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Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #200: Do What You Love
« on: September 29, 2023, 10:26:55 pm »
I like weird stuff, like cards that play other cards, and cards that don't do the same thing every time you play them. So, a Band of Misfits variant:
(I think I submitted an older version of this card to a previous contest some time ago.)

$4 - Action - Command
Turn your Journey token over. If it's face-up, play any Action card in the supply, leaving it there. Otherwise, play the True Form card, leaving it there. If the card you played cost $5 or more, take <1> debt.
Add an unused non-Command Action card costing $3 or $4 to the game to be the True Form card.

FAQ: The True Form card is not in the supply.
Another version of this card allowed the True Form card to cost anything $3 and up, so if the True form card cost $5 or more, you'd take debt when the journey token was face down. I never actually tested it with a $5 True card, but it seems like it might be too strong even with the debt if it was a strong $5.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #199: Composition in Blue
« on: September 27, 2023, 06:49:13 pm »
I did add "besides during clean-up", but I added it too late. I should've posted (and fixed) my submission earlier, but I didn't get the idea until it was late...

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Revised versions of published cards
« on: September 26, 2023, 07:18:08 pm »
<modded Crypt>
I like the idea, but I'd suggest making it a cantrip instead of +2 Cards. That makes its effect more similar to the original version, but still a significant buff.

Weekly Design Contest / Re: Weekly Design Contest #199: Composition in Blue
« on: September 26, 2023, 05:57:02 pm »
Road Builder on top of Trade Route 5/5 split pile
First, a card with two reactions:
Road Builder
$4 - Action - Reaction
Discard up to 2 cards for +$2 per card discarded.
When a card gives you +Buy, you may play this from your hand.
When you discard this besides during clean-up, you may reveal it for +1 Card and +1 Buy.
EDIT: added 'besides during clean-up'

Trade Route
$6 - Action - Duration
Now and at the start of next turn: +1 Card and +1 Buy, then discard a card and for the rest of the turn, cards that share a type with the discarded card cost $2 less.
(I don't mind having a card share a name with a removed card.)
FAQ: If a card shares more than one type with the discarded card, it is still only discounted by $2.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Kru5h's card ideas
« on: September 16, 2023, 12:03:25 am »
Cursed Heirloom
$4 - Action-Duration
Now and at the start of your next turn: Choose one: +$1, or Play an Action card from your hand twice and take 2 hex tokens.
When you discard this from play, if the Curse pile isn't empty and you have 4 or more hex tokens, return one and gain a Curse.
Hex token rules:
Hex tokens are -1 VP at the end of the game. Whenever you would trash a card costing $2 or less, you may instead discard it to lose a hex token.  (Originally, they were the same as Violet CLM's Mutineers, but they seemed to easy to get rid of. So I changed them to make them a little harder to get rid of.)

You are correct, i neglected the event's cost. I still prefer the second one, but i'd just have the Province provide 6VP at most since removing from your deck is already a benefit and more so the sooner you do it. Since the event cost $4, i'd have the debt taken as 5. Are you going to make a choice soon?
Oh yeah I need to make a decision between them before the contest closes. I'll go with the second one then. (I'll edit my OP to make it clear.)

I prefer the second one, but i'd just have the Province cost $1 less in the trash. Debt is too easy for anyone to take and reducing by 2 is already generous. Since there are often times when you have $7 without anything costing $7. It would be nice to occasionally have a Province to gain as an option.
You're leaving out the cost of the event. With this event, gaining a Province from the trash is essentially $4 + <6>debt.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Kru5h's card ideas
« on: September 12, 2023, 09:29:15 pm »

Should this cost 6 or 7?

I think it'd be fine at 6.
I have a very similar fan card I use sometimes, but it costs 4 and has a drawback to make up for the cheap cost. It's strong but not super strong.

<garbage collector Traveller line>

Re: Collector: What if there aren't any single-type Action cards in the kingdom?

Marked seems pretty strong for a $4, even for a $4/3rd step traveller.

I love the art for Garbage Lord, but I suggest lowering the cost threshhold a little (maybe 20 or 25?). When you get to the end of any traveller line, it's probably near the end of the game anyway.

I had several versions of this, but I've narrowed it down to two:
Anyone want to help me choose which of these is better?

alternate version: (This one is not my entry)
Door to the Land of the Dead
$4 - Event
Once per turn, choose one: Trash a Province from your hand for +7 VP; or trash a Duchy from your hand for +1 VP and, if there is at least one Province in the trash, end the game.
(Should I cut the "once per turn" part?)

This one is my entry for the contest:
Door to the Land of the Dead
$4 - Event
Once per turn, choose one: Trash a Province from your hand for +7 VP, or gain a Province from the trash and take <6> debt.
In games using this, if a turn ends with at least 3 Provinces in the trash, end the game.

I actually forgot about Ritual when making Offering. oops.

I think Bishop could be interesting as an event:

$2 - Event
Trash a card from your hand. +1 VP equal to half its cost in coins (round down).
Each other player may trash a card from their hand. If anyone else does, +1 VP.
Not sure about the cost, is it too cheap?

edit: added (round down)

You judge a bit harshly, and I think have weird/possibly mistaken views on some of these. For instance:
- I think you're greatly underestimating Printing Press.
- Torch is hardly comparable to Rebuild when on its own, it's only a trasher. Rebuild is a complete strong strategy on its own. And I think you're overestimating the difference Torch will have in a game.
- The "in games using this" effect of Fine Art/Art Dealer is definitely more interesting than just "everyone has fair for free" when you have to have three copies of a Treasure in play. (I just now noticed that entry and I like the idea, especially Art Dealer.)
- There's no way Nomad Village has higher highs and lower lows than Herald. It doesn't look that swingy to me.
- You're kindof contradicting yourself about Impoverished Village. You say it won't proc* a lot, but then say you'll probably be gaining a Copper every turn. It isn't like there's very often more than one village on a board. (Unrelated: What is "proc" short for anyway?)

Also, you missed Farmer. (edit: and Snorka's card...)

About the worst Trait, just found Hasty Treasure Map. :-\

There’s a few ways you can still pull it off, but they require specific other things to be in the Kingdom, like Watchtower.
Transport a Treasure Map into Exile, then onto your deck. Then Summon buy a 2nd Treasure Map (forgetting that Hasty does the Summon thing already).

Forbidden Forest
When you gain this, each other player gains a Curse unless they reveal a Victory card from their hand.
If Forbidden Forest is in the kingdom, will you make more green for defense?

This card doesn't fit the theme of the contest

This week's challenge is to Design a card (not a landscape) that does something even if nobody buys/uses it.
I would let Will(ow/iam) be the judge of that. This card does something by making you more likely to keep Esates or go for some other early green to block the curse.

<Identical Twins>

It's a really good deal to play a $2 cost brother to get a $5 cost sister, but then you have to pay the favors to keep it as the $5.
But there may be times when you don't mind switching back and forth if the cards are of similar value.
Also, the theme doesn't fit because a brother and sister can't be identical twins.

<5> - Action
Gain a card costing up to $4.
Play this again using the active Way.
Setup: Choose two Ways to use this game, but only one of them is active at a time. Switch the active Way after each time a card is played using a Way.

EDIT1: I added the debt-for-$5 option because I was concerned it would be too weak too often with certain combinations of ways (like Seal/Frog). Originally the top was just a workshop with "Play this again using the Way".

And with WoChameleon, you can take <4> debt and gain 2 $5 cost cards. EDIT2: Oh wait, with Chameleon, you'd play this a 3rd time as the other way which is not intended... I guess I'll just add "Don't use WoChameleon with this" to the card's rules. So this probably won't do well in the contest. hmmm, maybe I'll think of something else.

*EDIT3: Removed the debt-for-$5 option. It's nice and simpler without that part. Changed the cost to <5> debt because it's kindof like between $4 and $5, and makes it easy to get early which is good for a gainer. Still have to exclude Chameleon to keep it from playing 3 times but that's okay with me.

old version:
$5 - Action
Gain a card costing up to $4 or take <2> debt to gain a card costing $5.
Play this again using the active Way.
Setup: Choose two Ways to use this game, but only one of them is active at a time. Switch the active Way after each time a card is played using a Way.


Kin Cooperation
$6 Project
Whenever you play a Sister immedietly after playing a Brother, +1 Coffers.
Whenever you play a Brother immedietly after playing a Sister, +1 Villager.
This costs $1 less if neither the Brother nor the Sister have +Actions or +Villagers.

FAQ: Both the Brother and Sister cards should be Actions. (No Nights or Treasures)


Sometimes a mule is a good horse, and sometimes it's just a mule.
I hesitated a moment before upvoting this only because you had 4 posts and 4 respect and I'd be changing that number.

Well, I have a split pile of Livestock, but it's based too closely on someone else's idea for me to feel okay entering it in a contest. Then I have the Flock of Ducks project, but I just used that for the previous contest. hmmm...

Here's something to help you find what you need:
Homing Pigeon
$3 - Action - Duration
Now and at the start of your next turn: Look at the top 3 cards of your deck, put one in your hand and discard the others.

Flock of Ducks
At the start of your turn, you may spend 3 favors to gain a Duchy.
In games ising this, Duchies are also Treasures. If there are less than 6 Duchies in the supply, they give +$2. Otherwise, +$1.

I tried to choose a cutoff point (6 Duchies left) that worked with 3+ players as well as 2 players. But if only one person goes for Duchies in multiplayer, it probaby won't be worth it.

I like the ideas of the Tramp and Tramping Grounds and the Mysterious Token.
Generally, you seem to underestimate how bad it is to have a dead (or nearly-dead) card in your deck. Mysterious Token can give +$1 coin and still be fine costing $1. Your self-looters are too weak because gaining a ruins is worse than you think it is (even if you use your set of slightly-less useless ruins). Also, it's not worth printing out that many different ruins cards. Choose your favorite set of four or five and use those.
Wheeling and Dealing would probably be fine at $4 because of having to discard in order to draw.

Variants and Fan Cards / Re: Revised versions of published cards
« on: July 27, 2023, 10:04:39 pm »
It has track problem: as the official rule, 'If you play a card on someone else's turn, you discard it in that turn's Clean-up, unless it is a Duration card with things left to do.'
Just have to add the duration type then. easy fix.


I'd recommend saying "when the player to your right plays..." because of the way it scales in multiplayer especially in games where Gold is a good payload.
This card can sometimes be crazy strong and other times be a plain terminal Silver.

Real Entry:
Potted Flower
$3 - Plant
When you play a card from the pile with your flower token on it, you may set this aside from your hand.
If you do: +1 Card, +1 Buy, and this turn, when you gain a non-Action card costing at least $4, +1 VP.
Discard this in clean-up.
When you gain this, put your Flower Token on an Action supply pile costing up to $4.
Potted flowers on their own aren't worth anything, but the're useful for adding appeal to your other cards.
(FAQ: There are no special rules for the "Plant" type. They cannot be played like Action/Treasure/Night cards, only set aside from your hand for its effect as it says on the card. When you gain a Potted Flower beyond the first, you may move your Flower token to a different Action pile costing up to $4, but you don't have to.)

Joke Entry:
Overgrown Estate
$3 - Action - Attack - Victory - Shelter
You may discard a Copper or Wild Weeds. If you do, +$2 and all players gain a Wild Weeds.
Worth 0 VP if you have any Wild Weeds. Otherwise, Worth 1 VP.
When you trash this, +1 Card.

Wild Weeds
$0 - Treasure
Gain a Wild Weeds.
FAQ: Overgrown Estate is a Kingdom card pile, but when shelters are used, start with one of these Overgrown Estates in place of the original Overgrown Estates. Use ten more Wild Weeds as there are Curses in the Supply. (30 Wild Weeds for a 3-player game.)

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