and a base Dominion set.

The Dominion Gunpowder expansion set consists of 13 cards which may be played as replacement cards for the Dominion Alchemy cards (16 Gunpowder cards and 10 each of the other 12 Kingdom cards). You can use the following list for which Dominion Gunpowder cards replace which Dominion Alchemy cards:

Gunpowder = Potion      
Bomb = Transmute   
Soldier = Apothecary
Musketeer = Alchemist
Grenadier = Philosopher's Stone         
Artillery = Familiar
Cannon = Golem               
Reserves = Apprentice
Garrison = Herbalist
Factory = University
Army = Possession
Sulfur Pit = Scrying Pool
General = Vineyard

The theme of Dominion Gunpowder is that of Medieval use of gunpowder and early modern warfare. This variant expansion follows the exact same rules as Dominion, with the only new dynamic being Attack/Reaction cards which can both make attacks and react to attacks. Attack/Reaction cards follow the exact same rules as all Attack cards and all Reaction cards, and count as both types of cards (either Attack when used as an Attack/Action or Reaction when used to react to an Attack).

Here are the 13 Kingdom cards of the Dominion Gunpowder expansion set:

Treasure Card - Cost: 2 Coin
After you choose 10 Kingdom cards for the Supply, if any of them have a Gunpowder symbol in the cost, add the Gunpowder pile to the Supply. Also add the Gunpowder pile if you are using the promotional card Black Market and the Black Market deck includes at least one card with a Gunpowder symbol in the cost. Gunpowder is a Basic Treasure card that produces a Gunpowder symbol when played. Buying cards using a Gunpowder symbol works just like buying cards with Coin or Potion symbols, except a Gunpowder card is trashed after it produces a Gunpowder symbol that is used to buy a card with a Gunpowder symbol in the cost (and not trashed if no such card is bought with the Gunpowder symbol produced by that Gunpowder card that turn). A Gunpowder symbol in a card's cost only applies while that card is in the Supply. After that card is bought and put in a player's deck, any Gunpowder symbol on it is counted as +1 to the card's Coin cost for cards that refer to a card's cost.

Bomb Action Card - Cost: 1 Gunpowder
Trash a card from your hand then trash this card.

Soldier Action/Attack/Reaction Card - Cost: 1 Coin + 1 Gunpowder
+1 Coin
Each other player with 4 or more cards in hand discards a card from their hand.
When another player plays an Attack card, you may trash this. If you do, you are unaffected by that Attack.

Musketeer Action/Attack/Reaction Card - Cost: 2 Coin + 1 Gunpowder
+1 Coin
Each other player with 4 or more cards in hand discards a card from their hand. If a card costing from 3 to 6 Coin is discarded from this, trash it.
When another player plays an Attack card, you may discard this. If you do, you are unaffected by that Attack.

Action/Attack/Reaction Card - Cost: 3 Coin + 1 Gunpowder
+1 Coin
Each other player discards the top card of their deck. If a card costing from 3 to 6 Coin is discarded from this, trash it.
When another player plays an Attack card, you may put this on top of your deck. If you do, you are unaffected by that Attack.

Artillery Action/Attack/Reaction Card - Cost: 3 Coin + 1 Gunpowder
+1 Coin
Choose one: Each other player reveals then discards the top card of their deck. If a card costing from 3 to 6 Coin is discarded from this, trash it; Each other player with 4 or more cards in hand discards a card from their hand. If a card costing from 3 to 6 Coin is discarded from this, trash it.

Cannon Action/Attack/Reaction Card - Cost: 4 Coin + 1 Gunpowder
+2 Coin
Each other player with 5 or more cards in hand discards two cards from their hand, and each other player with 4 cards in hand discards one card from their hand. If a card costing from 3 to 6 Coin is discarded from this, trash it. If two cards costing from 3 to 6 Coin are discarded from this by the same player, he only trashes one of them.

Reserves Action Card - Cost: 3 Coin
+1 Action
Reveal the top card of your deck. Put it in your hand or discard it. If you discard it, +1 Card.

Garrison Action Card - Cost: 3 Coin
+1 Action
Reveal the top card of your deck. Put it in your hand or discard it. If you discard it, +2 Actions.

Factory Action Card - Cost: 3 Coin
+1 Action
Reveal the top card of your deck. Put it in your hand or discard it. If you discard it, +1 Buy and +1 Coin.

Army Action Card - Cost: 6 Coin
+1 Action
Do this twice: Reveal the top card of your deck. Put it in your hand or discard it. If you discard it, choose one: +1 Card; +1 Action; +1 Buy; +1 Coin.

Sulfur Pit Action Card - Cost: 3 Coin
Choose one: +1 Buy; Buy a Gunpowder card immediately from the trash for 2 Coin if a Gunpowder card is in the trash; Buy a Gunpowder card immediately from the Supply for 1 Coin if a Gunpowder card is in the Supply; Buy a Curse card immediately from the Supply for each other player to gain for 1 Coin per other player if a Curse card is in the Supply.
When you trash this, each player (including you) gains a Curse card.

Victory Card - Cost: 2 Coin + 1 Gunpowder
Worth 2 Victory Points for every 3 Attack cards in your deck (rounded down). If there are no Attack cards in your deck, worth 2 Victory Points for every 3 identically named Action cards in your deck (rounded down).

Dominion Gunpowder was created by Errin Famiglia 2014. It is not an official Dominion expansion. All creative rights involving Donald X. Vaccarino's Dominion (including this variant in it's creator's opinion) belong solely to Mr. Vaccarino and his publisher Rio Grande Games.

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